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Compare cheap motorbike insurance quotes

Save time and money with policies starting at £263* or less for motorbike insurance

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*50% of customers paid less than £263.92 for motorbike insurance in January 2024.


How to compare motorbike insurance

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Get personalised motorbike insurance quotes in minutes by providing a few motorbike and driver details.

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Find the motorbike insurance that’s right for you by exploring our best deals. Remember to check the cover levels to ensure you're fully protected if you need to make a claim.

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Author Ben Gallizzi Last updated February 2nd 2024

What is motorbike insurance?

Motorbike insurance is a legal requirement for anyone riding a motorcycle, scooter or moped on the road. The legal minimum is third party insurance that protects you against any liabilities you may have if you cause an accident and damage another vehicle or injure another person. Some types of motorbike insurance will also cover you for the loss or damage of your bike.

If you ride any kind of motorbike – what the government now calls powered two-wheelers – without the correct insurance you are breaking the law and could face a fine, points on your licence, and you could even have your bike seized by the police.

What does motorbike cover include?

Not all motorbike insurance policies are the same, and what’s covered will depend on the cover level you opt for. 

There are three different levels of motorcycle insurance available in the UK: 

  • Third party – This type of insurance provides the basic motorcycle cover required by law and pays out for damage to someone else or their property if your bike is involved in an accident that is deemed your fault. However, it doesn't cover the cost of repairing or replacing your motorcycle. Be aware that a pillion passenger on your motorcycle is a third party, so if you injure him or her your insurer may have to pay any claims he or she makes.

  • Third party fire and theft – This level provides the same cover for your motorcycle as third party insurance, but in addition, it covers the cost of repairing or replacing your bike if it's stolen, or damaged by fire.

  • Fully comprehensive – This option provides the same cover for your motorcycle as third party fire and theft insurance, but it also covers the cost of repairing or replacing your bike if you accidentally damage it. There may also be a range of add-ons available, such as covering damage to your helmet or motorcycle clothing.

How much is motorbike insurance?

The cost of motorbike insurance varies between insurers and is dependent on several factors. Your insurance premium will depend mostly on your age as insurance tends to be more expensive for younger riders.

What factors affect your motorbike insurance premium?

  • Your job - what you do for a living affects the price you will pay for your bike insurance

  • Your location - where you live and where you drive will have a bearing on the likelihood of you having an accident or your bike stolen

  • Security - where you keep your bike when you are not riding it is a big factor. Is it secured in a garage or parked out on the street?

  • Make and model - the more expensive your bike, the more it will cost to repair or replace

  • Your no claims bonus - if you have been driving safely for a few years you can build up a record of making no claims

  • The size of your excess - how much will you pay towards the first part of any claim will affect the annual premium too

How do I get a motorbike insurance quote?

You will need to tell your insurer how you use your motorbike. If you commute to work (or even to a station to get a train to work) you’ll need to add commuter cover to the standard social, domestic and pleasure cover. 

If you ride to more than one office or to different locations you need business use. You will need to tell your insurer what job you do and what kind of business use you need – and you will only be insured for what you have said so you need to tell them if you change job or get a second occupation.

You will also need to say how much of your motorcycle riding will be for business rather than pleasure and provide an estimate of how many miles a year you will ride.

If you need to use your motorcycle to work as a courier, you will need a specialist courier insurance policy.

Man on motorbike

How can I get cheaper motorbike insurance?

Is your motorbike factory standard?

Insurers get wary when owners tinker with engine management and exhaust systems to get more power and faster acceleration.

Will you ride solo only, without a pillion passenger?

A passenger is a 'third party' and your insurer has to pay out for any injuries to them. That's why insurers offer discounts for solo riders.

Do you only ride your motorbike for pleasure, not work?

Business use, even commuting, increases the risk of claims because you might be riding in busy traffic.

Have you got a clean driving licence?

Watch that throttle hand! One speeding fine might not bump up your premium but any more will. Build up that no claims discount.

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