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Compare dual fuel energy deals

Want to switch to a single gas and electricity supplier? Run a dual fuel comparison to see our best dual fuel deals.

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Dual fuel tariffs explained

A dual fuel tariff can sometimes work out to be the cheapest way to pay for your gas and electricity supply. 

If you use both gas and electricity in your home, you can choose to combine these into one energy bill by opting for a dual fuel tariff. The best dual fuel deals could cut your energy bills, and you'll only have to deal with one energy supplier.

Dual fuel simply means that you receive your gas and electricity from the same energy supplier, rather than, as is commonly the case, from two separate suppliers.

If you receive an electricity bills from one energy supplier and a gas bill from a different one, then you are not on a dual fuel tariff.

What is dual fuel and what are the benefits of a dual fuel tariff?

Dual fuel tariffs are very popular, and it’s easy to see why. By getting all your energy from the same supplier you make things easier, and possibly cheaper, for yourself.

There are a number of benefits and discounts you should know about when you run a dual fuel comparison.

  • The best dual fuel deals can mean cheaper energy prices. Some energy suppliers will offer you a dual fuel discount if you sign up to a dual fuel tariff with them. You’ll usually get this as a monthly or annual discount straight off your energy bills.

  • It’s more convenient for you. You will only receive bills from one company, and some suppliers even offer a combined bill for simplicity.

  • There’s only one point of contact. If you have any complaints, queries or need help from your energy supplier, you only have one company to deal with.

Who is the cheapest dual fuel supplier?

Energy rates can vary by region and your usage will affect your bill, so the cheapest dual fuel supplier for someone else isn’t necessarily the best dual fuel deal for you.

The best way to find your cheapest dual fuel deal is to run a dual fuel comparison. We’ll use your postcode to find the best dual fuel deals available in your area, and ask for your energy consumption so we can show you the cheapest dual fuel tariffs tailored to your needs.

How to find the best dual fuel deals

The first thing to do is run a dual fuel comparison of energy suppliers in your area, to see how much you could save by switching to the cheapest dual fuel tariff available.

You don’t have to switch to one of your current suppliers if you don’t want to, you can switch either one or both of your fuels away if need be to find the best dual fuel deals.

Running a dual fuel comparison is no different to a normal energy comparison. Get started by entering your postcode at the top of this page. Make sure you’ve got a recent energy bill to hand, enter a few details, and we’ll show you the best dual fuel deals that you can switch to through Uswitch.

Once you’ve run a dual fuel comparison and found the cheapest dual fuel deal for you, simply apply to switch to the new supplier and the rest of the process will be taken care of for you.

There’s no complicated paperwork and the process is very simple - you won’t even notice the switch has been made until cheaper bills start arriving.

Are dual fuel tariffs always cheaper?

The best dual fuel deals will often include a dual fuel discount, which can mean your energy will be cheaper than paying for both fuels separately. Paired with the convenience of only having one energy supplier, switching to dual fuel can be a great advantage. 

In some circumstances, taking out separate gas and electricity contracts can be cheaper. The best way to find out which option is cheapest for you is to run a dual fuel comparison of energy suppliers in your area. 

Why are dual fuel tariffs different?

As far as your household is concerned, there is very little difference between having a dual fuel tariff and having single fuel tariffs. Exactly the same gas and electricity is provided in either case. 

The only difference is you’ll get your gas and electricity bills from the same supplier, and any dual fuel discounts could cut your energy costs. Just run a dual fuel comparison to find out how much you could save.

How else can I ensure cheaper energy bills?

While searching for the best dual fuel deals can be a good move for those using separate suppliers it’s by no means the only way to save money on your energy bills.

One of the best ways to get cheaper gas and electricity is to regularly compare deals and switch suppliers. If you haven’t switched in a while it’s likely you’ll be on a standard variable tariff, which is typically the most expensive type of plan and can be subject to price rises. If you’re on a fixed plan but it’s due to come to an end soon, make sure you start shopping around for a better energy deal before your prices rise.

Aside from switching energy online with a price comparison site like Uswitch, you could cut your bills further by opting for an online energy tariff with your new supplier. Online account management is cheaper for energy companies to run as they don’t have to send out regular statements or maintain as many call centres.

Save money by saving energy

Once you've searched for the best dual fuel deals and switched to the cheapest dual fuel tariff available to you, another way to reduce your energy bills over the long-term is to reduce your consumption. A low rate per kWh will save you money in the short-term, but using less energy overall will save you money over a longer period of time and will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Simple tricks like ensuring all your lightbulbs are energy-savers, turning the thermostat down one degree, and replacing white goods with energy-efficient models, will all save you some money.  However, the real key to cutting your energy consumption lies in making your home more energy-efficient. 

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