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Looking for a new credit card, personal loan, mortgage, or trying to find a better current account? We compare a range of products from various providers to help you find what you’re looking for.

Check your eligibility for credit cards

  • 1Improve your chances of being accepted
  • 2It won't affect your credit score
  • 3It's quick, free and easy
Credit card fraud: the biggest card frauds in history

How to pay off credit card debt

A step-by-step approach to pay back credit card debt, rebuild your credit score and regain your financial health.

Check Your Eligibility for Credit Cards

You can check your eligibility for a credit card without having to apply for it, so you can reduce the risk of being rejected for a card.

Check your eligibility for credit cards and credit reports, cash coin purse

How to use a credit card abroad

While convenient, using your credit card overseas can quickly lead to fees which can make your trip abroad more expensive. These tips can keep costs down.

What is a credit card?

What is a credit card?

Similar to a loan, a credit card provides you with an amount of credit agreed by you and your bank, for you to spend. Read our guide to learn how a credit card differs from a loan, and how to responsibly use one.

How many credit cards can you have?

How Many Credit Cards Should You Have?

If you are trying to manage your finances and utilise available credit, you might be wondering "how many credit cards should I have?" Our guide explains the pros and cons of owning multiple credit cards.

Contactless payment card, with hand holding credit card ready to pay at cafe coffee shop

Premium credit cards

Having a premium card can be a powerful status symbol, coming with extensive benefits for cardholders to enjoy. We explore whether it's worth getting a premium credit card if you're eligible.

Section 75 - What is credit card protection?

Section 75 - What is credit card protection?

Using a credit card can offers great benefits. A key perk of owning a credit card is the protection you're given with Section 75.

How to get the best exchange rate? Credit cards vs cash

How to Find the Best Card for Travel Abroad

Credit cards are convenient for making travel arrangements, and can also allow you a little more spending leeway when you are on holiday

Can you use a money transfer credit cards as an interest-free cash loan?

Understanding the credit card summary box

Credit card comparison tables can be quite tricky, so it's worth knowing how to read the credit card summary box to decode the legal jargon.

Credit card glossary A-Z

Credit Limit - How to Increase the Amount I Can Borrow

Credit limits can restrict the amount of money you can borrow on a credit card or overdraft, but there are ways to increase it if you need some extra cash

HMRC building collecting stamp duty

How Much is Stamp Duty?

Stamp Duty is a lump sum tax that is owed when purchasing a property or land that is valued over a certain amount.

What is equity and how to use it for borrowing?

How to access equity - remortgaging for a cash lump sum

What is equity and how can you access it? We explain how you can remortgage to release equity, getting cash from your home.

How to get a second mortgage

Second Home Mortgages - Uswitch explains

A second home mortgage is a mortgage for buying a second home - not to be confused with getting a remortgage or second charge mortgage.

Residential mortgages

Residential mortgages

Learn all about the largest and most common form of credit in the UK - a residential mortgage, helping millions of us buy homes.

New build homes - how do you get a mortgage for a house that's still being built?

Mortgages for new build homes

Buying a new build home off-plan you may find it a lot harder to get a mortgage than for a new build home that has already been built

Gifted deposit for a mortgage

Mortgage Offer Validity - How Long is The Offer Valid

The length of a mortgage offer will vary from lender to lender, but is usually valid for a period between around 3 months and 6 months.

Islamic business lady signing an agreement for an Islamic / halal mortgage

How does an Islamic or halal mortgage work?

The Islamic or halal mortgage process is slightly different, allowing customers to get finance to buy a home without paying any interest.

Are cashback mortgages worth it?

Can I afford a mortgage?

Understanding what mortgage and repayments you can realistically afford is essential to know what size property you can purchase & how much deposit you need

Bank of England base rate

Bank of England base rate

The base rate is the UK interest rate set by the Bank of England. A change in the base rate is likely to affect your mortgage rate. By understanding what it is and how it works, you can avoid paying more than you need to.

Colourful boats on water

Colour Context: The most colourful places in the world

We reveal the 20 most colourful locations around the world, using colour dropping assessment, Google Searches and Instagram Hashtags.

Holiday loans

How to Get a Second Charge or Second Mortgage

Second charge or a second mortgage is a loan secured on your home and can be alternative to remortgaging. Our Uswitch guide explains the benefits.

What happens if I can't repay my loan?

What Happens if I Can't Repay My Loan?

Taking out a loan is a big commitment, which can have a great impact on your finances and credit score. In this guide we explore, what happens if you don't pay your loan.

Low cost loans

Low cost loans

Find a great low cost loans for you. Learn what to consider when choosing a low rate loan and how to apply.

Finding the best loans online

Online Loans | How to Find the Best Loans Online

Find out the best loans online to suit your needs. Save money now, compare loans online and apply for the right one for you.

How to compare the loan market for the best Uswitch deals

Our best Loans - Compare Loan Market For The Best Uswitch Loan Deals

Find the best loans to suit your needs, by running a comparison based on how much you want to borrow, for how long, and how much you can afford, to get the best loan rates.

Loans for young people

Loans for Young People - Different Type of Loans

Whether you need extra financing for your studies or trip abroad, getting a loan when you're younger can be difficult. Our guide explains ways to borrow loans for young people.

Loan interest rates - how to get low interest loans

Loan rates - how to get low interest loans

If you want to find good low interest loan rates, then you will need to shop around to find one that best fits your needs, Uswitch explains how.

What's the cheapest way to borrow money?

What's the cheapest way to borrow money?

Take a look at what are typically the cheapest ways to borrow money, and see if you can save next time you want to get a loan or credit card.

Holiday loans

Wedding loans for credit - finance your wedding

Looking for a wedding loan for bad credit? Read on to learn more about what your options are for getting a wedding loan even if you have bad credit.

Holiday loans

Holiday loans

Wondering how you can finance your next holiday? Explore three of the main options available to you!

Guide to how prepaid cards work?

How to Easily Switch your Current Account

Changing banks is quick and simple to do. Find out how to change your current account and switch from one bank to a new one. Get a better deal on your new current account bank account.

Biggest mortgage lenders in the uk. Building with 'bank' written on the facade in gold lettering

Premium bank accounts

Find out about packaged bank accounts and premium current accounts and whether they're really worth paying a monthly fee.

Check your eligibility for credit cards and credit reports, cash coin purse

Personal finance apps

Personal finance apps can help you budget, keep track of spending, pay bills and put away money for your savings goals. Which is the best app to help you keep on top of your money and how to choose the best budget app in the UK?

Online Banking Explained

Online Banking Explained - How To Stay Safe Online

Understand how online banking works, and how to keep safe and secure whilst accessing your accounts.

Should you pay annually or monthly for your home insurance? coin purse

Bank accounts available - Find the right account

Read the Uswitch bank account guide - find the right bank account available to help you manage your money.

Current account switch guarantee

Current Account Switching: your guide to the 7-day guarantee

Many people stick with the same account their parents opened for them, but the 7-day current account switch guarantee could change all of that.

Student bank accounts

How to Choose the Best Student Bank Account for your needs

Whether you're studying full-time for a degree, a degree-equivalent or a postgraduate course, compare the benefits of a student bank account, and find the best student account for you with Uswitch.

Uswitch Current Account Awards 2013

Uswitch Current Account Awards 2013

Find the UK's best current account providers, as voted by customers. The Uswitch Current Account Awards shine a light on the best current account providers.

Check your eligibility for credit cards and credit reports, cash coin purse

How current account interest rates work Uswitch explains

If you're confused about interest rates and current accounts, Uswitch can help - read about current account interest rates today.

Check your eligibility for credit cards and credit reports, cash coin purse

Opening a new current account with Uswitch.com

Opening a new current account is easy. We talk you through what you need, what to look our for, and how long it will take.

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