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E.ON Next reviews, tariffs and information

E.ON Next reviews, tariffs and information

E.ON Next is a new part of the E.ON group, focusing on providing renewable energy to customers across the UK.

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About E.ON Next

E.ON Next is renewable energy supplier that's part of the E.ON group, so it has the backing of one of the largest energy suppliers operating in the UK.

The supplier is a dedicated energy specialist offering 100% renewable electricity as standard, and no exit fees on its energy tariffs.

E.ON Next prices and tariffs

The supplier aims to offer fast, easy, transparent energy contracts with no exit fees.

E.ON Next tariffs include both gas and electricity plans suitable for standard meters and smart meters as well as prepayment meters.

E.ON Next's prices are dependent on what type of tariff you take out and whether it's fixed or variable, as well as factors including your meter type. You can compare E.ON Next prices against tariffs from other energy suppliers here.

Changes to E.ON Next prices in 2021

All energy suppliers in the UK are subject to Ofgem's energy price cap, which sets the maximum rate a supplier can charge for its standard variable or default tariff.

In August 2021, E.ON Next announced it would be increasing prices on its Next Flex tariff by 12% in line with the rising price cap rate. Customers on this plan will see a price rise of an average of £139 per year from 1 October 2021. This price rise only affects households on E.ON Next's standard variable (Next Flex) tariff.

E.ON Next had previously announced a price increase of 9%, again because of a high price cap rate. Standard variable tariff customers saw a price rise of around £96 per year from 1 April 2021.

E.ON Next renewable energy

All E.ON Next electricity tariffs offer 100% sustainable electricity backed by renewable sources. All the electricity you use on your plan is matched with 100% renewable energy by E.ON Next.

E.ON Next's renewable energy is sourced directly from independent generators across the UK, topped up with renewable energy certificates to guarantee the electricity generated is from a renewable source such as wind, biomass and solar power.

E.ON Next and Enstroga, Symbio and Igloo Energy

In September 2021, E.ON Next was announced as the supplier of last resort for the customers of Enstroga, Symbio and Igloo Energy, which all went out of business on the same day as a result of the prolonged situation in the wholesale energy market.

E.ON Next and npower

In 2020, it was announced that npower and its subsidiaries would become part of the E.ON group alongside E.ON Next. All npower customers are gradually being moved over to become E.ON Next customers. If you're currently an npower customer, your supplier will be in touch when your account is being transferred to E.ON Next.

Is E.ON Next going bust?

The energy market is challenging and unpredictable at the moment and there is a certain level of risk to some suppliers - find out why in our energy market Q&A guide.

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