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Compare EE network SIM only deals

We don't currently have any EE SIM only deals, but you can still get access to the provider's speeds and coverage with these EE network deals from other providers.

Uswitch tips

How do I switch and keep my number?
Thumbnail, graphic - SIM cards from different networks. Uswitch compares deals from Lebara Mobile, O2, iD Mobile, Three, Vodafone and others.

1. Choose your new deal
Select a deal below and click through to the network’s site.

2. Get your PAC code
You’ll need a special code to keep your number when you switch. It's quick and free:
Text PAC to 65075 to receive your code.

3. Give the code to your new network
Contact the new network after signing up to provide them with your PAC code, which will begin the process and will automatically cancel your previous plan. Alternatively, you can enter the PAC code when signing up on the network’s site.

List of SIM Only deals

Sorted by: Uswitch Promoted

  1. spusu Mobile SIM deal

    Uses EE's Network

    spusu Mobile logo

    £7.90 a month for 12 months, then £11.90

    1 month contract

    40 GBof 5G data

    Uswitch Exclusive
    • No price rise in 2024
    • EU roaming included
  2. spusu Mobile SIM deal

    Uses EE's Network

    spusu Mobile logo

    £12.90 a month

    1 month contract

    50 GBof 5G data

    • No price rise in 2024
    • EU roaming included
  3. spusu Mobile SIM deal

    Uses EE's Network

    spusu Mobile logo

    £29.90 a month

    1 month contract

    Unlimited5G data

    • No price rise in 2024
    • EU roaming included
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Uswitch services are provided at no cost to you, but we may receive a commission from the companies we refer you to. If a deal is "promoted" on Uswitch's tables, then it has been lent additional visibility as a result of us securing exclusivity on a great deal, or a commercial agreement to showcase what we believe to be market-leading value to consumers. Learn more about how our site works.

Please note: Mobile networks may increase monthly prices in line with the retail or consumer price index each year during the length of your contract. Please refer to individual network's terms and conditions before signing up.

EE deals currently unavailable on Uswitch/only available directly from EE

At the time of writing, EE has paused its working relationship with price comparison websites such as Uswitch. Therefore, EE deals are currently only available directly from EE.

However, many other mobile providers use EE’s network to deliver their service to customers. So, a few options are available if you’re searching for a SIM-only deal that can compete with EE's excellent coverage and fantastic speeds.

Who uses EE’s network?

Several mobile network providers operate using EE’s network. These are known as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and can offer customers their own selection of SIM and handset deals while taking full advantage of EE's great coverage and speeds. 

Some networks that operate on EE's network include:

BT and Plusnet are part of the BT group alongside EE, so it makes sense that they all work together. However, BT Mobile and Plusnet have recently stopped accepting new customers, leaving Lyca Mobile and Spusu Mobile as good options for those wanting to use EE’s network without paying the higher EE price tag.

Both Lyca and Spusu Mobile operate as EE MVNOs, and are able to use the same core network infrastructure and give its customers the same coverage that you’d get directly from EE.

Is EE a good network?

  • Nationwide coverage: over 99% 4G coverage and widespread 5G coverage. 

  • Fast speeds: The fastest mobile network in the UK.

As one of the four major UK mobile networks, EE  has a lot of advantages. It offers great coverage nationwide, with more than 99% 4G coverage and widespread 5G coverage. 

EE has also held the title of UK’s fastest mobile network for nearly 10 years, according to UK-wide testing from RootMetrics. In terms of 4G speeds, the EE network remains the fastest, and while Vodafone and Three offer some competition when it comes to 5G speeds, the majority of the UK has wide access to a 4G signal. 

What are the pros and cons of choosing SIM only deals on EE’s network?

  • Cheaper call and data packages

  • Free international calling to up to 40 countries

  • Some variance in 4G and 5G speeds

  • Not eligible for EE inclusive extras like free Apple Music or TNT Sports

Pros of SIM only deals on the EE network

The biggest advantage of choosing a SIM only deal on EE’s network is that you’ll get access to the UK’s fastest network at a more affordable price. You’ll also get great coverage wherever you’re based in the UK, thanks to the EE network's 99% 4G coverage.

Check to see if your Lyca Mobile coverage matches what you’d get directly from EE, just to be sure.

The advantage of using EE’s network from an MVNO like Lyca Mobile and Spusu Mobiles is that you’re much more likely to get a cheaper deal on your data and call package. You could also get valuable extras or add-ons when getting an EE network deal on Lyca and Spusu that you wouldn’t normally get buying directly from EE, such as free international calling to as many as 40 countries worldwide.

Cons of SIM only deals on the EE network

One downside of choosing a SIM only deal from an MVNO like Lyca Mobile or Spusu Mobile is that you won't get the same inclusive extras as when buying directly from EE, such as Apple Music, Apple Arcade and TNT Sports on Discovery+.

There’s also some variance between 4G and 5G speeds on Lyca vs EE, so be sure to check your coverage before you switch.

What to look for in an EE network SIM only contract

When comparing EE network deals, it’s important to look at a few factors affecting the monthly cost and the features you get.

1. Data allowance

You’ll want to ensure that you’ve got enough data each month so that you don’t get caught offline or need to purchase add-on data each month, costing you more in the long run.

Similarly, you don’t want to pay for data you don’t use. Unlimited data plans are the most expensive, and if you’re only using a small amount of data, 10GB or lower, you’ll be overpaying and could easily cut your costs by choosing a smaller data allowance.

Check your current mobile data usage for the past few months. If you spend most of your time on Wi-Fi and only use your data to check social media and read emails, you may not need to pay for as much data as you think.

2. Contract length

One of the best things about taking out a SIM only deal is that they’re incredibly flexible. You can sign up for one-month, 12-month, or 24-month contracts, with longer-term contracts often offering cheaper monthly rates and exclusive perks. 

Of course, in contrast, the flexibility of a one-month contract means there’s very little risk of switching to an EE network SIM only contract – even just to try it out – you can change or cancel your plan whenever you want.

3. Roaming data

Since 2021, inclusive roaming has become somewhat elusive from mobile networks, with many offering instead add-on features that allow you to use your phone overseas.

EE charges £2.29 to use your plan allowance like you would at home or gives you the option to purchase a £25 Roam Abroad Add-on, which could work out to be cheaper. Some MVNOs like Lyca and Spusu Mobile offer free EU roaming data up to a set amount of GB, so if you travel overseas frequently, the cost and convenience of having roaming data included could make a big difference.

How do I activate roaming on EE? 

If you’re travelling overseas and you’re currently on EE, you’ll need to make sure your device is set up for roaming by texting ROAMING to 150 from your EE device. Then make sure you’ve done the following on your mobile phone:

  • Turn on data roaming in your device settings

  • Check your Spend Cap to make sure it’s high enough to cover the cost of daily roaming charges

  • Turn off Wi-Fi Calling so that you’re not charged international rates

Find out more about EE international roaming, as well as which locations are included in our dedicated guide.

Other networks

If you’re not sure about getting an EE network SIM only deal, there are plenty of other networks to choose from that can give you great SIM only deals, including:



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