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Compare Spusu Mobile SIM only deals

Looking for a cheap Spusu SIM only deal? Compare no-contract deals with a range of data bundles to suit your needs.

Uswitch tips

How do I switch and keep my number?
Thumbnail, graphic - SIM cards from different networks. Uswitch compares deals from Lebara Mobile, O2, iD Mobile, Three, Vodafone and others.

1. Choose your new deal
Select a deal below and click through to the network’s site.

2. Get your PAC code
You’ll need a special code to keep your number when you switch. It's quick and free:
Text PAC to 65075 to receive your code.

3. Give the code to your new network
Contact the new network after signing up to provide them with your PAC code, which will begin the process and will automatically cancel your previous plan. Alternatively, you can enter the PAC code when signing up on the network’s site.

List of SIM Only deals

Sorted by: Uswitch Promoted

  1. spusu Mobile SIM deal

    Uses EE's Network

    spusu Mobile logo

    £7.90 a month

    1 month contract

    40 GBof 5G data

    Uswitch Exclusive
    • No price rise in 2024
    • EU roaming included
  2. spusu Mobile SIM deal

    Uses EE's Network

    spusu Mobile logo

    £12.90 a month

    1 month contract

    50 GBof 5G data

    • No price rise in 2024
    • EU roaming included
  3. spusu Mobile SIM deal

    Uses EE's Network

    spusu Mobile logo

    £29.90 a month

    1 month contract

    Unlimited5G data

    • No price rise in 2024
    • EU roaming included
  4. spusu Mobile SIM deal

    Uses EE's Network

    spusu Mobile logo

    £15.90 a month

    1 month contract

    20 GBof 5G data

    • No price rise in 2024
    • EU roaming included
    • Enhanced Roaming Data
  5. spusu Mobile SIM deal

    Uses EE's Network

    spusu Mobile logo

    £16.90 a month

    1 month contract

    25 GBof 5G data

    • No price rise in 2024
    • EU roaming included
    • Enhanced Roaming Data
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Please note: Mobile networks may increase monthly prices in line with the retail or consumer price index each year during the length of your contract. Please refer to individual network's terms and conditions before signing up.

How do I choose the best Spusu SIM only deal for me? 

A Spusu SIM only deal is a great alternative to some of the bigger networks, offering great coverage and 5G speeds in every available package. When shopping for a Spusu SIM only deal, the most important factor to consider is how much data you’ll need. The more data you want included in your package, the higher the monthly price.

At the time of writing, even the smallest Spusu data package comes with a hefty 20GB of data per month. So you’ll need to decide if you’ll be using more than that, and even if you want to get unlimited data so that you don’t ever have to worry about running out.

Why choose a Spusu SIM only deal?

Spusu SIM only deals are price-capped with no hidden fees. Unlike many other networks, you won’t see your monthly prices increase each April.

You can read our guide to find out more about mid-contract prices.

Spusu SIM only deals also offer EU roaming, which is included as standard, 5G-ready plans with nationwide coverage, Wi-Fi calling, and eSIM compatibility.

Spusu SIM only features:

  • Prices are frozen until the end of 2024

  • Complimentary EU Roaming & international calls (EU)

  • No Speed Caps

  • Manage your plan in the Spusu App

  • All plans are 5G Ready

  • Fantastic customer support

  • Based on the EE network

  • Support WiFi and VoLTE

Is Spusu good for roaming?

Spusu is a great network for roaming if you’re travelling within the EU. All Spusu plans come with EU roaming free-of-charge. 

A part of the plan’s data allowance – or the full plan allowance if you sign up for a Spusu travel plan – is usable across the EU and a select number of additional countries. 

You’ll also get 500 minutes and text messages to use in those countries free of charge, with no plans to introduce any additional roaming charges in the coming years.

What SIM only deals does Spusu offer?

Spusu offers competitive pricing on all of its plans, with options starting as low as £5 per month. The plans are available nationwide, so no matter where you are in the UK, you can enjoy the benefits of Spusu's exceptional service.

Spusu is the ideal choice for consumers who value transparency, flexibility, and outstanding customer service in their mobile phone provider. With its reliable network coverage, competitive pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Spusu is a great choice for those looking for a new SIM only deal.

How do I activate my Spusu SIM?

If you opt for a physical SIM card, you won’t need to do anything to activate it. Simply insert it into your smartphone, and you’re ready to go.

If, instead, you choose to receive an eSIM from Spusu, you’ll be able to install and use your data, calls and texts immediately after purchasing. You’ll need to download and install the new eSIM profile to your device

Can I keep my number with a Spusu SIM only deal?

When switching networks, you can always keep your number and use it as normal on your new network. To do this, text PAC to 65075 to receive your PAC code from your old provider. Simply give this code to Spusu when signing up, and they’ll transfer your current number over.

Spusu Wi-Fi calling

If your home or office doesn’t have great coverage, or you want to save on data, you can easily make and receive calls over Wi-Fi with Spusu Wi-Fi calling.

All Spusu plans fully support Wi-Fi calling. You don’t need any special apps and there’s no complicated setup. Just head to your settings, select ‘mobile network’ or ‘call settings’ and ensure Wi-Fi calling is enabled.

However, you will need a compatible smartphone. Compatible phones include every iPhone from the iPhone SE 2020 onwards, and every Samsung smartphone from all the way back to the Samsung Galaxy A02s.

How to contact Spusu customer support

You can contact Spusus customer support directly on WhatsApp and Signal chats. No chatbots, just people.

Customer support is available over WhatsApp, Signal, email or by phone at 07356 010100.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 20:00, Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 to 17:00.