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Compare SMARTY SIM only deals

SMARTY offers a range of SIM only deals to suit all budgets, with plenty of affordable data deals without the need to sign up for a long-term contract

List of SIM Only deals

Sorted by: Bestselling

  1. SMARTY SIM deal

    Uses Three's Network

    SMARTY logo

    £16.00 a month

    1 month contract

    Unlimited5G data

    • No 2023 price rise
  2. SMARTY SIM deal

    Uses Three's Network

    SMARTY logo

    £7.00 a month

    1 month contract

    15 GBof 5G data

    • No 2023 price rise
  3. SMARTY SIM deal

    Uses Three's Network

    SMARTY logo

    £6.00 a month

    1 month contract

    5 GBof 5G data

    • No 2023 price rise
  4. SMARTY SIM deal

    Uses Three's Network

    SMARTY logo

    £12.00 a month

    1 month contract

    125 GBof 5G data

    • No 2023 price rise
  5. SMARTY SIM deal

    Uses Three's Network

    SMARTY logo

    £8.00 a month

    1 month contract

    50 GBof 5G data

    Uswitch Exclusive
    • No 2023 price rise
  6. SMARTY SIM deal

    Uses Three's Network

    SMARTY logo

    £10.00 a month

    1 month contract

    40 GBof 5G data

    • No 2023 price rise
  7. SMARTY SIM deal

    Uses Three's Network

    SMARTY logo

    £17.00 a month

    1 month contract

    200 GBof 5G data

    • No 2023 price rise
  8. SMARTY SIM deal

    Uses Three's Network

    SMARTY logo

    £15.00 a month

    1 month contract

    180 GBof 5G data

    • No 2023 price rise
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Author: Ray Ali

Last updated: 27th November 2023

Our best SMARTY SIMs

SMARTY provides great value deals to its many customers. Purely focussed on SIM only deals, SMARTY doesn’t offer phones as part of its packages, nor does it require you to sign up for lengthy deals. Its data deals are all available on 30-day rolling price plans, making it the ideal network for anyone who doesn’t want to be tied down to a long-term contract. 

Is SMARTY a good network?

All UK mobile phone providers operate through one of the ‘big four’ networks – Three, EE, O2 and Vodafone. SMARTY runs on Three’s network, so you can be confident of receiving nationwide coverage and great mobile data speeds. 

SMARTY also offers a range of benefits with its value-for-money no-commitment SIM only price plans.

Why choose a smarty SIM only deal?

There are plenty of reasons to choose a SMARTY SIM only deal:

  • Great coverage: Smarty is on Three’s network, so you can expect 3G and 4G in 99% of the UK, and an ever-growing network of 5G coverage

  • Speed: Three’s is one of the UK’s fastest network, so SMARTY customers will receive those great speeds too

  • International roaming: SMARTY allows its customers to use their UK data allowances in the EU on all its plans

  • Zero credit check: SMARTY is one of the only phone providers to not require a offer credit checks on its SIM-only deals

  • Flexible one-month plans: All of  Smarty's contracts run on a rolling  month-to-month basis. There’s no commitment involved beyond the 30-days so you can leave the deal whenever you want. 

  • Refer a friend: Get a friend to sign up to SMARTY too and you’ll both get one month’s service for free 

  • Easy add-ons: Data add-ons are very simple, costing just £1 per GB. So if you run out it’s really easy to boost your plan. 

  • Cash back for leftover data: If you have data leftover at the end of the month, it will automatically be deducted off your next bill at a rate of  £1 for each 1GB that remains unused.

  • Customer support: SMARTY doesn’t have a phone line you can contact for support, but you can get help via web chat between the hours of 8am and 8pm every day of the week (excluding Bank Holidays)

What network does SMARTY use?

SMARTY operates on Three’s network, so you can look forward to nationwide coverage and fast speeds. 

What to look for in a SMARTY SIM contract

You can compare SMARTY SIM-only deals in our tables above this section. Choosing the right deal comes down to your own personal preferences. Almost all deals will include unlimited calls and texts, so all you really need to consider is how much data you think you’ll need. 

What SIM only deals do SMARTY offer?

SMARTY offers a range of different SIM only deals, let's take a quick look at some of the deals you can sign up for on this network:

  • Unlimited data: Looking for an unlimited mobile phone package? SMARTY provides deals with unlimited data, calls, and texts. Choose from a range of different deals in the comparison tables above. 

  • 5G: All of SMARTY’s SIM deals are 5G-enabled as standard, with no extra cost included. As long as you have a 5G ready phone and live in a 5G switched on area, you can access superfast 5G speeds with your SMARTY SIM deal. 

  • 12-month: SMARTY’s SIM only deals all come as 30-day rolling plans, so you can use them for as long or as little as you like. This is one of the network’s key benefits, as you have the flexibility to end the deal at any time.

Can I use my SMARTY SIM abroad? 

Yes, SMARTY offers EU roaming. Your phone will work in the same way overseas as it would at home. There’s a 20GB data cap, and if you cross that threshold, you’ll have to buy a top-up. 

If you’re going outside of the EU, you’ll need to purchase a specific add-on called ‘out of plan’. 

I activated my SMARTY SIM but I don’t have service - what should I do?

If your SMARTY SIM card isn’t working, we recommend getting in touch with SMARTY’s customer support team who will then be able to assist you. 

Can I keep my mobile phone number if I switch to a SMARTY SIM-only deal?

Yes, you can keep your current phone number by obtaining your PAC code. Don’t worry, that’s not as complicated as it sounds. In fact, you can get your PAC code by sending a simple text! Thanks to the text-to-switch initiative, just message PAC to 65075 and you’ll receive a reply with your PAC code. Then, when you join SMARTY they’ll use this to port over your phone number.

Other networks

SMARTY not the right network or you? There are plenty of other UK networks with a wide selection of deals and offers. No matter your requirements, you’ll be able to find the perfect phone package from one of these networks: 


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