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Sky TV Deals

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Sky TV deals give you access to a wider range of TV shows, films and live TV events than any other TV provider in the UK. From Sky Sports to Sky Cinema to Sky Atlantic, Sky TV offers some of the UK’s most popular subscription channels and access to content you can’t find anywhere else.

Here, we'll look at the channels, equipment and services Sky TV has to offer. This includes the Sky Q service, which lets you pause, rewind and continue watching on multiple TVs and devices in your home.

Compare the best Sky TV deals

The best Sky TV deals are those that offer more products and services within a single package. Even the cheapest Sky TV package includes access to hundreds of TV channels, as well as a Sky Q set-top box to view them on. Plus you’ll get access to a wealth of online and interactive services.

If you’re looking for a complete TV package, comparing Sky TV deals is a good place to start.

Compare our best Sky TV deals in the table above.

How to get the best Sky deals

The best Sky deals are usually those that bundle together multiple digital services - TV, broadband, landline, and even your mobile phone services - into one comprehensive package.

Compare our best Sky deals on our Sky broadband and TV deals page.

What channels are available in Sky TV packages?

In addition to Freeview channels and the extensive range of Sky entertainment channels, there are a few channels that you can get only as part of a Sky TV deal.

See a more extensive list of What channels are on Sky TV? in our TV guide section.

Sky Atlantic

Sky Atlantic is synonymous with high-quality television series like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Mare of Easttown, Big Little Lies and more from across the pond. And it's the only place to watch HBO series in the UK. Unlike Sky Cinema and Sky Sports, you can only get Sky Atlantic through Sky or NOW.

Find out more about Sky Atlantic series.

Sky Sports

Sky’s sports programming is spread across 11 dedicated channels, including Sky Sports News and a dedicated F1 channel.

Sports covered across Sky Sports channels include 126 live Premier League games every season, World Cup qualifiers, lower league football from the EFL and overseas football from La Liga, the MLS and Eredivisie. There's also cricket, rugby, every race from the F1 season, as well as American football.

Read more about what's on Sky Sports.

Sky Cinema channels

The Sky Cinema service offers a library of 1,000 movies on demand, as well as better picture quality and sound and special themed pop-up channels. But Sky Cinema's main selling point is that it's generally first with new movies. And it releases a new premier every day.

Learn more about Sky Cinema in our Sky Cinema guide.

Streaming Sky TV offers

You can now access streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus through Sky TV.

By bundling Netflix and Sky TV together, you can combine your subscriptions to both services into one package. You will therefore not only combine your bills into one place but you can also access all your content in one place.

The Netflix and Sky TV offers allow you to access both Netflix and Sky content via your Sky Q set-top box. This means you’re able to search and stream all your content in one place without having to switch between apps.

Sky Q deals

The Sky Q TV service's major selling point is that it lets you pause and pick up content on multiple devices and TVs around the home (provided you sign up for a Sky Multiscreen subscription).

The Sky Q service is based on the Sky Q set-top boxes. You can either get the Sky Q 1TB box or the more expensive Sky Q 2TB box.

Both Sky Q TV boxes let you record multiple channels simultaneously while watching TV live on another channel and offer storage for hundreds of hours of TV.

However, the major differentiator between the 1TB and 2TB boxes is that the latter lets you stream TV to more devices and TVs around the home. The 2TB box also lets you watch TV in UltraHD (4K).

Sky Q set-top boxes are now standard across all Sky TV bundles after Sky phased out Sky+ boxes in 2016.

What else is included in Sky TV packages

Sky TV offers access to a few additional services:

Sky Go

Sky Go is free to Sky customers and lets you watch Sky TV on your iPad, iPhone, laptop, Xbox 360 or selected Android smartphones while you’re out and about.

But of course, you can only use this to watch the channels you’ve subscribed to through your Sky TV package.

Read more about what's on Sky Go and how to watch it.

Sky Q Multiscreen

Sky Q Multiscreen enables customers to watch Sky TV packages in different rooms around the house simultaneously. In order to enjoy this kind of freedom, you’ll need a Sky Q box, a Sky Q Mini box for each additional TV and a Sky Multiscreen subscription. You'll also need to pay a one-off charge for each TV you want to watch Sky TV on.

Do you need a satellite dish for Sky TV deals?

For now, you do need a satellite dish for Sky, but the company recently announced they'll be offering IPTV next year. Until then, find out how to watch Sky without a satellite or how to get Sky in a block of flats.