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Uswitch broadband provider reviews

In our provider reviews, we take an in-depth look into the services and products offered by UK broadband providers.

Whether you care about speed, price, reliability or customer service, our independent reviews will help you decide which provider is right for you.

Our reviews

Choose from the biggest broadband providers in the UK to find out our verdict. Use our reviews to decide which provider would be best for your household.

BT broadband review

four black star designs on a white background

As the UK’s biggest broadband provider, BT's reputation precedes itself. But how do customers really feel about its service?

Virgin Media broadband

Virgin Media broadband review

three and a half star rating

One of the fastest widely-available providers around, Virgin Media has one sole focus for its broadband: speed, speed, speed.

Plusnet broadband review

4.5 star rating

Another price-focused provider, Plusnet keeps its packages simple, budget friendly and reliable. Here’s our verdict on its service.

sky logo

Sky broadband review

four black star designs on a white background

Sky is one of the world's biggest media companies, priding itself on premium TV and broadband deals. Read our thoughts on the provider.

TalkTalk broadband review

three and a half star rating

If you’re looking to keep your costs down, TalkTalk may have some great offers for you. Find out if they hold up to its customers’ needs.

hyperoptic logo

Hyperoptic broadband review

4.5 star rating

Hyperoptic is a good-value full fibre broadband provider with a great reputation. Learn why it has earned its stripes with our review.

EE logo

EE broadband review

4.5 star rating

Mainly known as a mobile network, EE also offers fast broadband connections with good customer service. Get more detail with our review.

vodafone logo on a white background

Vodafone broadband review

four black star designs on a white background

Vodafone has burst onto the broadband scene with very fast, very reliable services. See what we think about its extensive broadband tariffs.

man working on his computer at home

Uswitch broadband customer survey 2024

Our survey provides an annual look into what customers like the most (and the least) about their broadband provider.

It looks at the most important parts of a broadband service and ranks providers on their customers' satisfaction with them. These include:

Value for money | Internet speed | Reliability | Customer service | Installation | Billing

women smiling while working on her laptop at home

Uswitch broadband provider reviews explained

Our provider reviews hope to provide a clear, honest view of what customers in the UK think of their broadband provider. They focus on ten areas in particular:

Customer service | Value for money | Internet speed | Reliability | UK coverage | Home equipment | Setup & installation | Communication | Bundle availability | Price rises

To lend as much authority to the claims made in our reviews, Uswitch ran a 24,000-person survey that asked customers to rate many of the above aspects for their provider on a 1-5 scale.

And to help provide more detail, we have much more in-depth accounts of these providers' services. These are all written by Uswitch authors who have had first-hand experience of that provider.

Why are broadband reviews useful?

Reading reviews is one of the best ways to help you make the right decision about a product or service. They help you to understand what the experience is really like, outside of the advertised details promoted by the company.

When comparing broadband deals such as Uswitch's comparison tables, all you can see is the internet speed, monthly price and a couple of other details. So if you care especially about a particular part of your broadband service, such as reliability, it's hard to know how a provider performs in that area unless you read a review.

Our reviews aim to help you find out in detail which provider may be best suited to your needs. They cut through the advertising jargon and talk about what you're likely to get in real terms.

So, before you choose a particular broadband provider, you might want to take a look at our reviews to narrow down which ones you'll likely have a positive experience with.

How to choose the right broadband provider for you

Broadband contracts often last for 18-24 months, so it's a big commitment. And it pays to put some thought into what is right for you before selecting a new package.

Reading reviews certainly helps you narrow down which providers are best for you, but there are other ways to nail down the right deal for your household's needs.

Whether you're living in a small household with only a couple of devices, a student working late with lots of housemates, or in a large family with a dozen devices on the go at once, there's a broadband deal out there for you.

Read our guide for more advice on how to choose the right broadband package.

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