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Loans guides

Best Ways To Borrow A Small Amount Of Money

Whether you want to consolidate debts or fund emergency repairs, here’s everything you need to know about the best ways to borrow a small amount.

What to Do if Your Loan Application is Declined

Discover the most common reasons loan applications are refused and what to do if it happens to you.

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Understanding Early Loan Repayment Charges

Find out how much you might have to pay in charges when making an early loan repayment and whether it’s worth paying off a loan early.

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Online Banking Explained

What's the cheapest way to borrow money?

If you're looking to borrow money and keep the costs down you could choose a loan with a low interest rate or a credit card with 0% interest.

Student loans and finance - how to pay for a degree

Student loans and finance - how to pay for a degree

A student loan is a loan given to help fund university study and higher education. If you're studying in the UK, there are a number of different loans available, both private student loans and government backed companies.

Choosing the right secured loan for you

Choosing a secure loan with

If you're looking to borrow money, a secured loan could be one of the most affordable options. Read on to learn all you need to know, including how to find the cheapest secured loans in the UK.

Loan companies - Find the best loan company

Loan companies - Find the best loan company for you

Looking for a good loan company? The best approach is to learn about the market, decide what type of loan you need, and then find the company offering the best deal for your circumstances.

Low cost loans

Low cost loans

Find great low cost loans for you. Learn what to consider when choosing a low rate loan and how to apply.

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Personal loans UK - Find a Personal Loan Now

Filter through the personal loans UK market using Uswitch's free and independent UK loans comparison service. Read more in our expert guides to loans.

How to Get Lower Loan Rates

Discover effective strategies for securing a low-interest rate loan and how to avoid the potential pitfalls.

Finding the cheapest interest rate for loans

Find a Cheap Loan - Get a Cheap Loan Comparison Now

Need a low interest loan? Read the Uswitch guide on how to find and choose cheap loans. Compare low APR personal loans from £1,000 to £35,000

Check your eligibility for credit cards and credit reports, cash coin purse

Interest Free Short Term Loans

An interest free loan, based on short term commitment can only really be taken out in the form of a credit card. If used correctly, it can be a useful way of borrowing money at no extra cost.

Loans for young people

Loans for Young People - Different Type of Loans

Whether you need extra financing for your studies or for a trip abroad, getting a loan when you're younger can be difficult. Our guide explains ways to borrow loans for young people.

Finding the best loans online

What Happens if I Can't Repay My Loan?

Taking out a loan is a big commitment, which can have a great impact on your finances and credit score. In this guide we explore, what happens if you don't pay your loan.

Guide to buildings and contents insurance cover

Home improvements that can add value to your home

Improving your home can add thousands to its value. Does a conservatory add value? We look at how much home improvements cost, what they add and how to pay for them.

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Loans explained: all you need to know

A comprehensive guide about loans with all the information you need before taking out a loan


Uswitch's Top Tips To Find The Best Car Finance Deals

There are plenty of cheap cars out there - don't ruin your bargain with an expensive car loan. Read our top tips for finding cheap car finance deals.

Debt consolidation loans

Debt consolidation loans - How do they work?

Debt consolidation loans might sound like a great idea to ease a financial burden, but are they a wise choice for you? We reveal all.

Guarantor loans

Guarantor loans

If you have a bad credit score getting a loan can be difficult, especially getting one with competitive rates, this where a guarantor loan could help.

Guide to credit cards for the unemployed

Loans for unemployed people

Are loans for unemployed people available? Yes, but it's more difficult and potentially much more expensive and therefore more risky. Find out how to get one, and why they pose a risk.

Home improvement loans

Home improvement loans

Choosing the best home improvement loans, whether they be secured or unsecured personal loans, can be tricky – read our guide to help make sense of home improvement loans.

Holiday loans

How to Get a Second Charge or Second Mortgage

Second charge or a second mortgage is a loan secured on your home and can be alternative to remortgaging. Our Uswitch guide explains the benefits.

Finding the best loans online

Online Loans | How to Find the Best Loans Online

Find out the best loans online to suit your needs. Save money now, compare loans online and apply for the right one for you.

How to compare the loan market for the best Uswitch deals

Our best Loans - Compare Loan Market For The Best Uswitch Loan Deals

Find the best loans to suit your needs, by running a comparison based on how much you want to borrow, for how long, and how much you can afford, to get the best loan rates.

Car loans and car financing. What is my best option?

Loans with no credit checks

It is possible to take out a loan without a credit check, but these loans usually carry far more risk due to the high costs & strict terms. Read our guide.

Peer-to-peer lending UK

Guide to Peer to Peer Lending UK - how does it work?

Peer to peer lending in the UK has taken off in recent years, with p2p lending now a permanent fixture on the financial circuit

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How to Run a Loan Comparison

Make a free loan comparison with and we'll find the best personal or secured loan for you. Why comparing loans is so important — and so easy.

Compare loans: step-by-step

Compare loans: step-by-step

Need a loan? Read our step-by-step guide on how to compare loans with Uswitch and apply online for a personal or secured loan today

Car loans and car financing. What is my best option?

Car Loans and Car Financing. What is my best option?

Buying a car requires a large amount of money so if you don't have the cash, a large personal loan can seem like the easiest option, but is it the best?

Payday loans

Payday loans: everything you need to know

You may be tempted to borrow money using a payday loan, but with interest rates as high as 2,000% APR or more they could prove very expensive!

green classic car

Car Loans - Compare and Find Cheap Loans for your Car

Wondering how to buy a new car? Read our guide to car loans and other financing options, including hire purchase plans, personal contract purchase

People Huddling together

Credit unions | What is a credit union? Uswitch explains

Credit unions can sometimes offer better rates than the high street and help those struggling with debt - read our guide to see if they can save you money

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Quick Access to Cash Your Options

There are few loan companies that will give you instant decisions - the ones that do will often leave you saddled with an extremely high rate of interest

Check your eligibility for credit cards and credit reports, cash coin purse

Borrowing with a poor credit history

With a bad credit history it can be difficult, but not impossible to borrow money, whether it's a credit card, loan or mortgage.

Alternatives to payday loans - Piggy bank

Alternatives to payday loans

Payday loans have come under close scrutiny, because of their very high effective interest rates. What are your alternatives to payday loans?

Holiday loans

Wedding loans for credit - finance your wedding

Looking for a wedding loan for bad credit? Read on to learn more about what your options are for getting a wedding loan even if you have bad credit.

Loans for a medical procedure

Loans for Medical Procedures to Pay Off Medical Bills

Loans for medical procedures is not available on the NHS. However, many medical procedures offer their own financing plans. Take a look at our guide

Car loans and car financing. What is my best option?

Logbook Loans - Secured Lending For Your Vehicle

What are logbook loans? Consider taking out a logbook loan? Read our guide to learn more about logbook loans and what the alternatives financing option.

Holiday loans

Holiday loans

Wondering how you can finance your next holiday? Explore three of the main options available to you!

Personal loan concept

Loans for People with Poor Credit History

Poor credit history? Take a step to improve your credit score by registering on electoral roll. This lowers your risk of fraud in the eyes of lenders

Small loans: what are your options?

Small loans: what are your options?

A small personal loan may be the obvious choice if you're looking for a small loan, but you've got more options than you might think.

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Step by Step Guide to Comparing Personal Loans

Need an unsecured loan? Read our step-by-step guide to comparing personal loans with Uswitch and apply online for a personal loan today.