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EDF Energy supplier information

EDF Energy supplier information

EDF Energy 2021 customer rating

Based on EDF Energy reviews from customers, the big six supplier was awarded three stars out of five in the most recent 2020 customer survey conducted by Uswitch and YouGov. It is the biggest survey of its kind, with reviews from 17,000 respondents.

EDF Energy reviews were collected in 15 categories in the 2020 Uswitch Energy Awards, with the supplier winning Best Large Supplier in the Easiest to Switch to and Best Deal for You categories.

To compare EDF Energy prices with other energy suppliers, type your postcode in the box and hit ‘Compare now’.

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About EDF Energy

EDF Energy is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity, the biggest supplier of electricity by volume in Great Britain. It owns and operates eight nuclear power stations and 35 wind farms (as well as other renewable sources) that generate that low-carbon electricity.

Among other things, it offers a range of fixed and bundled tariffs for electricity and gas; a range of connected home products (such as smart thermostats) to help you take your first step towards a smarter home; and heating and boiler insurance cover.

EDF Energy was created in 2003, five years after French energy company EDF Group (Électricité de France) bought Seeboard, London Energy and SWEB Energy.

EDF Energy prices and tariffs

There is a wide range of EDF Energy tariffs available at any one time, including fixed and variable plans.

All EDF Energy tariffs currently available through Uswitch can be seen in the table below. The EDF Energy prices below are based on average usage, so click 'compare now' to get a quote tailored to you, and compare EDF Energy tariffs with plans from other energy suppliers.

Supplier Plan name Tariff type Price
EDF Energy Simply Online 2 Year Fix Feb23v2 Fixed until 28 Feb 2023 £1022 Compare now
EDF Energy Standard (Variable) Variable £1042 Compare now

This information is updated hourly with EDF Energy plans which are available to switch to through Uswitch. To appear in this table, plans must be available in at least 7 of the 14 regions.

How EDF Energy prices have changed in 2020

EDF was the first of the big six energy suppliers to announce its new rates after the Ofgem energy price cap was dropped in August 2020 for the third consecutive time.

In line with the new cap level, EDF Energy prices dropped by 7% from October 2020 on standard variable tariffs. This means the average customer on a standard variable tariff from EDF will pay £1,042 a year - an average price drop of £84 per year.

EDF Energy prices on standard variable tariffs previously dropped by just over 1% in April 2020, also in line with a reduced energy price cap.

The table below shows recent changes to EDF Energy prices, alongside changes by the rest of the big six energy suppliers:

Supplier Price change 1 Date effective Price change 1 Date effective Price change 3 Date effective
EDF Energy -6% 1 Oct 2019 -1% 1 Apr 2020 -7% 1 Oct 2020
E.ON -6% 1 Oct 2019 -1% 1 Apr 2020 -7% 1 Oct 2020
British Gas -6% 1 Oct 2019 -1% 1 Apr 2020 -7% 1 Oct 2020
ScottishPower -6% 1 Oct 2019 -1% 1 Apr 2020 -7% 1 Oct 2020
SSE -6% 1 Oct 2019 -1% 1 Apr 2019 -7% 1 Oct 2020
npower -6% 1 Oct 2019 -1% 1 Apr 2019 -7% 1 Oct 2020

Based on a medium energy user on a standard dual fuel tariff, paying on receipt of bill, with bill sizes averaged across all regions.

How EDF Energy prices changed previously

EDF announced a price drop of 6% for standard variable tariff customers in August 2019. EDF dropped slightly further than it had to: its new average price, effective from 1 October 2019, was £1,177.

In February 2019, EDF Energy prices rose by 10% on its standard variable tariffs, effective 1 April 2019. The supplier increased rates to the energy price cap level of £1,254.

EDF Energy's last price rise before this was announced in April 2018 — a 1.4% price rise for standard variable rate tariff electricity customers.

The increase, which resulted in a £16 per year hike in customer bills, went into effect 7 June 2018 and followed days after big six rival British Gas announced a dual fuel price rise of 5.5%.

Read more about the history of how EDF Energy prices have changed.

EDF Energy gas and electricity

In total, EDF Energy supplies energy to around 5.5 million customers, both businesses and households, making it the nation's largest supplier of electricity by volume.

EDF Energy produces around one-fifth of the UK's electricity from a variety of sources, including combined heat and power plants and wind farms, as well as the more traditional gas, coal and nuclear power stations.

EDF Energy and iSupplyEnergy

In March 2020, EDF Energy took on around 190,000 of iSupplyEnergy's customer accounts, after iSupplyEnergy exited the UK energy market.

EDF Energy and Solarplicity

In August 2019, EDF Energy took on approximately 8,000 customers from Solarplicity after the small supplier ceased trading.

EDF Energy renewable energy

EDF Energy, as well as being one of the biggest energy suppliers in the UK overall, is also the UK's biggest producer of low-carbon electricity thanks to its operation of 10 nuclear power plants around the UK.

It was also the energy and sustainability partner of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

To see how EDF gas and electricity prices match up to the competition, simply enter your postcode into the box below.

Switch energy for a chance to win

Run an energy comparison and switch before 12 February for a chance to win one of 10 prizes of up to £1,320 towards your energy bills (T&Cs apply).

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