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Mobiles Guides

If you're looking for some help with your mobile phone, switching networks or getting the best from your next mobile deal, we're here to help.

Switching mobiles

Unsure of the best way to switch mobiles and networks? Here's what you need to know.

text to switch
07 May 2024

Text-to-switch: Everything you need to know

Soon changing mobile network will be as easy as sending a text message.

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21 March 2024

Text to switch with Sky Mobile

With its excellent perks, budget–friendly contracts and options to get a new phone mid–contract at no extra cost, Sky Mobile has built a reputation as one of the UK’s leading smartphone providers since it first burst onto the scene in 2017.

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man holding a coffee looking at his laptop
06 February 2024

End of contract notifications: everything you need to know

Not sure when your contract ends? No need to worry - your provider will send you a notification before your end date. Learn more about end of contract notifications.

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Transferring your number guide young man on his mobile phone
02 January 2024

PAC Codes | How to keep and transfer your old number

Find out how to transfer your old mobile number to your new handset. Save yourself the needless hassle by keeping your old phone number.

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Sim only vs pay monthly - sim card and handset icons
11 December 2023

SIM only vs pay monthly - what’s the difference? - Uswitch

What’s the difference between SIM only and pay monthly plans? Should you go for a new handset or stick with your old phone?

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Choosing a mobile phone

With so many handsets on the market, it can be difficult to know which smartphone is the right one for you. Our guides can help you decide.

08 July 2024

How to get a UK mobile phone and SIM card

If you're moving to the UK, or even just visiting, getting a UK mobile phone or SIM card will probably be at the top of your to-do list. Stay connected and get online as soon as possible with our how-to guide.

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10 June 2024

Best phones for kids: Our top 5 kids phones ranked - Uswitch

Are you ready to buy your child their first mobile phone? Uswitch has ranked the best kid phones in available to buy right now.

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“4G networks have speeds around 20-42Mbps.”
26 April 2024

4G mobile phones | 3G vs 4G speed, what's the difference?

Does your phone still use 3G signal? What's the difference between 3G vs 4G speeds? Here's what you need to know.

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26 April 2024

Which mobile phone? | A buyers guide to choosing mobiles

Too much mobile choice? Help is at hand from our guide to choosing a mobile phone. Find the phone that suits your needs.

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Android phones make up over 70% of all phones bought across the world
26 April 2024

What is an Android mobile phone? - Uswitch

Everything you need to know about Android. Learn which the best Android phones are, how much they cost and what mobile apps they have.

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Mobile network coverage guide - woman on mobile phone
05 February 2024

Best mobile network coverage in the UK

Which network offers the best mobile coverage 2024? We take a look at the major mobile phone networks and the sort of coverage & connection speeds to expect.

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iPhones are some of the most popular smartphones available. Here's what you need to know about Apple's range of handsets.

Which iPhone should I buy?
14 June 2024

Best iPhones 2024: Which iPhone should I buy?

Unsure which iPhone you should buy? Uswitch has ranked the best iPhones available, including the new iPhone 15 series.

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26 April 2024

Should I update my iPhone to the latest version of iOS?

What are the pros and cons of updating your iPhone to the latest iOS software?

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Samsung handsets

Samsung has produced incredible smartphones for years, alongside its range of TVs and other top-end technology. Here's what you need to know about these fantastic smartphones.

“Samsung’s premium line of handsets offers superb specs and features.”
16 July 2024

Best Samsung Phones in 2024: Which Samsung phone should I buy?

Are you a Samsung fan? The Android smartphone has a wide range of truly amazing smartphones, with specs and features that make those smartphone brands jealous.

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21 March 2024

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S9: what’s the difference?

How does the Samsung Galaxy S10 compare with the S9? Here are all of the main differences between these two modern-classic Samsung phones.

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Money-saving tips

Keep an eye on your pennies with these money-saving tips and tricks.

woman smiling using her smartphone on her sofa
12 July 2024

How to find a cheap mobile phone - Uswitch

Looking for a cheap mobile phone handset? Many cheap deals still come with excellent smartphones. Find out what you could get with our guide.

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Overcharged by your network guide
26 April 2024

Overcharged by your mobile phone network? Here's how to get your money back

Overcharged by your mobile network? In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to go about it, what to look out for and what your rights are.

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26 April 2024

How can I get the best price when I sell my phone? - Uswitch

Chances are you have an old phone or two knocking around in a drawer. Here we tell you how you can turn your old phone into cash.

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Surprised man checking mobile phone news standing in a park
01 April 2024

What to do when your mobile contract’s price rises

Network raised the price of your phone or SIM only contract? Here's a guide to your consumer rights and what you can do to cut your costs.

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21 March 2024

A guide to charges for premium rate and customer support numbers

What are premium changes? How will they affect you? Which numbers are classified as ‘premium rate’ or 'non-geographic'? Let us explain all.

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Roaming and international SIMs

How much does it cost to use your mobile overseas? And are there things you can do to get better coverage while travelling without paying too much? We've got all the information you need before you jet off.

women sat in a park using her mobile phone
11 July 2024

What is an eSIM and how does it work? - Uswitch

Here's everything you need to know about eSIMs - how they differ to SIM cards, why you should choose one and how you could start using them in the UK.

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Vodafone roaming charges guide - woman traveller with mobile phone
27 June 2024

Vodafone international roaming FAQ

How much will you be charged when travelling overseas? We break down how Vodafone charges for roaming in the EU and around the world.

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id mobile roaming guide - woman on the phone at airport
11 June 2024

iD Mobile international roaming FAQ

If you’re travelling to countries within the EU, roaming charges won't be a problem if you’re with iD Mobile with free roaming in 50 destinations throughout the EU, EEA and more.

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EU roaming guide - Young woman travelling by car in the mountains using smartphone
10 June 2024

EU roaming charges explained - Uswitch

Since Brexit, UK networks have slowly begun reintroducing EU roaming charges. If you want to have access to data, calls and text during your next trip overseas, here's what you'll be charged.

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international sim guide hero
08 March 2024

International SIM card guide: how to make cheap overseas calls on your mobile phone

Learn how to make cheap overseas calls on your mobile phone and discover which networks specialises in cheap international calls.

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O2 roaming charges guide - young people waiting for a train
10 January 2024

O2 international roaming FAQ

From 15th June, all existing O2 pay monthly, pay as you go and business customers will get inclusive roaming in 47 European destinations.

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Staying safe online

The more time we spend online, the more we need to safeguard ourselves and our personal information. Here are a few guides on how to stay safe online.

02 April 2024

How to keep your child safe on their smartphone

Keeping kids safe from the harmful side of the internet is a big task. Doubly so in a world where smartphones offer unmonitored access to everything from graphic adult content to gambling sites.

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best network for teens and kids guide - young boy using a smartphone on the train
05 February 2024

Best mobile networks for kids and teens - Uswitch

Buying a mobile phone for your child can be a tough decision. In this guide, we take a good look at the best networks for kids and families.

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23 August 2023

Smartphones and your health: the definitive guide for 2023

Smartphones and your health: the definitive guide

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Smartphone accessibility

Smartphone technology is constantly improving, with more and more features being added to help those with accessibility needs.

smartphone accessibility guide
13 February 2024

Smartphone accessibility: a comprehensive guide

Advice on how to use accessibility features on your smartphone to make life a little easier.

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27 June 2023

Screen reader accessibility - everything you need to know

Smartphone accessibility continues to improve, and a core component is screen readers. Here's what you need to know.

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woman wearing a hearing aid using her smartphone
07 May 2021

Hearing accessibility guide - everything you need to know

If you have hearing loss, there are a number of smartphone features you can use to make your experience better.

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person using their smartphone outside
07 May 2021

Smartphone assistants guide - everything you need to know

How to use your phone without the need for physical buttons or complicated hand gestures.

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Perks and benefits

From free subscriptions for streaming services to early access to ticket sales, you can get all sorts of valuable perks and benefits from your mobile network.

Hero image template of person holding phone next to emoji of hand holding phone
01 July 2024

UK MVNOs: a guide to virtual networks

Want to know what an MVNO, also known as a virtual network is? We explain what an MVNO is and talk you through their pros and cons.

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pleased woman using her mobile phone
14 June 2024

Which mobile network offers the best perks?

Which mobile networks offer the best extras? And which ones will suit you best? Read on our guide to find out.

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“Cheap cinema tickets, days out and  discounts at cafes & restaurants.”
22 April 2024

Vodafone VeryMe Rewards: everything you need to know

Vodafone mobile customers can get cheap cinema tickets, days out and discounts at cafes & restaurants with Vodafone VeryMe Rewards.

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14 February 2023

Sky Mobile Swap contracts: everything you need to know

Discover the benefits of Sky Mobile Swap and how it compares to similar offers from rival networks too.

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How to guides

Advice and tips on how to make the most of your smartphone.

comparing smartphones choosing a smartphone
03 July 2024

How to choose a mobile phone contract - Uswitch

With so many great value deals on phone contracts, it can be tough choosing the right one. This guide will help you find the best mobile phone contract for you.

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recycling an old mobile phone could earn you up to £200.
21 March 2024

Mobile phone recycling explained

Recycling an old mobile phone could earn you up to £200. Turn your old mobile phones into cash with the help of our guide.

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man using cell phone hand holding mobile texting
11 July 2023

What is a mobile network? And which network's best?

Find out everything you need to know about UK mobile phone networks in our networks guide. We take a network-by-network look at what's on offer.

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08 June 2023

Live Caption accessibility - everything you need to know

Here's how to enable live caption for videos you watch on your smartphone.

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14 February 2023

Keeping safe while using your smartphone

From changing your settings to downloading some important apps, there are lots of simple things you can do with your smartphone to help improve your safety.

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Woman holding iPhone x dark mode setting
09 February 2023

How to use Dark Mode

Bringing Dark Mode into the light, how to turn on your phone's dark mode settings and reduce the impact of your smartphone on your sleep and health.

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Tech explained

Learn more about the latest tech, gadgets and smart devices with our tech-explained guides.

26 March 2024

What is a VPN and why do I need it? | Uswitch

What is a VPN? How do they work? Why use one? We cover all the basics and how to set up a VPN so that you can browse the web securely.

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mobile tethering guide
26 March 2024

What is mobile tethering? Which networks allow you to tether?

How does tethering work? Compare the major networks' policy and pricing structure for mobile phone tethering on iPhone and Android.

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Make calls on your home Wi–Fi or ones in coffee shops, airports and train stations
09 February 2024

What is Wi–Fi calling?

Everything you need to know about Wi-Fi calling. How it works and how you can get started.

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20 November 2023

Guide to mobile phone radiation

Want to know why mobile phones emit radiation and whether you need to worry? Our guide will tell you all you need to know and how to reduce any risk.

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older woman using ipad accessibility zoom magnification
26 June 2023

Magnification and Zoom accessibility guide - everything you need to know

Read on to find out what Magnification and Zoom are, who they can help, and how you can get the best use out of these features.

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31 January 2023

What is O2 Refresh? 5 key facts you need to know

Freedom always comes at a price. But is this one worth paying?

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Mobiles studies

Read our latest mobiles studies. From screen time reports and coverage data to the cost of making TikTok’s most loved Starbucks iced coffees at home.

Children's social media & mobile safety report banner image.
13 July 2023

Children's social media and mobile safety report

For this report, Uswitch looked at the safety issues parents face when their children gain access to a mobile phone and social media for the first time.

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UK SIM only statistics and facts: 2023 banner image
22 June 2023

UK SIM only Statistics 2023 - SIM only Facts and Stats Report

Uswitch have collated the latest UK SIM only mobile statistics and trends for 2023, covering SIM only take-up rates, sales, usage and the most popular providers.

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Travel SIMS banner image
31 May 2023

Travel SIMs

We’ve analysed eSIM savings for top travel destinations, revealing how to slice data roaming costs and select the best networks abroad.

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