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Rewards credit cards

If you spend with a reward card you'll earn points you can exchange for store discounts, flights, holidays or even cash. Compare credit cards with rewards below. Additional results may be available with an eligibility check.

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What is a reward credit card?

A reward credit card gives you points when you spend on your credit card. These can then be redeemed against goods and services.

These points can be converted into :

  • Useful vouchers

  • Discounts

  • Flights or hotels.

  • Days out

  • Special offers

Some reward credit cards offer specific rewards such as air miles, discount vouchers and cashback.

You may have to spend a minimum amount on your reward credit card each month, in order to qualify for rewards or perks.

It's best not to use these types of reward credit cards for borrowing or withdrawing cash, as the interest rates on them can be quite high.

About reward credit cards

  • Each time you spend, you can earn something back in reward points as a reward for your loyalty - this can be cash, points or special deals.

  • Great for people who pay off their balance each month - you get the reward card perks without paying any interest.

  • Some of the best credit card rewards allow you to exchange points for store discounts, gift vouchers, hotel stays and even almost free flights.

If you have existing credit card debt, are paying interest on one or more credit cards, or struggle to pay off your credit card debt, then reward cars are probably not for you.

You could look instead at Balance Transfer Credit Cards or Credit Builder Credit Cards.

Types of reward cards

Air Miles

An air miles or airline credit card is a reward credit card for travel. Depending on which program the card is affiliated with.

It allows you to collect British Airways Avios points or Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles through your everyday spending.

You can exchange Avios points for spending towards travel costs including flights, hotels and car rental.


Instead of earning points, a cashback credit card allows you to earn back a percentage of the money you spend.

The money you earn will be put back into your account either monthly or annually.

Unless you pay off the credit card amount each month, the cost of interest might outweigh the rewards.

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Should I take out a reward credit card?

Using a reward credit card instead of cash or your debit card for everyday spending could be a great way to earn something back. But you should always pay off your balance in full.

Credit cards with rewards often have higher interest rates, known as the APR or Annual Percentage Rate, compared to other credit cards.

Any rewards you earn might be worth less than the interest you owe.

For example

  • You earn 1000 points

  • You exchange them for a £100 voucher

  • You've been unable to pay off your balance in full

  • You now owe £150 in interest charges

  • You owe more interest than your voucher is worth

How do I choose the right rewards credit card card?

The card you choose will depend on your needs and spending habits.

Some cards offer you the chance to earn points that you can spend in a specific shop. Others provide vouchers that you can spend across a variety of retailers.

For example, some reward cards give you the chance to collect Nectar points, which can be put towards anything from restaurant bills to cinema tickets.

Reward credit cards FAQs

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Check your eligibility for credit cards

  • 1Improve your chances of being accepted
  • 2It won't affect your credit score
  • 3It's quick, free and easy

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