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Cookie Policy

Uswitch Limited ("Uswitch", "we" or "us") use cookies and other similar technologies in the operation of this website.

We use cookies and similar technologies to run our websites and apps.

These technologies store or access information on your device. They help us remember something about you or your device. 

This policy explains what technologies we use. You can use the tools below and your device settings to control your preferences.

We are partnered with Rakuten Advertising for advertising on the internet.

The technologies we use fall into the following categories:


We need to use these technologies to make our websites and apps work and to run our business. They let you move from one page to another, use our services, and help us secure and optimise our services. 

If you block these technologies in your device or browser settings, our services might not work for you.

See list of essential cookies

__adal_caTelevision analytics6 months
__adal_cwTelevision analytics1 week
__adal_first_visitTelevision analytics1 year
__adal_idTelevision analyticsSession
__adal_last_visitTelevision analyticsSession
__adal_sesTelevision analyticsSession
__adal_session_startTelevision analyticsSession
__cfduidContent deliverySession
_broadband-web_sessionSets header for broadband journeySession
_dc_gtm_UA-207299-1Google Tag ManagerSession
_energy-new_sessionIdentifies energy session2 months
_gaGoogle Analytics - user identifier2 years
_gatGoogle AnalyticsSession
_gat_UA-11409164-xGoogle AnalyticsSession
_gat_UA-207299-1Google AnalyticsSession
_gat_UA-32844516-1Google AnalyticsSession
_gaxdtrackingGoogle Analytics2 years
_gaxdtracking_gidGoogle AnalyticsSession
_gclxxxxGoogle conversion tracking3 months
_gidGoogle Analytics24 hours
_mfuuid_Consistent content delivery1 year
_pk_id*Analytics2 years
_session_idSession TrackingSession
account.originUser redirect URLPersistent
account.sessionAccount session data6 years
account.signedinIndicates signed in users6 years
account.signinTracks sign in source30 minutes
account.sourceAccount sign up sourcePersistent
app login credentialsApp credentialsLocal storage
app statePreferences, flags, and filtersLocal storage
app_banner_closedTracks mobile app install banner1 year
consentNameuConsentLocal storage
emailuConsentLocal storage
esidAccount various3 months
experimentuConsentLocal Storage
gclidGoogle conversion tracking30 days
heating_cover_sessionSession and conversions1 year
mobilesFeedback:guidesMobile feedbackLocal storage
onboardingCompareCheckboxDismissedCompare box dismissedLocal storage
msclkidBing conversion tracking30 days
sourceuConsent Local storage
sourceUrluConsent Local storage
ssidenergy-web, energy-journey, and downstream appsPersistent
statelocalStorageLocal storage
statusuConsentLocal storage
survey.remolocalStorageLocal storage
tglr_anon_idAnalytics2 years
tglr_sess_countAnalytics2 years
tglr_tenant_idAnalytics2 years
uiStateManaging state across apps1 year
urefsAffiliate tracking1 year
uscaFinance10 years
usccSession id6 years
uscdSession id2 years
usciCustomer id10 years
uscvVisit id30 minutes
usgclidGoogle conversion tracking30 days
usmsclkidBing conversion tracking30 days
vuidVimeo2 years
gidGiosg WebchatSession
giosg_chat_id_3803Giosg Webchat2 years
giosg_chat_3803Giosg Webchat2 years
giosg_gsessid_3803Giosg WebchatSession
ajs%3Acookies AnalyticsSession
ajs_anonymous_idAnalytics1 year
ajs_group_idAnalytics1 year
ajs_user_idAnalytics1 year
broadband_postcodeBroadband Comparison1 month
broadband_selected_providerBroadband Comparison1 month
broadband_selected_provider_idBroadband Comparison1 month
broadband_addressBroadband Comparison1 month
rvu-personalisationSite Personalisation10 seconds
ssid-internetBroadband Smart Search2 weeks
rvu-bb-personalisedCaching optimisation1 year
_gat_UA-232127378-1Google AnalyticsSession Affiliate Click Tracking1 Month
Ai_sessionTechnical error identification30 minutes
Ai_userTechnical error identification1 year
__cf_bmLoad balancing30 minutes
HomeUswitchSessionSession state storageSession
X-AdvertIdSite styling, AttributionSession subdomain interactionsSession
X-UniqueCustomerCookieIDReturning user tracking400 days
sskeyConversion Tracking30 days
gaSessionIdPartner session tracking30 minutes
mvt-*Site testing6 months


We use these technologies to see how you use our websites and apps. This tells us how to give you a better experience (for example, by telling us if one of our features isn’t working well for you).

See list of performance cookies

fs_uidFullStory session recording9 months
_mibhvMoveable Ink Analytics2 years
_micpnMoveable Ink Analytics4 days
m_cidRVU brand customer overlap tracking 6 months
_rvuidRVU brand customer overlap tracking 6 months


We and our advertising suppliers use these technologies to personalise the advertising you see. They work by seeing how you use our services and other websites. They use that information to predict what might interest you. You might see personalised advertising on our services, on other websites or in marketing emails.

See list of marketing cookies

A3Yahoo1 year
AA003Atlas tracking3 months
ATNAtlas tracking3 months
BYahoo1 year
IDEDoubleclick13 months
MUIDBing13 months
NIDGoogle6 months
personalization_idTwitter2 years
uidCriteo13 months
_fbpFacebook browser ID3 months
_fbcFacebook Ad Tracking2 years
_ttpTikTok13 months


These technologies let you set and store your preferences on our websites and apps (for example, when you log in the post comments). We also use them to detect bugs and make our websites and apps work better. 

See list of functionality cookies

adiLPresponseTap call trackingSession
adiSresponseTap call trackingSession
adiVresponseTap call tracking1 year
adiVIresponseTap call trackingSession
csrftokenresponseTap call trackingSession


Sometimes we advertise on social media. We use these technologies so that social media platforms can recognise you as one of our users and display advertising to you on our behalf.

Social media platforms also use these technologies on our websites and apps when you use your social media account to log in to our services. Sometimes they gather information about your behaviour to display personalised advertising to you.

See list of social cookies

frFacebook13 months

Updates to this policy

We regularly change how we use these technologies. We’ll keep you up to date on what we’re doing by updating this page, so make sure you check back often.

Updated: 05 April 2021