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TV Providers

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The Uswitch TV provider directory outlines the different pay-TV providers available on our site and details what they offer their customers. Whether you’re after comprehensive packages that include a wide variety of TV channels, or a simple TV service that gives you access to streaming platforms and Freeview, we’ve got deals from all the top TV providers in the UK.

Top TV service providers

Here in the UK, there are a few main TV providers, each offering broadband and TV bundles with a different number of channels in each TV package.

Sky TV

When most people hear the phrase ‘digital TV’, they think of Sky. Sky has a number of different TV packages, each offering over 300 channels — including the exclusive Sky Atlantic channel, so you can watch hit series from the US like Game of Thrones, Chernobyl and Westworld.

You can customise your Sky TV subscription with add-ons like Sky Sports, Box Sets, Kids channels, Sky Cinema, and even add Netflix and Disney Plus to your Sky package.

New Sky TV

Sky recently launched an exciting new product, Sky Glass. This all-in-one smart TV gives lets you watch all of Sky's incredible content in 4K and UHD resolution (where available) directly through the Glass TV.

Sky Glass doesn't need to connect to a set-top box or a satellite dish so you can be watching live and on-demand content within minutes of unboxing.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media offers high-speed broadband and loads of TV channels, depending upon which package you choose. Virgin Media's Big Bundle is the most basic, with over 100 channels and average broadband speeds of 108Mbps. The top package is the Ultimate Oomph bundle, which includes over 230 channels — including BT Sport and Sky Sports — and broadband speeds up to 516Mbps.

There are several packages in between the two which offer a wide range of channels and broadband speeds.


BT offers fewer channels than Virgin and Sky — but at a lower price, allowing for ultimate flexibility with its monthly BT TV packages. BT's Entertainment package includes Freeview channels and all the channels included in the NOW Entertainment membership.

Big Entertainment adds Sky Cinema channels, Sport and Big Sport include Sky Sports and BT Sport channels, while the VIP package includes it all.

All BT TV packages come with a YouView set-top box so you can pause, rewind and, depending upon your set-top box, record live TV. You can also watch Netflix through the YouView box.

TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk’s basic TV package comes with Freeview, but you can supplement your TV by access streaming services like NOW, Netflix and Disney Plus.

Freeview and apps

If you don’t need a lot of channels, you can get away with a stripped-down TV package with just Freeview and access to the apps you watch. Here’s what you can watch on Freeview.


EE TV lets you watch Freeview via Apple TV. You can also watch premium TV content through the NOW app, which gives you the likes of Sky Atlantic, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema or kids programming.

How to find the best TV service providers near me

Finding the best TV providers in the UK is more about finding the best TV provider for you. A quick search on Uswitch will reveal a number of TV suppliers available in you area, but each will have its own list of TV packages.

Before you start scrolling through deals, it’s a good idea to think about your viewing habits and what kind of TV you like to watch and want to watch, as this will help you make a shortlist of TV providers to look at in more detail.

It’s also important to consider how you will be able to get access TV suppliers, as some TV services require physical equipment and access to a fixed infrastructure.

What are the best satellite TV deals?

The list of satellite TV providers in the UK is limited to just one, Sky. And if you live in a flat, rented accommodation or property with strict council rules, you might not be able to get a satellite dish installed, meaning you won’t be able to access satellite TV services.

If you do have a dish or are allowed to get one installed, the best satellite TV deals from Sky will include hundreds of digital TV channels with world-class content available.

Sky also offers broadband, landline and mobile phone services, so the best satellite TV deals will often come as part of a broadband and TV deal from Sky.

Is there cable TV near me?

Cable TV is delivered via a specialised cable network –– hence the name. At present the only real cable TV provider in the UK is Virgin Media. If you can’t get satellite TV or don’t wish to, cable TV from Virgin Media could be the next best option.

With coverage to nearly 50% of all UK homes, Virgin Media is becoming more and more available. Check our postcode checker to see if Virgin Media is available in your area.

What are the best cable TV deals?

The best cable TV deals are bundled in with access to Virgin Media’s award-winning broadband, with average download speeds starting at 108Mbps. Even the most basic Virgin Media TV and broadband deal gives you a lot of channels and a lot of broadband speed for a very competitive price.

Streaming services

As streaming services produce more of their own content, more and more people are switching over to watching just streaming services.


Netflix is the original streaming service and remains the most popular in terms of user numbers. They have a wide variety of original series and films available, plus films and TV series from other studios.

Find out more about what’s on Netflix.

You can watch Netflix on lots of different devices, including TVs, games consoles, laptops and mobiles.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers a number of original series and films, too, plus the added perks of a Prime membership, like free shipping. Unlike other streaming services, you can also buy individual films or TV series (or even single episodes) to watch if they’re not included in your Prime membership.

Prime Video also offers flexible memberships, including monthly or annual memberships for Amazon Prime or monthly memberships to just Prime Video.

Read our guide to what’s on Amazon Prime.

Disney Plus

One of the more recent additions to the streaming service market, Disney Plus is home to every single piece of Disney content ever created from classic animated movies, Disney Channel TV shows and new and exclusive content from the likes of Marvel Studios and Lucasfilms.

Read our guide to what’s on Disney Plus.

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