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British Gas boiler repairs from £125

When you need urgent boiler repairs, British Gas has you covered. Boiler repair quotes include parts and labour plus a 12-month guarantee on all work and parts.


What do boiler repairs include?

Boiler repairs with British Gas include:

  • Simple boiler repairs from £125, with a local, Gas Safe registered British Gas engineer

  • Transparent pricing including all parts and labour

  • A full safety check

  • A 12-month guarantee on repair work

  • A 24 hour a day, 7 days a week UK manned helpline.

Why get boiler repairs with British Gas?

Transparent pricing

The price you’re quoted is the price you pay — even if the job takes longer than estimated.

Available to everyone

You don’t have to be a British Gas customer to take advantage of its repair offers.

Safety comes first

All repairs are performed by Gas Safe registered engineers, so you know you’re in safe hands.

What are the signs of a broken boiler?

With this in mind, it’s important to be able to recognise the signs of a broken boiler so you can take action as quickly as possible.

Some easily recognisable broken boiler signs are:

  • Orange or yellow pilot light rather than the usual blue

  • Loss of heating and/or hot water

  • Loss of pressure

  • Boiler keeps turning off.

What are the most common boiler repairs?

Some of the most common boiler repairs include:

  • Replacing parts such as leaky pipes or filters

  • Water or gas leaks

  • Resolving banging noises

  • Improving boiler efficiency.

You shouldn’t attempt to implement any boiler fixes yourself unless you happen to be a trained Gas Safe engineer because any mistakes or poor fixes could end up making the boiler more dangerous than it was before.

How much does it cost to repair a boiler?

The cost of repairing a boiler will vary depending on the complexity of the job because engineers typically charge for labour (i.e. the time it takes to do the job). Any parts that are needed will also push costs up. 

Pricing factors may also include:

  • The age and general condition of your boiler

  • The brand and model of your boiler.

Every job will be different, so it’s difficult to put down even a general figure.

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