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0% purchase credit cards

You can pay no interest on new purchases with a 0% purchase credit card. Compare credit cards that offer interest free periods on purchases below. Additional results may be available with an eligibility check.

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What is a 0% purchase credit card?

Interest free or 0% purchase credit cards, let you to essentially borrow for free in the short term. That's because they don't charge interest on spending during the introductory period.

They can be a great way to spread the cost of expensive items like sofas, TVs and holidays over months or potentially years.

These 0% interest purchase credit cards are only interest free for a fixed period of time. You'll still need to meet your minimum monthly repayments to keep the 0% interest offer in place.

Depending on the interest free period, you may pay no interest on your big purchase at all, provided you repay the full amount owing before the interest-free period expires.


A 0% purchase card can be a good way to borrow for free during the introductory period.

But it's important to read the terms and conditions before applying.

Advantages of an interest free credit card

  • Spread the cost of large purchases

You can effectively borrow for free by using a 0% purchase card to spread the cost of large purchases such as furniture, a car, or electrical goods.

Use the 0% interest credit card to make the purchase. Then divide the balance on the card by the number of months remaining on the 0% period. Set up a direct debit paying this amount each month to pay off the debt before the 0% deal ends.

For example:

Item cost - £3,000

0% introductory offer - 24 months

Total debt ÷ 24 months = £125

Monthly repayment to to clear balance within 0% period = £125

  • Purchase protection on items over £100

Section 75 is part of the 1974 Consumer Credit Act.

When you use a credit card to buy something costing between £101 and up to £30,000, both the card provider and supplier you’re buying from are responsible for your purchase.

This means you can claim your money back from either the provider or the supplier if the item is:

- Faulty

- Not as described

- Not delivered

It's based on the cash price of the item you pay for, even if you only pay the deposit by credit card. Section 75 can be useful if the supplier goes bust. It applies in the UK or abroad.

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How do 0% purchase credit cards work?

A 0% purchase credit card has a set period where no interest is charged. So any purchases made will not incur interest charges. This period usually begins from the moment you get the card.

The length of the 0% period is usually measured in months, even for the cards that charge no interest for more than a year, such as 13 months or 24 months.

As well as 0% periods, several cards come with additional perks - letting you build up things like Nectar or Clubcard points, Airmiles, free use of executive lounges in airports and more.

Find out more about 0% balance transfer and purchase cards.

Be sure about your balance transfers...

If you transfer a balance and continue to spend on the card, you could end up with much more debt than you started with.

Will you struggle to pay off your debt?

You should only consider getting a purchase credit card if you know you can clear the debt before the 0% interest deal ends.

If you feel you'll be unable to pay off the debt within the introductory period, you'll need a card that's more suitable for sustained borrowing. You might want to consider getting a low APR credit card.

Is a 0% purchase credit card right for you?

  • 0% interest does not apply to cash withdrawals

The 0% interest free period only applies to purchases you make with the card. You'll be charged a higher rate and additional fees for cash withdrawals.

  • You might lose the 0% offer

You will need to meet all your minimum monthly repayments, or you might lose the 0% interest offer. And you must not go over the credit card limit set by the credit card provider.

  • The 0% interest free period will not last forever

When the 0% on purchases introductory period ends, the interest will rise to a more expensive standard rate.

To avoid paying high interest rates make a note of when the 0% interest rate ends. And make sure you've cleared the debt before this date.

You might get a shorter 0% introductory period than advertised

If you’ve had a poor credit history, credit card providers might offer you a shorter introductory period than you see advertised.

See how likely you are to be approved for a credit card using our credit card eligibility checker.

Comparing credit cards to find the best interest free offer for you

Many cards offer more than just 0% on purchases. What makes the best purchase credit card for you will depend on your needs.

  • Longest 0% purchase period

  • Lowest APR

  • 0% on both purchases and balance transfers

  • 0% credit cards with rewards

0 percent purchase credit cards FAQs

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Section 75 - What is credit card protection?

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Check your eligibility for credit cards

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  • 2It won't affect your credit score
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