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Why are energy bills so high?

Wholesale gas prices significantly increased in September 2021 as a result of various factors combining to put pressure on supply and demand. This meant that there was a knock-on increase to the prices domestic energy customers were charged for their energy by suppliers.

Ofgem ultimately announced that, due to the wholesale market situation, the level of the energy price cap would rise to £3,549 in October 2022 (it has since increased again to £4,279, but will fall to £3,280 in April 2023).

Recognising the financial pressure that such high bills would put on households, the government introduced the Energy Price Guarantee, which has frozen energy prices at £2,500 per year for an average use household paying by direct debit until the end of June 2023.

Beat the Energy Price Guarantee


Utility Warehouse’s variable energy tariff is cheaper than the Energy Price Guarantee.

Homeowners can save £50 on average on their energy bill when switching any two of their broadband, mobile or insurance to Utility Warehouse at the same time.

*Offer available to homeowners only.

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Why can’t I compare energy and switch with Uswitch?

When energy prices increased suddenly in 2021, it meant that it was costing energy suppliers more to buy the energy to supply customers with than the amount they were bringing in, which led to some going out of business. The ones that still operate withdrew almost all of their tariffs from the market, meaning that switching through comparison sites like Uswitch currently isn’t possible.

Can we let you know when energy deals are available?

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Where else can I compare and save across Uswitch?

With the cost of living crisis affecting households across the UK, you can’t switch energy but you can still compare and save across Uswitch’s other products, including broadband, mobiles and insurance.

How can I save energy and manage my bills?

Control your energy with our free app, Utrack by Uswitch

If you’ve got a smart meter, Utrack is a free mobile app that connects to your smart meter and can help you track your home energy usage and help you find ways to use less energy to keep your bills as manageable as possible.

You can get:

  • Detailed insights about energy usage throughout your home

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports and data

  • Energy-saving tips and advice.

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What energy help can I get?

If you’re struggling with your energy bills, there is help available. At the very least, energy suppliers are required to have plans in place to help customers who need it - these could include reducing or waiving payments for a while or switching over to a prepayment meter.

The normal winter discount schemes - the Warm Home Discount, Winter Fuel Payment and Cold Weather Payment - all continue to apply to those eligible.

In the autumn of 2022, the government announced a second package of relief measures (details of the first package can be found here) designed to help the most vulnerable.

These included:

  • £900 for those on certain means-tested benefits

  • £300 for pensioners

  • £150 for those on disability benefits.

Comparing business energy

You can still compare and switch business energy with Uswitch.

While switching isn't available domestically, it's still an option for businesses looking to keep costs down.

Compare business energy deals from trusted UK business energy suppliers and get your next business energy deal in minutes.

Comparing energy deals

Even though comparing or switching energy isn’t available on Uswitch, it is still important to understand how it works and what to do once the market does return.

Comparing energy suppliers

If you’re looking to switch energy supplier, think about what’s most important to you and choose the one that ticks those boxes - but make sure the deal it’s offering works for you as well.

What Uswitch customers are saying

"I spoke with Lauren today at Uswitch as I have just moved house and she was so helpful regarding energy providers and she gave me some good advice about switching and when the best time to do so would be."

L.F. , Uswitch customer
08 November 2022

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15 March 2023

Energy Price Guarantee level to remain at £2,500 for a further three months

The government has announced that the Energy Price Guarantee, through which it keeps customers' energy bills at a lower level than they otherwise would have been, will be maintained at its current level until the end of June 2023.

13 March 2023

Energy suppliers could soon offer fixed deals between £2,200 and £2,500 according Uswitch analysis

With wholesale energy prices dropping and the Energy Price Guarantee due to stay at £2,500, suppliers could imminently be in a position to offer customers fixed deals.

27 February 2023

Ofgem cuts energy price cap level to £3,280

Ofgem has cut the level of the energy price cap from April, though it will remain higher than the government's Energy Price Guarantee.

14 February 2023

Uswitch launches Utrack Money Back demand flexibility scheme

Uswitch has announced the launch of its demand flexibility scheme, Utrack Money Back.

26 January 2023

Arguments over energy usage on the rise in UK households

Uswitch research has shown that in the wake of high energy bills, more people are now arguing about energy use than they previously were.

09 January 2023

Non-direct debit customers see energy bills rise in January

Although the Energy Price Guarantee is protecting customers from big price rises, some have seen a small increase since the beginning of 2023.

17 December 2022

Government launches energy-saving campaign with support from Uswitch

The long-mooted government energy-saving campaign has launched across the country with focus on Uswitch and Utrack.

01 December 2022

Uswitch announces launch of new mobile app Utrack

Uswitch has today launched its new mobile app, Utrack, which is designed to help energy users track and change their energy usage and habits.

29 September 2022

Uswitch encourages UK households to Check, Track and Change their energy usage this winter

With more than a fifth of households saying they can only cope with rising bills by cutting their energy usage, Uswitch is encouraging customers to check, track and change their energy habits this winter.

two people at home sorting out their bills
08 September 2022

Energy Price Guarantee sees energy prices frozen at £2,500 for two years

In the wake of rocketing energy bills making life financially impossible for UK households, the UK has intervened to fix energy prices with the Energy Price Guarantee.

26 August 2022

Energy price cap level raised to new record high of £3,549

The second energy price cap revision of the year sees it raised to a new high of £3,549 for average use households across the UK.

15 August 2022

Households underestimate energy price cap increase by over £1,000

With the price cap due to increase in August, Uswitch research has found that many households are vastly underestimating the amount it's likely to increase by.

09 August 2022

UK households already owe £1.3 billion ahead of winter bill hikes

With an energy price cap increase imminent, Uswitch research has found that UK households' energy debt is already extremely high.

03 August 2022

Ofgem confirms quarterly price cap

Ofgem has confirmed that it will now review the level of the energy price cap four times a year rather than twice.

Uswitch logo
27 July 2022

Uswitch publishes Energy Crisis Plan

With a new Prime Minister to be appointed imminently, Uswitch has today published its Energy Crisis Plan calling for more support for UK households this coming winter.

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Author: Ben Gallizzi

Last updated: 15 March 2023