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Latest broadband news: industry and technology updates

Take a look at the most recent news about broadband in the UK. Find out about new products, provider complaints, changes to your customer rights, and more.

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uswitch black friday cyber monday deals image with man smiling at laptop
28 November 2022

Our best broadband deals Cyber Monday 2022 - Uswitch

Browse our best range of the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 broadband deals on Uswitch, including heavy discounts on broadband and TV bundles...

virgin media black friday broadband deal M125
25 November 2022

This could be the best Virgin Media Black Friday deal yet

Black Friday is here at last, and Virgin Media just announced what might be its best broadband deal this year!

uswitch graphic of sky and bt black friday deals
23 November 2022

Sky vs BT: who has the best Black Friday 2022 deals? - Uswitch

See our 2022 Black Friday broadband deals and TV bundles for Sky and BT and decide which offer is best for you.

Uswitch black friday broadband deals roundup image with vintage price stickers
18 November 2022

Our latest Black Friday broadband and TV deals - Uswitch

Compare a wide range of broadband deals and TV bundles for Black Friday 2022. Choose between discounts, gift cards, and six months half-price broadband this November.

uswitch sky broadband and TV deals image with woman cheering at her laptop
16 November 2022

Huge Black Friday discounts on Sky broadband and TV - Uswitch

Sky has launched its Black Friday deals for broadband-only and broadband and TV bundles. Get heavy discounts and vouchers on Black Friday 2022 offers from Sky.

uswitch black friday deals roundup for 11th november
11 November 2022

Our best early Black Friday broadband and TV deals

With Virgin Media, Community Fibre and Gigaclear all launching early Black Friday deals, you can get your hands on a cheaper Black Friday offer two weeks before the big day.

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