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Can younger drivers get cheaper insurance?

It could be time to save serious money on your car insurance...

Are you a young driver with a car in a low insurance group?

Cars are rated from 1 to 50, with the lowest groups being the cheapest to insure.

Is your car unmodified?

Cars with modifications - that enhance performance or make them more attractive to thieves - cost more to insure.

Are you a young driver who can afford a higher excess?

If you can take a higher voluntary excess your premium will come down - but be sure you can afford it if you do claim.

Have you considered young driver black box insurance?

Some insurers offer black box car insurance that measures how well you drive and rewards safe driving.

What type of car insurance can young people take out?

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance, which will pay out if you or anyone else is injured in a claim involving your car. It’ll also pay for the repair or replacement of any vehicles or property that are damaged, as well as covering you for loss or damage to your car through fire or theft. 

Third-party, fire and theft

Third-party, fire and theft, which covers all of the above except for any injuries you sustain, or damage to your car caused as the result of an accident. 

But it will protect others, including cars or other property, as well as covering for fire and theft losses relating to your car.

Third party only

Third-party-only, which simply protects anyone other than you and their property.

It won’t pay out any losses you incur but will pay if other people, including any passengers you’re carrying, are injured.

It also covers any damage or loss to another person’s property, as well as any injuries they sustain following an incident involving your car.

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