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You could get a multicar discount when you insure more than one car on the same policy or insurer.

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Can you get cheaper insurance by having a multi car policy?

If you answer yes to all these questions you could do...

Are you a couple living together or at different addresses?

If you both own a car you might find it cheaper to put them on the one multi car policy.

Are you a family living together with more than one car?

Families can have several cars on the one policy even if each vehicle has a different main driver.

Are you friends living together with more than one car?

Multi car insurance policies are not exclusively for families and couples. Friends sharing a house can benefit too.

Do you have immediate family with cars at different addresses?

Maybe you have a son or daughter who is a student at university? A multi car policy may save £££s.

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Multicar insurance FAQs

Multi car insurance enables households to insure more than one car on the same insurance policy. You can usually cover up to a maximum of six cars. 

There are two different ways in which multi car insurance can work. Most policies allow you to insure all cars on a single policy so that all drivers have the same level of cover and each car has the same renewal date.

Alternatively, linked policies are made up of several, individual policies. Each policy has its own level of cover and renewal date. 

While some insurers will only cover cars registered to the same address, the best multi car insurance policies will also allow you to cover cars driven by your immediate family, even if they live elsewhere.

Some insurers will allow you to bring each car onto one multicar policy without having to cancel a current policy and pay a cancellation fee. You can start your policy with one car but benefit from a multi car discount straight away. 

Simply state the second car’s policy renewal date and it will automatically be brought on to the multi car policy when ready (just remember to tell the current insurer you don’t wish to renew your existing policy).

Claims on multi car insurance policies are usually dealt with similarly to single car insurance policies. This means that each policyholder can build up their own no claims discount. If one policyholder makes a claim, only their no claims discount should be affected and no one else’s. 

However, if you add a named driver to your policy and they make a claim, this could impact your no claims discount.

A multi car policy is not always cheaper than insuring the cars separately with different providers. One car, or driver, might push up the overall cost of the multi car insurance quote when it could be cheaper to insure with another insurer separately. 

This could be because one car is in a much higher insurance group or heavily modified or because one driver is considered a much higher risk due to convictions and claims or lack or experience.

A 50-year-old woman with 30 years' driving experience and a clean licence is likely to qualify for a competitively priced insurance policy. However, her 18-year-old daughter will be considered a far higher risk for the insurer, consequently increasing the overall cost. Read our guide on getting cheap insurance for young drivers if this applies to you.

Always compare multi car insurance quotes against the cost of taking out individual policies for your vehicles to check you’re getting the best deal.

Multi vehicle insurance policies can cut insurance costs for many households with more than one car. This includes:

  • Families living together

  • Couples either living together or at different addresses 

  • Friends living together with more than one car

  • Immediate families with cars at different addresses (for example older children living away from their parents or at university)

A number of car insurance providers offer multi car insurance, including:

  • Admiral

  • Aviva

  • Churchill

  • Direct Line

  • LV= 

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