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Multi car insurance policies explained

If you have more than one car in your household, you could find it cheaper and less hassle to cover them with a multi car insurance policy. Read on to find out all you need to know.

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Several car insurance providers offer discounts when you place two or more cars under one insurance policy. As well as saving you money, this could also save time and stress as you will only have one renewal date a year.

How does a multi car insurance policy work?

Multi car insurance enables households to insure more than one car on the same insurance policy. You can usually cover up to a maximum of six cars. Even though the cars are insured on the same policy, they will all have their own level of cover. 

You can think of it as a family car insurance policy, where each additional vehicle on the policy earns a further multi car discount from the insurer. 

While some insurers will only cover cars registered to the same address, the best multi car insurance policies will also allow you to cover cars driven by your immediate family, even if they live elsewhere.

What if all cars have different renewal dates?

If you have multiple cars in your family or household, it’s likely their insurance policies will expire at different times. But some insurers will allow you to bring each car onto one multicar policy without having to cancel a current policy and pay a cancellation fee.

In most cases you can start your policy with one car but benefit from a multi -car discount straight away. Simply state the second car’s policy renewal date and it will automatically be brought on to the multi car policy when ready (just remember to tell the current insurer you don’t wish to renew your existing policy).

What happens to my no claims discount?

Claims on multi car insurance policies are usually dealt with similarly to single car insurance policies. 

All multi car policies are different so it’s important to check with your insurer, but the best multi car insurance policies will not penalise one driver if another makes a claim. 

This means that if, for example, your partner makes a claim on their car, your no claims bonus will not be affected. 

Is multi car insurance right for me?

Multi vehicle insurance policies can cut insurance costs for many households with more than one car. This includes:

  • families living together

  • couples either living together or at different addresses 

  • friends living together with more than one car

  • immediate families with cars at different addresses (for example older children living away from their parents or at university).

Is it always cheaper to put two cars on one policy?

Like with any insurance policy, one size does not fit all. While multi car insurance policies can offer significant discounts, it’s not always cheaper than insuring the cars separately with different providers.

This is because the cost of getting a car insured depends on a huge range of factors such as the age and experience of the driver and the cost and performance of the car. This could mean that one car is pushing up the overall cost of the quote when they could get a cheaper quote with another insurer separately.

For example, a 50-year-old woman with 30 years' driving experience and a clean licence is likely to qualify for a competitively priced insurance policy. However, her 18-year-old daughter will be considered a far higher risk for the insurer, consequently increasing the overall cost. Read our guide on getting cheap insurance for young drivers if this applies to you.

The type of car is also taken into consideration. If you have a high-performance car in one of the highest insurance groups, you might find that taking it to a separate insurer will be cheaper. For more information on this take a look at our guide on car insurance groups.

Despite this, many households with more than one car will find they can make significant savings with a multi car insurance policy. It’s best to check on a price comparison website like Uswitch for standard quotes for each car as well as getting a multi car insurance quote.

Can I insure two cars in my name?

Yes you can insure two or more cars in your name with a multi car insurance policy, but the cars must be registered in your name. 

Can I have two insurance policies on the same car? 

Yes you can, but this is not the same as multi car insurance and it won’t be of any benefit. 

Having two insurance policies on the same car usually occurs by accident, perhaps after buying a new insurance policy for your vehicle without realising your old policy had automatically renewed.

Doubling up on car insurance in this way can prove costly as you’ll be paying two lots of premiums. It can also prove challenging if you need to make a claim. 

Contribution clauses mean that both insurance providers would need to agree on how much each one would put towards your payout. If they are unable to agree, this will delay your claim. 

What’s more if you make a claim from two insurers, your car insurance quote is likely to jump significantly when you come to renew, and you are also likely to lose your no claims discount on both policies. 

Note that you cannot claim for a full payout from both insurers as you’ll be committing fraud.

Are there many multi car insurance providers? 

A number of car insurance providers offer multi car insurance, including:

  • Admiral

  • Aviva

  • Churchill

  • Direct Line

  • LV= 

What should I consider with multi car insurance comparison?

As always, it’s crucial that you consider all options and scan the small print before signing up to a policy.

Be aware you might not always save money with a multicar insurance policy, especially if one driver could get a better deal from a specialist provider. This may be the case if one of the policyholders is a young or inexperienced driver, their car has modifications, or they have a history of claims or driving offences.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that by bringing all of the cars’ renewal dates into line with one insurance provider, you may face a big bill at renewal time each year.

Like a standard car insurance policy, you need to inform your insurer if you change your car or if your circumstances change – for example if you get a new job, move house or receive a conviction for driving or other offences (and remember this goes for all drivers on a multi car policy).

How to get a multi car insurance quote

Before you run a quote for multi car insurance, make sure you have to hand the car registration and make and model of each vehicle, plus your insurance renewal dates. 

You’ll also need to provide details of each driver’s name and date of birth, as well as details of any claims they have made or driving convictions they have. 

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