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Vodafone deals and offers

  • Roaming at no extra cost in 50 destinations
  • 30-Day Network Guarantee
  • Free Now TV, Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile on select 4G deals
  • Highly rated coverage
Why choose Vodafone?

Consistently rated among the best carriers for coverage, Vodafone also offers a choice of free streaming services and inclusive roaming on all plans.

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Vodafone is consistently rated as one of the UK's best networks for coverage and speed. Here are some other benefits you can expect as a Vodafone customer.

  • Entertainment passes with Red Value bundles: Vodafone customers on a Red Value bundle can get a free pass for NOW TV Entertainment, Spotify Premium or the Sky Sports Mobile TV app for up to 24 months.
  • Free content transfer: Vodafone customers can pop into their local store and get all their contacts moved over. Customers on a Red or Red Value bundle can also get their photos, music and videos transferred too.
  • Free courtesy phone: If you have to send your phone away for repair, Vodafone will lend you a courtesy phone while yours is being fixed.


With Roam-Free, Vodafone customers can use their monthly allowance of calls, texts and data from 50 European countries at no extra cost.

To find out more, read our Vodafone international roaming FAQ.


Vodafone is famed for offering the widest network coverage in the UK and with its wide range of handsets and flexible tariffs, it has become one of the UK’s most popular mobile phone networks.

The company offers phones on 12 or 18 month contracts as well as pay as you go tariffs, making communication with your friends and family as easy as possible.

Thanks to its 33 partner networks, Vodafone's millions of customers enjoy competitive connectivity and keenly priced call and text message rates all over the world.

Customer Service

Vodafone customers can call customer support by dialling 191 from their handset. Alternatively, pay monthly customers can call 087 0070 0191 from any phone and pay as you go customers can reach the service on 087 0077 6655.

Customers can manage their account online and will benefit from free delivery of the latest handsets.

Vodafone's website has an array of useful information, such as tips on what to do if your phone is lost or stolen, a guide to billing, and instructions on how to get the best out of your phone.


Vodafone plans stand out for simplicity and competitively priced monthly allowances. They also feature some genuinely useful sweeteners and the option to upgade to a new phone mid-contract.

There are three plans to choose from. These are:

  • Essentials. These feature up to 500MB of data and 500 minutes per month, as well as unlimited texts.
  • Red Extra. Provide up to 40GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts.
  • Red Entertainment. These offer a maximum of 60GB of data. But their real 'sell' is the entertainment services they include.

As of March 12th 2017, all new and upgrading customers who sign up for any of these plans qualify for free roaming in 40 locations around the globe, with Vodafone's Roam Free plan. This means you can use your UK allowances overseas for no extra charge.

If you're going further afield, you can pay £5 per day and get inclusive roaming in 60 more locales.

Vodafone also offers an early upgrade scheme. Dubbed Flexi-upgrades, these plans offer you the chance to upgrade their phone after 6 months of their contract.

As with other similar schemes, this is possible because Flexi-upgrade is a split contract. This means the handset and monthly allowances are separate contracts and when you want to upgrade you can simply pay off the remainder of what you owe on the handset part of the contract and you're good to go.

Alternatively if you prefer, Flexi-upgrades also let you trade-in your existing handset to help offset some of the cost of upgrading.


Vodafone is renowned for the competitive coverage it provides and conducts ongoing work to expand its coverage area and improve the capacity of its networks every month.


Vodafone was responsible for making the UK’s first mobile phone call on January 1st 1985, marking the launch of the mobile industry. Its analogue network was the first to launch in the UK.

Since then it has stayed at the vanguard of UK telecommunications developing next generation technology as was borne out when in 2001 Vodafone made the world’s first 3G roaming call between Spain and Japan.

The company has 33 partner networks and 186.8 million proportionate customers across the globe.