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If you still use your landline, then it's likely you'll already have a broadband and home phone deal in place. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a home phone provider that doesn't also offer broadband services.

All the major providers on Uswitch offer deals that bundle these two services together, with over 99% coverage across the UK. So you'll likely have plenty of options to choose from if you're looking for a broadband and home phone deal.

Taking a few minutes to compare broadband speeds and monthly prices in your area could not only save you money, but you might even end up with a better service for a cheaper rate.

Why should I choose a broadband and phone deal?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a phone and broadband deal:

  • Do you use a landline to make and receive national or international calls?
  • Or do you just need an active phone line to use broadband and TV services?
  • Do you not use a landline, but the right broadband deal for you includes line rental?

If you’re still using a landline to make and receive calls, whether locally or internationally, a broadband and phone bundle could save you money, even if you only use it once a week to speak to the grandparents.

If your sole reason for having a landline is to connect to broadband and access digital TV, then it might be more cost-effective to compare Uswitch broadband and TV deals or broadband only deals if they’re available in your postcode.

How do phone and broadband deals work?

While landlines are being used less and less to make calls, they are often a requirement in order to access some of the most popular types of home broadband installed in your home. And whether you plan to use your home phone or not, you'll want to make sure you have the best home internet and landline deal for your budget and your needs.

Typically, the best broadband and phone deals will include a number of features such as free minutes, discounted international call rates, low monthly line rental fees or anytime calls.

What should I look for when I choose a landline service?

Is it worth it to still get a landline, and is a broadband and phone deal a good option for you?

Here’s a brief breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of phone & broadband deals.

Pros of broadband and home phone deals

They’re simple to set up

The most popular home broadband deals available in the UK actually require a phone line to work, because they use the same copper cables as your landline to get to your home.

So if you’re looking to choose one of the types of internet listed below, a broadband and landline deal would be very easy to set up. Plus, they’re sometimes the same price as their broadband-only alternatives.

Home broadband connections that require a phone line:

  • Superfast fibre-to-the-cabinet (average speeds between 30-70Mbps)
  • Copper ADSL (average speeds of 10Mbps)

These are the most common types of broadband connection in the UK at the moment, so it’ll be very easy to bundle a landline into these deals.

It’s worth noting, however, that ADSL speeds are much slower than you may require, especially if you live with two or more people. Superfast fibre will let you do a lot more with your internet for a very small price difference, or sometimes no price difference at all.

Superfast fibre and ADSL deals are by far the most widely-available connections you can get, so if they’re your only options, you can often enjoy additional home phone services without any extra admin or cost.

Bundling your bills is often cheaper

Most Uswitch broadband providers offer a number of services bundled into one single monthly bill.

So if you happen to be with separate broadband and home phone providers, a deal that encompasses both could end up being cheaper and easier to pay off.

Cons of broadband and home phone deals

You may not use your landline

The biggest downside to a broadband and home phone deal is that, for superfast fibre and copper ADSL deals, you’ll sometimes have to have one regardless of how often you use a landline.

This means that you’ll still have to cover the cost of line rental, even if you only use your mobile phone for calls. But the type of connection relies on a landline to work, so you may view it as money spent on a service you never use.

Some providers charge for landline services

Popular providers like BT and Sky, as well as full fibre prividers like Hyperoptic, offer their home phone services at an additional cost. This is unlike other providers like Plusnet, TalkTalk and NOW, whose cheapest options currently come with a landline service too.

So if you're looking to use your landline with your next broadband deal, you may have to pay extra for the privilege (although bundling it will still often be cheaper than paying for a separate service).

If you don't plan on using a landline, though, you can simply choose a broadband-only option with relevant providers for a cheaper monthly price.

Some of the cheapest broadband and phone deals don't include line rental, but will start charging it once you fall out of contract. So make sure to check your contract end date to avoid an expensive price hike.

Compare Uswitch broadband and phone deals

The best internet and landline deals are the ones that best suits your needs. So before you go in search of a new deal, here are a few things to consider.

  • While some deals may appear to be more expensive initially, they could save you money in the long run.
  • Make sure to check the total cost of your chosen contract by clicking the 'Price Details' button on each of our deals. You can find it right below the monthly price on every deal we display.
  • Remember to look out for additional charges such as set-up costs and line rental fees to get a good idea of what you might have to pay up front.
  • And finally, keep in mind any gift vouchers or bill credits when you’re searching. Don't go for a deal just because it has these features, but if you're certain the deal's right for you, make sure you don't miss out on them — they could knock a big chunk off the total cost of the contract.

Inclusive minutes per month

If you’re looking to spend hours chatting on the home phone, then look out for deals that include the most minutes. That way, you should get more for your money.

When free calls apply

Typically, free minutes are available during evenings and on weekends, but some providers include free minutes at any time of the day.

So make sure to look for deals that offer free minutes if you're planning to use your landline a lot.

How long are calls free for?

Be sure to read your provider's terms & conditions to see when your free minutes are applicable — are they for the first ten minutes of a call or the first hour?

Also make sure you know when to hang up to avoid getting overcharged.

Cost of other calls

Do you use your landline to call mobiles or make international calls? If so, it’s important to check if these types of calls are included in your minutes. If they aren’t, what are the costs?

If you're likely to call mobile phones or speak to people in other countries, you might want to avoid deals that charge extra for these services.

Length of the contract

Typically, the longer the commitment, the lower the monthly fee. So if you’re not averse to a 24-month contract, you could end up saving a fair amount on your monthly bill.

Which is the best phone and broadband provider in my area?

Most UK internet providers offer some form of broadband and phone bundle, and each of them will have different benefits depending on your household’s needs.

There's no single 'best provider' in the UK, because that depends on what is best for you — a cheaper but slower provider would be better for somoen than a faster but mor expensive one, for example.

Here are some of the most popular UK broadband and phone package providers:

  • BT broadband and landline deals are a great option for anyone looking to save money on calls. BT’s superfast fibre broadband and home phone bundles, as well as its ADSL broadband deals, have the option to add TV services to your package too.

  • TalkTalk broadband and phone deals feature inclusive UK and international calls, with optional "boosts" or add-ons available to customers wishing to customise their package.

  • Virgin Media phone and broadband deals include free evening and weekend calls on certain packages. Virgin Media also has some of the fastest broadband speeds widely available across the UK, so you will get a lot out of its home phone & broadband bundles.

  • Sky broadband and phone deals offer a range of landline call packages in addition to its suite of unmissable TV bundles.

  • EE home phone and broadband deals offer cheap and free calls, plus the chance to bundle your home broadband with a superfast 4G or 5G mobile phone connection.

Which is the best broadband and phone provider for me?

The best provider for you is the one that offers everything you need for the most reasonable price.

You could opt for an ultrafast, all-in service with lots of premium features, but if you only end up using half of them, it wouldn't really be worth the money. Similarly, you could go for the cheapest deal that you find, but if it's so cheap that it can't cope with the demands of your household, you might end up spending more on upgrades anyway.

Essentially, you should pick the deal that just offers what you want, for a price that suits your budget best.

Can I get a broadband and home phone package?

Yes. Many broadband providers offer the option of including home phone services in your deal as part of a single package. Most of these will use an existing Openreach line so won't require you to change your number.

What benefits do I get with a broadband and phone deal?

A landline is often a requirement for many home broadband deals, especially if want to include additional services like digital TV.

Therefore, it's often cheaper to get a combined broadband and phone deal, even if you only use it rarely. A package deal will usually be much cheaper than having a separate contract — and it's one less bill to worry about.

How does a broadband and home phone package work?

A typical home phone and broadband deal may offer you features such as line rental, free evening and weekend calls and discounted peak-time or international calls in one simple package, either as pay-per-minute or on an unlimited basis, depending on the deal.

How to change phone and broadband provider

Broadband and phone comparison sites like Uswitch help you compare a range of deals across the market to find the right service for your needs.

Just put your postcode and address into our home phone and broadband checker, and we'll show you all the deals that are available in your local area. They'll likely differ quite a lot in speed, contract length and price, so make sure you know what you need before you choose one.

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