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O2 mobile phone deals and contracts

  • Uswitch Awards Best Network for Roaming 2024
  • Perks at O2 venues
  • Priority ticket booking for O2 venues
  • Inclusive EU roaming

Why choose O2?

Uswitch Awards Best Network for Roaming 2024

Perks at O2 venues

Enjoy O2 perks using Priority Moments. Get access to everything from free coffee and sausage rolls to discounts at top attractions and competitions to win holidays and experiences.

Priority ticket booking for O2 venues

Get exclusive and priority access tickets to gigs 48 hours early as an O2 customer. You can also enjoy perks at O2 venues, including fast-track entry and access to exclusive bars.

Inclusive EU roaming

O2 customers can use their texts, calls and data allowance for no extra charge in a range of European and a small number of non-EU locations, in what O2 dubs, 'Europe Zone'.

For customers looking to travel outside the Europe Zone, there is an O2 Travel Bolt On available in selected destinations that gives you unlimited calls, texts and internet data for £6 per day.

O2 Travel Pay As You Go is also on offer for £1.99 per day in locations like Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Monaco and Switzerland.

Even better, O2 customers who are also on Virgin Media can enjoy roaming in 75 destinations at no extra cost, with O2 Travel Inclusive Zone. These destinations include the US, Canada and Australia.

How do you get a new phone from O2?

Getting a new O2 phone deal is easy. If you’re not currently on a contract, then it’s as simple as selecting the package you want, entering your details, and signing up for the payment plan. You’ll then be sent your new phone and SIM and be good to go!

If you’re currently with another network and are approaching the end of your deal, or out of contract but with a network, just use text to switch to inform your network you’ll be leaving, you’ll then be sent your PAC code which is what O2 will need to switch you over to their network.

Latest O2 mobile phone deals

Looking for the latest O2 mobile phone deals? You’ve come to the right place. Check out O2 deals on the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and more:

What type of phone plans are available?

O2 offers all the main mobile phone plans: pay monthly contracts with the latest smartphones, SIM only deals, and even pay-as-you-go. Data packages will range from low GB deals up to unlimited data. You can expect to get unlimited calls and texts too.

What contract lengths are available?

You can sign up for an 02 pay monthly plan on a range of contract lengths, but generally the best mobile phone deals will be for 24 months or 36 months. You may also be able to get a 12-month deal.

Are there any upfront costs or set-up fees?

There aren’t any setup fees associated with getting a pay monthly plan. But depending on the deal you get, you may have to pay an upfront fee. The latest (and most expensive) smartphones, like the iPhone 14, will usually include a one-off payment when you sign up for the deal. But there are plenty of offers with zero upfront cost too.

Are there any additional fees or charges?

You may have to pay additional fees or charges when you’re abroad depending on your tariff and your usage. The best thing to do is check O2’s roaming usage policy.

How to find the best O2 phone deal for me

Finding the best O2 deal for you will come down to a few factors. You need to know which phone you want, the length of the contract, how much you’re looking to pay, and how much data you’ll need.

Once you’ve established these details, you’ll be able to compare deals to find the most suitable package from O2’s range.

Coverage area

O2’s network offers 97% 4G population coverage across the UK to all its customers as well as 5G in a growing number of locations. So whether you’re on a monthly phone contract or a pay as you go SIM only deal, you’ll receive the same level of coverage.

Customer service

All calls made to O2’s customer service helpline are free when made from a pay monthly handset. This is applicable both in the UK and abroad.

The service is open between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and from 9am and 6pm at weekends. You can reach them by ringing 202 from your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can ring from a landline on 0344 8090202. Calls are charged at standard network rates.

If you purchased your mobile through, the company’s customer service department can be reached on 087 0600 3009 or by calling 202 from your handset.

O2 customers benefit from free delivery on the latest handsets, the company’s O2 Reward Club scheme as well as exclusive invitations to O2 events. Visitors to the company’s entertainment-outpost the O2 arena can even access exclusive content when they are there.

The O2 website is home to a range of how-to guides to help you to deal with everything from getting the most out of O2 services, setting up your mobile phone, billing and procedures for when your mobile phone is lost or stolen.


O2’s range of benefits include:

  • O2 Priority offers and discounts: The O2 Priority app is one of the best rewards apps around, offering promotions and discounts for a range of high-street stores, restaurants and events.
  • O2 Priority presale tickets: O2 customers can buy tickets for events at any O2 venue 48 hours before the tickets go on general sale.
  • Perks at O2 venues and Twickenham Stadium: O2 customers get a lot of perks at O2 venues, such as priority queueing, access to select lounge rooms and free cloakrooms and money off food and drinks.
  • O2 Rewards: As an extra reward for its pay as you go customers, O2 gives you up to 10% of your top-ups back every three months.
  • Inclusive EU roaming: Unlike most other networks. O2 has not reintroduced roaming charges within the EU. This means that O2 customers can use their allowance of calls, texts and data for no extra charge when travelling in the EU.


O2’s 4G network has an average connection speed of 17.1Mbps, and its 5G averages at 100.6Mbps. That's according to a network speed survey published by OpenSignal (April 2022).

Wi-Fi calling

O2 allows customers to make calls over Wi-Fi. So it's possible to continue to make calls when there's no mobile reception, or in areas where signal strength is weak.

Mobile app

Available for iPhone and Android, the free-to-download MyO2 app allows you to manage your bills and add data if you run out. You can also check call charges with itemised billing.

O2 Refresh

Like similar schemes from rival networks, O2 Refresh is a programme that lets customers upgrade to a new phone at any time.

It does this by decoupling the cost of the phone from the cost of your allowances. So you've effectively got two contracts running concurrently: a device plan and an airtime plan. If you want to upgrade, you trade-in your existing phone and pay off whatever remains.

Want to know more? Here's everything you need to know about O2 Refresh.

Moving to O2 and want to keep your phone number from another network?

You can keep your mobile number and transfer it to O2 pretty easily. All you need is your PAC code from your current network. The only thing you need to do is text PAC to 65075, you’ll then be sent your PAC code without even having to phone your network! Then just give O2 your PAC code and they’ll be able to switch your current phone number over to your new phone.

Other networks

O2 not right for you? There are many UK networks with a range of products available. No matter your budget, data requirements, or handset preference, you’ll be able to find the ideal package:


Is the phone unlocked?

Most O2 smartphones are now included with a pay monthly contract unlocked.

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes, but you can often sign the contract electronically, so you won’t need to go into a store and physically sign the contract with a pen.

What is the return/refund policy on O2 handset deals?

If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can cancel an O2 pay monthly deal within 30 days of signing up.

Does O2 only do 36 month contracts?

No, O2 offers a range of contract lengths from 12-36 months. You can even choose to customise your contract and get an even shorter length term.

Is O2 connected with Virgin Media?

Yes, Virgin Media and O2 merged in June 2021. However, O2 still operates as a separate brand and offers the same perks and benefits as usual.

Data rollover

O2 pay as you go customers can roll over any unused data at the end of the month. It is capped at two months’ worth of data though, so you can’t stockpile an endless trove of data.

By way of example, if you’re on a 5GB monthly plan, the most you can roll over would be 10GB.


O2 offers Pay Monthly, Pay As You Talk and SIM only price plans.

The Pay Monthly plans feature a range of options for combinations of calls and minutes, and the deals run over 18 and 24 month contracts.

Starting at £14 on a 24 month contract, or £29 on a 12 month contract at Uswitch, you can choose from a range of options when selecting a Pay Monthly plan from O2.

Pay As You Go call charges start at 35p per minute and 12p per text, but bolt-ons are available with every top up, so with a top up of £7.50 you can receive unlimited texts, and for £10 you can receive 500 minutes of standard calls.

The SIMplicity package starts at £3 per month, and offers customers a SIM only deal with a number of text, call and data bolt-ons available.

Wi-Fi calling

O2 allows customers to make calls over Wi-Fi. So it's possible to continue to make calls when there's no mobile reception, or in areas where signal strength is weak.

Tethering policy

O2 allows Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go customers to use their phones as a portable hotspot to get online on laptops, tablets and any other wireless-enabled devices.

But if you're an iPhone owner and a pay as you go customer, you may need to update your software.

Naturally, tethering your phone to other gadgets can eat into your data allowance pretty quickly. So it's best to use it sparingly, unless you've got a large data allowance and a lot of it usually goes unused.