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OVO Energy supplier information

OVO Energy supplier information

OVO Energy 2020 customer rating

In Uswitch's latest customer survey of 17,000 UK households, OVO Energy scored five stars out of five.

For the 2020 Uswitch Energy Awards, OVO reviews were collected in 15 categories, with the supplier scoring an 89% Overall Customer Satisfaction rating.

OVO was also rated the best energy supplier in the Best Rewards, Best Account Management, Best Smart Meter Experience, Best Meter Reading Services and Best Billing Services categories.

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OVO Energy is one of the biggest independent energy suppliers in the UK, focusing on providing renewable energy to customers across the UK.

About OVO Energy

A million-strong collective enjoys OVO's friendly service and fair prices, as well as access to renewable electricity and smart home products that help them to save energy — and lighten their carbon footprints.

From smart meters to clever electric vehicle chargers, OVO offers its members the green energy and tools they need for their journey to zero-carbon.

OVO Energy prices and tariffs

OVO Energy's plans focus on fair pricing and helping members understand their carbon footprint. The OVO Beyond upgrade can be added to any plan, offering 100% renewable electricity, 100% carbon-neutral gas plus energy-saving and bill-cutting tech.

This is available on all plans after you sign up.

OVO Energy also offers home energy plans for owners of electric vehicles, priced so that they can charge their vehicles at home without breaking the bank. Other products offered by OVO include smart meters, smart storage heaters and free smart electric vehicle chargers.

You can take a look at all the OVO energy tariffs currently available through Uswitch below.

OVO Energy available energy plans

These are the OVO Energy tariffs currently available on Uswitch:

Supplier Plan name Tariff type Price
OVO Energy 2 Year Fixed Energy Fixed for 24 months £999 Compare now
OVO Energy Better Energy Fixed for 12 months £970 Compare now
OVO Energy Better Smart Fixed for 12 months £889 Compare now
OVO Energy Simpler Energy Variable £1041 Compare now

This information is updated hourly with energy plans which are available to switch to through Uswitch. To appear in this table, plans must be available in at least 7 of the 14 regions.

OVO Energy price changes 2020

All energy suppliers in the UK are subject to Ofgem's energy price cap, which sets the maximum rate a supplier can charge for its standard variable or default tariff.

In October 2020, a new price cap rate of £1,042 came into effect. In line with this, OVO energy prices were reduced by 7% on the supplier's Simpler Energy tariff. This translated to an average £83 price drop for customers on this plan.

Previous changes to OVO Energy prices

In August 2019, OVO reduced the cost of its standard variable tariff by around £75 in line with Ofgem's new price cap rate.

Prior to this, OVO Energy matched Ofgem's price cap increase by raising prices on its standard variable tariff by £117, to come into effect 1 April 2019.

In September 2018, OVO Energy announced it would be increasing energy prices for variable rates tariffs, as well as removing discounts for online account management.

The gas and electricity supplier stated that due to a 15% rise in wholesale energy costs. The rise would take effect 17 October 2018.

OVO Energy gas and electricity

OVO Energy supplies both gas and electricity tariffs to customers throughout the UK. Customers can choose between dual fuel, gas-only or electricity-only OVO tariffs, meaning that there’s something for everyone regardless of their requirements.

OVO Energy renewable energy

Customers can upgrade their plan to OVO Beyond for 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon-neutral gas, plus energy-saving and bill-cutting advice.

OVO's renewable electricity comes from sources like wind, solar and hydro backed by Renewable Energy Guaruantee of Origin certificates. For their Green Energy and OVO Beyond upgrades, OVO also offset any emissions released by producing and consuming the electricity used in your home (known as 'lifecycle' emissions).

OVO's carbon-neutral gas is made up from 15% biomethane backed by renewable certificates (Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin certificates). OVO then offset the rest of the carbon emissions from the production and consumption of the gas you use by supporting UN-led carbon-reduction projects.

The OVO Carbon Tracker

The Carbon Tracker helps you calculate your energy and transport emissions, and provides easy tips to help you take on the climate crisis.

It's a free inline tool available to all OVO members, designed using date from The Carbon Trust.

OVO asks members a series of questions, then estimates their carbon footprint (starting with home and transport emissions). They can see how their emissions compare to others in the UK and by learning all about their impact, can start their journey towards zero-carbon living.

OVO Energy and Economy Energy

In January 2019, Ofgem announced that OVO Energy would be the supplier of last resort for customers of Economy Energy, which had ceased trading earlier in the year.

OVO Energy was chosen after a competitive process was run by Ofgem to ensure the new supplier would provide a competitive tariff and honour existing credit balances and Warm Home Discount payments of Economy Energy customers.

Run an energy comparison and beat the price cap

Make sure you're not overpaying for your energy and switch to a fixed deal now. Enter your postcode below to get started.

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