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BT broadband deals

  • New customers get 12 months discounted broadband when purchasing online
  • Store files, photos & entertainment with up to 500GB secure cloud storage
  • Free BT Home Hub or Smart Hub with super reliable wifi

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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

The deals available at your postcode are subject to local availability. The provider will confirm availability for your line.

We aim to take the strain out of broadband comparison. Good broadband deals aren't just about the price, it's also about what's included in the product, the speeds offered and any extra incentives providers are offering. To balance all of these, we have developed a ranking formula that takes into account deals that are proving to be popular with our customers, that are competitive in the maket and have a smooth switching process.

If you prefer, you can sort deals by the average monthly cost, which is all of the costs - including any compulsory upfront costs such as router delivery or installation fee - divided by the length of the contract. Or you can sort by the total contract cost for all packages which let’s you see the total spend for the whole contract period

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up to 3 deals

up to 3 deals

up to 3 deals

About BT

BT is the UK’s largest broadband and landline provider. Alongside those services, BT offers TV and mobile phone in triple play (broadband, home phone and TV) and quad play broadband (broadband, home phone, TV and mobile phone) packages.

The company’s product range includes standard ADSL BT broadband packages, as well as its fibre broadband Infinity connection. In select areas, the latter provides a headline speed of up to 160Mbps.

BT has a long history in the telecoms market. Founded over 160 years ago as the ETC, BT was the first company outside the US to manage and transmit commercial telegraphs. This venture eventually led to amalgamation with the GPO (General Post Office).

After more than a century in the private sector, though, the communications industry was nationalised and split into post and telecommunications. And from the split, emerged British Telecom.

In 1982, the company was re-privatised and ten years later it was re-branded as BT. Today, BT serves 7.59 million broadband customers in the UK and operates in 170 countries.

BT's super-fast Infinity broadband service went live in 2010. And in 2013, BT became a broadcaster with the launch of BT Sport, which shows live Premier League football, as well as coverage of Aviva Premiership rugby and minority sports.

More recently, BT launched the BT Mobile mobile phone service, with a range of tariffs and 4G data.

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BT customer service

Calls to the BT broadband customer service helpline, which is open 24/7, are free from customers' landlines.

Alternatively, there’s BT's Tech Experts subscription service, which comes in two grades. One priced £8 per month and a more comprehensive package priced £10 per month.

The £10 product gives customers access to expert advice for all their gadgets and tech, including security and home networking. BT also provides a free annual PC health check worth £80.

For £8 per month, customers are entitled to assistance with their computer and get the same annual health check for free.

Subscribers can also access BT Broadband's online support page at This includes a ‘virtual assistant’ that provides answers to frequently asked questions for BT landlines, phone lines, new lines, BT deals, TV, BT internet & calls. These sit alongside video guides.

BT Broadband's ‘live’ page enables customers to track faults and provides progress reports and 24-hour, year-round telephone support.

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Free with all BT broadband deals, BT's Home Hub is a high-end router with wireless 'N' technology on board and is touted by BT as providing its "most reliable wireless signal ever".

Now on its fifth-generation, BT claims the Home Hub 5 uses half the power of an energy-efficient lightbulb. It also automatically changes to 'low power' mode when not in use and is optimised for BT's super-fast Infinity broadband service.

Supplied when customers sign up to BT internet packages that include TV, BT's YouView box enables TV customers to record, pause and rewind live TV and aggregates all pay-TV channels and on-demand services in one location.

The YouView+ set top boxes that come with the TV Essential and TV Entertainment have space to record 300 hours of TV in standard definition or 150 hours in HD.

BT TV customers who sign up for TV Starter deal get the same box with same capabilities. However, it does not have a hard drive, so cannot record programs.

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Software features

All BT packages come with email anti-virus, spam blocker, anti-spyware protection, pop-up blocker, online fraud prevention and parental controls.

Perhaps the biggest 'sell' for BT, though, is the BT Sport channel. This is free to all broadband customers and offers live coverage of the Premier League and other major sports.

Customers also get the BT Sport app, which enables them to set the set top box to record programs remotely using their smartphone.

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Email features

BT offers all customers free use of the BT Mail service and an email address ending in ''. This is a web-based email service, so can be checked anywhere in the world on any device.

All BT broadband accounts come with advanced email security, SpamGuard Plus for junk email protection, and advanced virus cleaning. BT Mail users also get 10 additional email addresses for family and friends.

In the event that BT customers choose to leave BT they can keep their BT email address active by signing up for BT Premium Mail.

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All BT broadband customers also qualify for free Cloud storage, enabling them to access their favourite files and photos remotely wherever they are, on mobile devices or on a laptop or desktop computer.

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