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Car insurance for drivers with drink driving convictions

Learn how to cut the cost of car insurance after a driving ban with our informative guide, and compare car insurance quotes from specialist providers.

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What is GAP Insurance & Is it worth it? - Get a Quote Online

When you buy a new car, gap insurance is an extra level of cover you may want to consider getting a quote for. But what is gap insurance, and is it worth it? Read to find out.

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5 steps to finding van insurance using Uswitch

Based on the details you provide, we'll get van insurance quotes from the UK's leading insurance providers and provide a list of van insurance policies.

Car insurance extras and add-ons explained

Do you know what extras you can add on to your car insurance policy and what they include? Our guide explains common add-ons and what they cover.

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Car Insurance for Personal Imports

Find out how to bring a car into the UK as a personal import, and the impact this will have on your car insurance costs.

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Bank Holiday driving tips

Avoid Bank Holiday gridlock with our guide. Find out how to prepare for a Bank Holiday getaway, from essential car checks to insurance when driving abroad.

Car insurance for grey imports

Car insurance for grey imports

Read our guide and find out how to get car insurance for a grey import. Learn more about imports and compare quotes from specialist insurers with Uswitch.

Driving in the UK on a non-UK licence

The car insurance jargon buster -

Don't be left confused by complicated terminology - read our car insurance jargon buster. From black boxes to underwriters, our guide simplifies key terms.

Car insurance for parallel imports

Car insurance for parallel imports

Read our guide to learn about car insurance costs for parallel imports. Find out how a parallel import differs from a grey import and compare quotes now. Screen reader support enabled.

Car insurance for drivers with speeding offences

Car insurance for drivers with speeding offences

Find out how a speeding offence could affect your car insurance costs, and compare quotes from specialist insurance providers with Uswitch.

Car MOT: How to check MOT history and get reminders

Keyless Car Theft - How to Prevent it?

Keyless start and entry systems are a common feature of modern cars. Savvy criminals have discovered how easy it can be to steal keyless cars.

Scraping the windshield

Dos and don’ts to keep your car safe in cold weather

Read our top five winter driving dos and don'ts to learn how to keep your car safe this winter, while avoiding crashes, breakdowns and insurance problems