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Car insurance guides

Feature image with the title 100+ UK young driver insurance statistics 2024 and a picture of a young driver

100+ Young Driver Insurance Statistics 2024 |

We’ve collated a page of over 100 statistics about young drivers, featuring stats on the many factors that determine average cost of insurance for new drivers.

Feature image with the title "UK van statistics 2024" and a picture of a man driving a van and the Uswitch logo

UK Van Statistics 2024 |

The latest UK van statistics for 2024, including a market overview, average van insurance cost figures, and van theft statistics across the UK.

Northern ireland

Car insurance in Northern Ireland - Uswitch

Northern Ireland car insurance may be expensive, but good deals are available for those who shop around. Find out how to get the best car insurance deals in Northern Ireland.

Feature image with the title 100 UK classic car insurance statistics for 2024 and a picture of a classic car

100 UK Classic Car Insurance Statistics for 2024 - Facts and Stats Report |

Which gender pays most for classic car insurance? We’ve collated 100 UK classic car insurance statistics in 2024, including market size and demographic stats.

Common Questions About Tyres Answered

Uswitch in collaboration with Kwik Fit answers the most common questions asked by customers in the UK about Tyres.

UK Temporary Car Insurance Statistics 2023

The latest UK temporary car insurance statistics for 2023, including a market overview, analysis of users, customer satisfaction, and much more.

The Ultimate Mechanic Jargon Buster For Confusing Car Terms

Find car terminology confusing? No worries. Uswitch x KwikFit has created a new car jargon tool, translating the most technical mechanical language into its simplest form.

An image showing a car on top of a stack of coins and the title "100+ UK car insurance statistics 2023".

100+ UK Car Insurance Statistics 2023

We’ve compiled more than 100 UK car insurance market statistics, average costs, and premiums. Click here to read more!

Electric vehicle charging station

Hybrid car insurance - Uswitch

There's an expansive range of hybrid cars available on the market. With such abundant choice, you can afford to take the cost of insurance cover into consideration when making your choice. We reveal what you need to know.

Car insurance for drivers with vandalism claims - Uswitch

Vandalism claims can affect the cost of your car insurance, but there are ways you can save. Read about vandalism claims in our guide and save with Uswitch.

Two toy cars involved in a car accident

Car insurance legal cover explained - Uswitch

Car insurance legal expenses cover is available as a feature or add-on for many insurance policies - but how can it cover you in the event of a claim?

Car insurance for drivers with medical conditions - Uswitch

If you develop a medical condition that has the potential to impair your driving ability, any insurance claims you make could become more complicated. Find out why here.

Monthly vs. annual car insurance payments - Uswitch

Our guide reveals the difference between paying for your car insurance annually and paying in monthly instalments. Find out which payment method is the cheapest here.

No claims bonus explained - Uswitch

A no-claims bonus can mean a big discount on your car insurance. Find out how a no claims bonus works and how you can protect it in the event of a claim.

Car insurance for disabled drivers - Uswitch

In this guide we explain what options are available to drivers with disabilities looking for a car insurance policy, and how to still get the best deal on cover.

Saving on car insurance with our top tips

20 tips to get cheaper car insurance - Uswitch

Read our guide and discover 20 ways to cut the cost of your car insurance, from choosing the right car to paying upfront for your insurance cover.

Car underneath an umbrella

What is the difference between third party and comprehensive car insurance? - Uswitch

You might assume that third party car insurance is cheaper than a fully comprehensive policy, but this isn't always the case. Find out what the difference between third party and comprehensive car insurance is here.

Police no-insurance seizure notice on a car's back window.

12 car insurance myths drivers really believe

Misconceptions regarding car insurance may seem trivial, but you may be paying more than needed for the type of coverage you require. We can maybe clear up some myths about auto insurance by setting the record straight.

Can I get a car insurance discount if I have a dash cam? - Uswitch

Find out how dash cams can save you money on your car insurance in our guide.

How does 4x4 car insurance work? - Uswitch

Do you need specialist 4x4 car insurance or are you covered by a standard car insurance policy? Our guide to 4x4 insurance could help you to save.

Car insurance for temporary imports - Uswitch

Find out everything you need to know about temporarily importing your car if you're visiting, working, or studying in the UK as a non-resident.

Will a non-fault accident affect my insurance? - Uswitch

If you've made a car insurance claim for an accident that wasn't your fault, your insurance costs could still go up. Find out how to prevent this.

Car insurance for over 50s

Pay-as-you-go car insurance - Uswitch

If you drive only a few miles during the year annual car insurance can seem unfairly expensive. Pay-by-the-mile car insurance can be a cheaper alternative.

Ship loaded with shipping containers

What is import car insurance? - Uswitch

Read our guide to find out about import car insurance, types of car imports and the costs of importing a car to the UK.

Speed awareness courses explained - Uswitch

Some drivers caught speeding can attend a speed awareness course, instead of receiving a fine and points on their licence - find out about speed awareness courses here.

Types of car insurance explained - Uswitch

Understand the different types of car insurance available (comprehensive, third party and TPFT) and find which car insurance policy is right for you.

Young couple in his car, happy to drive on a country road. Happy young women and young men in car

Adding a named driver: secondary car insurance - Uswitch

Are there any advantages to adding another driver to your car insurance policy? How easy is it? Could it help bring down the cost of your car insurance premiums? Find out in our guide.

What are the cheapest cars to insure in 2023 - Uswitch

The type of car you drive affects the cost of your car insurance. Find the cheapest car insurance groups and the cheapest cars to insure in 2023 here.

Car overturned, emergency services

How to make a car insurance claim - Uswitch

How do you make a car insurance claim if you have an accident? Find out how long you have to make the claim, what the process is and more here.

Adult and child playing with cars

Transferring insurance from one car to another - Uswitch

Looking to replace your car, but not sure how to insure the new one? Learn how to transfer existing insurance from one car to another or see if you could save by switching.

Police officer writing a ticket or issuing a fine to a male car driver

Is my car insured? How to run a car insurance check - Uswitch

Is your car insured? Driving without a valid car insurance policy is illegal. Find out how to check your insurance to see if you're insured to drive.

Am I insured to drive someone else's car? - Uswitch

Before you borrow a friend's of relative's car, do you know whether you're insured? Even if you have your own comprehensive car insurance policy, you may not be covered to drive another vehicle.

M1 motorway in UK with blue sky at sunny day

Car insurance for foreign drivers in the UK - Uswitch

Find out how you can drive in the UK if you have a non-UK licence, what car insurance international drivers need before getting behind the wheel and how to lower costs.

Motorway cars

How does your job title affect your car insurance? - Uswitch

Which are the best, cheapest and most expensive occupations for car insurance? Find out what effect your job title has on your car insurance costs.

Old rusty car

Car Scrappage Schemes in the UK -

Car manufacturers often have car scrappage offers - a type of trade-in deal where you get money off a new vehicle. How do scrappage schemes work?

How to check your MOT history and get reminders

An MOT is your car's annual health check. But who needs one and how do you find out when yours is due? Set up a reminder with Uswitch.

10 common car insurance myths busted

10 common car insurance myths busted

Find out the truth behind 10 common car insurance myths, and ensure you're fully covered without overpaying for your policy.

Temporary van insurance

Temporary van insurance offers comprehensive cover without putting the van owner's no claims bonus at risk. Find out more with Uswitch's guide to temporary van insurance.

Couple in a car driving into sunset on holiday abroad

Driving abroad - what you need to know | Uswitch

There's more to driving abroad than keeping to the other side of the road - find out about the local rules and customs when driving on holiday.

Car MOT: How to check MOT history and get reminders

Where to park for cheaper car insurance?

Can you lower your car insurance premiums by parking your car in a garage or on a driveway? Find out how your parking space affects your insurance costs.

Comprehensive car insurance

No deposit car insurance: is there such a thing?

Finding money for car insurance cover can be difficult, which is why no deposit car insurance is in high demand. But does this type of policy even exist?


Revealed: How much it costs to learn to drive in these 11 countries

Uswitch have put together a roundup of how much it costs to obtain a driving licence in 11 different countries around the world and how much it compares to learning how to drive in the UK.

Young girl driving red car

How to apply for a UK provisional licence

Getting your provisional licence is the first step to learning to drive. Find out how to apply for a provisional driving licence and how much it costs.

Two cars and money

Car Insurance Excess Explained | Voluntary and Compulsory

Everything you need to know about car insurance excess. What are the differences between voluntary and compulsory excess, and which is right for you.

Boy in toy car

How much are driving lessons? | Driving Lesson Cost

Find out exactly how much it costs to learn to drive - we look at driving lessons, tests, and getting a licence.

Temporary Learner Driver Insurance

Want to practice driving in your parents' car? Read about temporary learner insurance as an alternative to insuring a provisional driver as a named driver.

What is ghost broking?

What is ghost broking?

So-called β€˜ghost broker’ target drivers looking to get a good deal, and sell them fake or invalid insurance policies that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Find out how to avoid them here.

EU driving

Driving in the EU – what you need to know

The rules around driving in the EU have changed for UK residents. Find out what you need to know with our handy guide – including whether your insurance is valid

Car accident

What to do if you're involved in a car accident

Car insurance experts at Uswitch have put together a checklist on what to do if you’re involved in an accident and essential car safety tips to help drivers stay safe on the road.

British notes and coins

Car tax refunds explained

If you tell DVLA you’ve sold your car, you are entitled to a Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) road tax refund. It’s easy to do but you may not get back as much as you hoped. Find out how to reclaim your car tax.

Header for blue badge offences campaign

Blue Badge Offences

Where in the UK has the most blue badge related parking offences?

Car credit - how a good credit score can help you in buying your dream car

How a good credit score can help you in buying your dream car

Uswitch have found out how your credit score could potentially impact your ability to opt for a car finance loan - and vice versa. Personal finance expert James Andrews offers advice.

The Most Popular UK Road Trips, According To Google

The Most Popular UK Road Trips, According To Google

Your 2020 summer abroad not quite go to plan? Same. Here's where the UK is road tripping to instead, according to destination searches on Google

Fox in front running in front of car at night.

The Uswitch Roadkill Report

Roadkill is a major problem, one which many Brits are unaware of. To try and raise awareness of the issue, and to help drivers avoid harming animals when they’re on the roads, we’ve created the Uswitch Roadkill Report.

Car part ; Close up detail of a custom racing carbon fiber spoiler on the rear of a modern car

How car modifications affect insurance

Car modifications can improve the look, performance and safety of your car, but they can also impact insurance premiums.

How Does Black Box and Telematics Insurance Work?

Is a black box device right for you? Learn about how black box devices work and policy types that could help you to save on your car insurance.

Electric vehicle being charged

Will an electric car increase the cost of my car insurance?

Aside from reducing carbon emissions, there are a number of ways an electric car can save you money in the long run, Uswitch advises how to do so.

Parking in the UK

The UK's biggest residential parking wars, revealed

We reveal how many Brits know their rights to residential parking, and which cities are fuelled with rage.

Car insurance claims against uninsured drivers

Car insurance claims against uninsured drivers

Car insurance can be costly for people with previous claims against uninsured drivers. This guide explains how to prevent your insurance costs from rising.

How the surge in summer caravan sales could impact safety on the roads

How the surge in summer caravan sales could impact safety on the roads

With growing sales and rentals of caravans and motorhomes, Uswitch explored motorist road safety knowledge and how they feel about heading out on the open road.