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Sky Mobile SIM only deals

Not only one of the biggest names in TV, Sky also delivers excellent SIM-only deals for your mobile phone. Learn more about Sky Mobile here at Uswitch and pick a SIM only package to suit your needs.

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Author Ray Ali Last updated March 23rd 2023

How to find the best Sky SIM only deal for me? 

Price and data allowance are the two factors to consider when choosing a SIM-only deal from Sky Mobile, or any other network.

Think about how you'll likely use your Sky Mobile SIM only deal, and then find a package that matches your requirements. 

All of Sky Mobile’s SIM-only deals include unlimited calls and texts – so the data allowance is the main thing to consider. Do you need a lot of data? Or just a little bit of data? Either way Sky’s SIM only plans span the whole spectrum, you can go as low as 3GB or up to 30GB and beyond.

Is Sky Mobile a good network?

Sky is a household name, long famed for its TV offering. But did you know it also has some of the market’s most attractive SIM-only deals too?

It’s very affordable, with prices in line with the likes of Tesco Mobile, iD Mobile, and giffgaff. 

But you’ll also find some interesting perks and bonuses you don’t get with the bigger networks, like its data rollover benefit.

And since Sky Mobile runs on O2’s network, customers get reliable phone coverage throughout 99% of the UK, and a superfast 5G network.

Deals come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose the data allowance that suits you best. Unlimited texts and calls are always included as standard.

What SIM only deals does Sky Mobile offer?

Sky Mobile offers a range of SIM only deals to suit different needs. Here’s a look at the different ways you can get connected: 

  • Unlimited data

Want unrestricted access to all your favourite online services? Get an unlimited data deal to scroll, surf, and socialise as much as you want on your smartphone. 

  • 5G sim only deals

Get connected to superfast 5G with Sky Mobile. Enjoy blistering downloads and instantly-loading webpages, as well as smoother experiences on streaming and gaming. 

  • Cheap deals

Don’t need a lot of data? Get a cheap SIM only deal instead and cut down on your monthly bills.

Want a Sky Mobile phone contract instead?

Take a look at our best pay monthly deals from Sky Mobile today.

What length of contract is available?

You can find a selection of plans with Sky Mobile. Whether it’s a12-month SIM only deal or a 24-month package, or even rolling one-month deals, Sky has the  if you’re looking for something shorter term.

Do I need an unlocked phone to use a Sky Mobile SIM? 

Yes, you need an unlocked phone to go with your Sky Mobile SIM card. That’s because a handset locked to your previous network won’t work with your new Sky SIM card. 

The good news is, unlocking your phone is easy. Just reach out to your old network and ask them to unlock the device. Once that’s done your Sky Mobile SIM card will work right away.

What happens at the end of a Sky SIM only plan?

When your Sky Mobile SIM only plan finishes up,  it will simply continue on a monthly rolling basis. However, you can cancel it if you wish, switch to a new Sky deal, or even completely change your network.

Can I change my Sky contract to SIM only?

If your monthly contract has come to an end and you’re all paid up, you can reach out to the Sky customer support team and inform them you want to switch to SIM only. Sky will then provide you with new offers that could save you money.

Other networks

Sky Mobile not right for you? There are many UK networks with a range of products available. No matter your budget, data requirements, or handset preference, you’ll be able to find the ideal package: 


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