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Compare Lebara Mobile SIM only deals

Looking for a cheap Lebara SIM only deal? Compare no-contract deals with a range of data bundles to suit your needs.

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Author Ray Ali Last updated March 23rd 2023

Our best Lebara Mobile SIMs

Find our best Lebara Mobile SIM only deals and save money on a new price plan. Whether you’re interested in a small data package or something with a little more bang for your buck, you’re in the right place to compare prices. 

Why choose a Lebara SIM only deal? 

There many reasons to choose a SIM only deal with Lebara. Here are a few of our favourite benefits:

Why choose a Lebara SIM only deal?

  • Flexible price plans: Lebara’s SIM-only deals all work on a 30-day rolling basis, so there’s no long-term commitment or contract. .

  • International calls: Lebara phone plans all include international minutes to 41 countries for free.

  • Wallet-friendly prices: With deals as low as just £5 a month, Lebara offers a wide array of affordable plans to suit those on a budget.

  • Top coverage: Lebara’s Vodafone powered-network is reliable and delivers superb coverage around most UK locations. 

  • Free EU roaming: Lebara, unlike many other networks post-Brexit, provides inclusive EU roaming with its SIM Only plans.

Is Lebara Mobile a good network?

Lebara might be a smaller mobile network, but it stands up wit some attractive features that make it a solid alternative to wider-known brandes, 

Lebara wants to keep friends and families connected – even if you’re hundreds of miles apart in different countries. Lebara helps by including free international minutes with its SIM only deals, which makes it an important option for people with relatives overseas. 

Lebara is also a good network for people who require flexibility with their phone plan. All of Lebara’s deals are on a 30-day rolling basis, so you can cancel or switch your plan at any time. 

What network does Lebara use?

Lebara operates on Vodafone’s network, which means you’ll get great 3G and 4G coverage over 99% of the country. Lebara SIM cards are all ready for 5G too.

What should you look for in a Lebara SIM only contract?

The main factors to weigh up when you’re choosing a SIM deal are the cost, the data allowance, and the length of the deal.

The best thing to do is work out exactly how you use your mobile, and then find a deal that suits your usage levels.

If you don’t devour a lot of data, then a cheaper deal could be perfect for you. Lebara offers a range of cheaper options, and with no long term commitment either, the flexibility could appeal too.

Want to learn more about Lebara?

Check out our Lebara information page for more details.

Can I use my Lebara SIM abroad?

​​Yes, Lebara’s SIM cards all come with roaming pre-enabled, but the amount you’ll pay will come down to what part of the world you’re travelling to. 

You can venture into Europe and use calls, data and texts allowance for no extra cost. However, if you’re travelling outside of the EU, you’ll need to check before you go as different countries incur different charges.

What SIM only deals do Lebara offer?

Lebara offers a range of SIM only deals to suit different users. Let’s take a look at what you can choose from:

  • Unlimited data: Lebara offers SIM only deals with unlimited data included. You can currently sign up to an unlimited data package for £24.95.

  • 5G: All of Lebara’s SIM only deals come 5G-ready. So as long as you have a 5G-enabled mobile phone and live in a 5G switched on location, you can get connected with a Lebara deal. 

  • 12-month: Lebara doesn’t offer long term deals, all its plans are simply rolling 30-day contracts. So, you can’t sign up for a 12-month deal. Of course, you can just keep using your deal for as long as you like instead.

How to activate your Lebara SIM

When you get your Lebara SIM card, all you need to do is put it in your smartphone and start using it, it will come ready to go, you don’t need to do anything specific to activate it. 

Can I keep my mobile phone number if I switch to a Lebara SIM-only deal?

Yes, you can keep using your current phone number with your new SIM deal. All you need is your PAC code which you can easily get from your current network.

What happens at the end of a Lebara SIM only contract?

When your Lebara deal reaches the end of the 30-day period, it will simply keep going until you decide to end it.

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