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Uswitch breaks down cost of watching Premier League as fixtures are announced

Written by Dani Warner, Marketing Content Editor, Broadband and TV

13 June 2019

Following the announcement of the upcoming season’s Premier League fixtures Dani Warner, TV expert at Uswitch.com, says: “Following one of the most gripping seasons in recent memory, football fans will be eagerly awaiting the new Premier League campaign after the fixtures were announced today.

“Their excitement may be tempered, however, by having to figure out the best, and cheapest, way to watch the matches, with many fans having to find hundreds of pounds to catch all the action.

“The previous split between Sky Sports and BT Sport was difficult enough for many fans but the 2019-20 season has a new player in the game in the shape of Amazon Prime, which will show 20 matches over two rounds of fixtures.

“All of its games are conveniently confined to December, meaning that non-Prime subscribers could simply sign up for one month at a cost of £7.99.

“With Sky Sports hosting the vast majority of games, accessing its football channels will be a priority, and loyal football fans will likely see an advantage in signing up to Sky on a long-term deal.

“Adding BT Sport will be a costly add on of £29.99 a month, on top of the current best Sky Sports subscription, which includes broadband, of £67.50. Over nine months, and including Amazon Prime in December, the whole season comes to £885.40.

“BT customers can do similarly, adding Sky Sports channels to their package, with prices starting at £30 a month on top of a cheapest BT subscription of £44.99 – bringing the potential total spend over the season to £682.90.

“These are pricey options, though it is worth noting that BT is the exclusive home of Champions League football.

“For casual fans, however, NOW TV’s range of Sky Sports passes – daily, weekly or monthly – may prove better value, with prices starting at just £8.99.

“A monthly NOW TV pass at £33.99 can be combined with a subscription to BT Sport’s app for just £10 a month, which, with a month of Amazon Prime, would reduce the total spend for the season to £373.90. This may prove the best possible value for fans who want to see all of the action without breaking the bank.”


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Notes to editors

Breakdown of costs

Sky subscribers

£67.50 a month (https://www.uswitch.com/tv/compare/sky_sports_packages/) plus £29.99 BT Sport add on = £877.41 for nine months + £7.99 one month Prime = £885.40

BT subscribers

£44.99 a month (BT Sport + Essential + Broadband: https://www.bt.com/sport/tv/) plus 30 Sky Sports add on = £674.91 for nine months + £7.99 one month Prime = £682.90

Now TV monthly pass

NOW TV monthly pass - £33.99 9 months = £305.91 plus BT Sport app - £10 6 months (first three months free) = £60 plus Amazon Prime - £7.99 for one month = £373.90

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