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Turn your phone into a spy phone: Mobile apps to embrace your inner secret agent

  • Spy film fans can turn their mobile into a makeshift secret agent device by downloading a few clever apps 

  • Widgets include self-destructing message apps, tuxedo-testing tools, secure browsing and distress call applications

  • Read Uswitch.com’s guide which reveals how to keep your mobile phone secure

Spy film fans can turn their mobile phone into a true secret agent’s device by downloading several clever apps, according to Uswitch.com, the comparison and switching service.

The DIY advice from mobiles expert Nick Baker - Uswitch quartermaster - includes everything from tracking devices to tuxedo testing tools and even the ability to control your own car. 

Nick Baker’s DIY spy phone

  1. Encrypt your messages: Self-destructing messages for your phone are a reality. Wickr is a secret chat app, containing five layers of encryption. The device boasts untraceable messages, an ability to delete messages you have already sent, and an assurance that only recipients can decrypt it. WhatsApp has also recently introduced a similar feature. Price: free

  2. Surf securely: Making yourself difficult to trace is an essential skill for any spy. By using a VPN like Surfshark you can place your IP location in any one of over 63 different countries, using its 1,700 servers. A great way to stay hidden from enemy spy satellites. Price: £9.36 per annum

  3. Wipe your phone: If your cover is blown and you need to get rid of that data fast, the Android Device Manager app will allow you to erase all the data, photos and information from your phone remotely. The device connects with your Google account and can even show you where your phone is currently located, should enemy agents have stolen it. Price: free

  4. Control your car: You can’t actually drive your car with your phone (unless Tesla has already secretly invented it!), but you can start the engine, flash the lights, change the music and even charge your EV battery. Applications such as Hyundai’s Digital Key can do many of these things. Price: free with select vehicle deals

  5. FaceTime underwater: Naturally, most phones do not work underwater. But by connecting with the Apple Watch Series 6, you will be able to make calls (even FaceTime) up to 50m underwater. Perfect for those underwater battles. Price: From £379 for Apple Watch Series 6

  6. Select a tuxedo: For those special ‘shaken not stirred’ occasions, the Tuxedo Photo Frames Editor app allows you to switch different tuxedo outfits to suit your mood. Price: free

  7. Track your location/vital signs: There’s no need to inject a vital signs-monitoring device. The RoadID app can be installed on your mobile and will send an alert to your emergency contacts if you stop moving for more than five minutes. Price: free

  8. Go ‘all in’: If your latest mission involves winning a poker match at a high-class casino against mastermind criminals, you better get practising. The World Series of Poker app can help and provides free chips, so allows plenty of firepower for practice. Forewarning the app does have a play for money feature, so if gambling is not your vodka martini, we suggest avoiding the app. Price: free (plus cost of additional chips)

  9. Keep in good physical shape: Chasing parkour champions and tackling multiple attackers often requires good physical fitness. The Peleton app contains a range of physical fitness and strength training workouts to keep any international superspy in shape. Price: free for 30 days (then £12.99 per month)

  10. Send a distress message: The Red Panic Button app allows you to immediately send a distress message to everyone in your ‘panic’ contacts list. The message will include your location (via Google Maps). You can also contact emergency services and more via the application. Price: free

Nick Baker, telecoms expert at Uswitch.com comments: “If you are on a mission to embrace your inner spy, adding some new apps to your phone may be a good start. While many offer you the opportunity to keep your secrets undercover, several can protect you in other ways. 

“Spy films are a great reminder about how people use clever tricks to access our information. For most of us, scammers are out to get our personal data. Being prepared and having the best security software installed can mean the difference between being safe and falling victim to cybercriminals.” 

Even secret agents need to be careful with their mobile phones. That’s why Uswitch has prepared a guide on ‘How to keep your mobile phone secure’.


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Notes to editors:
The costs of the apps listed above are accurate as of 17.09.21. In some cases there may be other in-app purchases, or more premium versions available, however where listed, the initial application is free. 

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