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SSE energy price changes in 2020

SSE energy price changes in 2020

Read all about SSE's previous price changes and see how they could affect your bills in 2020.

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Latest SSE price change — 2020

In September 2020, SSE announced it would be reducing the average cost of its standard variable tariffs by 7% in line with Ofgem's revised energy price cap.

The average bill for customers on SSE's standard tariff will drop by £83 to an average of £1,042 per year - the maximum cost allowed under the new price cap rate. The price change will come into effect in October 2020.

In February 2020, SSE announced a 1% reduction in the cost of its standard variable tariff, also in line with a reduction in the price cap rate.

In August 2019, SSE announced a 6% price decrease for its two million standard variable tariff customers, also as a result of a decrease in the price cap level.

In February 2019 SSE announced a 10% price rise which came into effect on 1 April.

For more details on this supplier, including price history, customer satisfaction scores and where their average bill costs rank amongst the big six, view the SSE page.

Why did SSE lower its prices?

SSE announced the price drop days after Ofgem revealed that it would be decreasing the rate of the energy price cap.

The supplier followed most of the other big six suppliers in adjusting the average cost of its standard tariff to match the price cap level of £1,042. This is the maximum amount suppliers can charge per year for average usage on its standard variable or default tariff.

What should I do about the SSE price change?

While prices have fallen, this is likely to have a limited impact on your energy bills. SSE's latest price cut is set to take £83 off the average bill for customers on a standard variable tariff. At the time of the decrease, there were fixed energy deals more than £200 cheaper, available through energy comparison sites such as Uswitch.

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Which energy suppliers have changed their prices in 2020?

Although the new price cap rates don't come into effect until October, many suppliers have announced they will be dropping their prices to match the new cap level.

SSE was the last of the big six energy suppliers to reduce its prices when the new cap level was announced in August 2020.

You can read about previous price changes from the rest of the big six below:

Will SSE change its energy prices again in 2020?

The energy price cap is reviewed twice a year, in February and August (to come into force in April and October). Because SSE has priced its standard tariffs to match the cap rate as of October, their prices are unlikely to change again until the cap is reviewed again in early 2021.

More than half of British households are currently on standard variable rate tariffs. These rates are usually the most expensive energy plans out there. By switching to a fixed rate deal, customers could be saving hundreds of pounds on their annual bill.

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