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Uswitch comments on the Apple launch event

Ru Bhikha, mobiles expert at Uswitch.com, comments: “The evolution of mainstream smartphones has hit a plateau in recent years, with every premium handset boasting a pin-sharp full-screen display, wireless charging, and more cameras than the Met Gala’s red carpet.

“Folding handsets are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, but it is getting harder for manufacturers to make their most popular devices stand out, which made this Apple launch event intriguing to watch.

"Apple will be hoping that its hardware allows it to stand out, with the release of the A15 Bionic chip included in the iPhone 13 delivering better performance and allowing 15.8 trillion operations per second. The new chip also improves battery life, which is at the top of people’s wishlist for the new handset[1].

“With four variants of the iPhone revealed today, Apple is increasingly offering a handset to suit every user’s needs and, more importantly, their budgets.

“The reduced ‘selfie camera’ notch at the top of the screen is 20% smaller and makes the handset even more attractive to gamers and those who watch video content on their smartphone, as it enhances the viewing experience by creating a wider display. 50% faster graphics in the Pro version give this a real boost for users.

“Improved 3x optical zoom for video recording make the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera setup even more solid than the iPhone 12, which had an amateur level zoom with low quality detail. 

“The new macrophotography feature in the iPhone 13 Pro improves performance in the camera, and further improvements to low-light conditions allow you to take photos of the night sky, but it’s hard to see this being a star attraction for the average user.

“Some ten million consumers say they are planning to upgrade to the next generation of iPhone in the coming year[1]. By keeping its pricing the same, Apple will be hoping that these upgrades are enough to entice buyers to part with their money.

“The design changes are minimal on the iPhone and the same can be said for the new Apple Watch Series 7. 

“The faster charging will be welcome news for those who also use their watch for sleep tracking and find it difficult to find the time to charge it.

“While many of the health features have stayed the same, the wider display allows users to have a more enjoyable experience when using the apps on offer.

“Apple fans are notoriously loyal, but the big question is whether there is enough that’s new and exciting in this update to entice them to upgrade once again. Fans will expect Apple to take the next evolutionary leap forward, but what that looks like is yet to be determined.”



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