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Phone comparison table

What kind of smartphone user are you?

With so many different smartphones to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which handset is best for you. To give you a helping hand, we've ranked the best smartphones on the market in our phone comparison table. Already know what phone you want? Check out our SIM-only deals and our best contract phone deals.

Accident prone

If you often find yourself dropping your phone, you'll want a reliable smartphone made out of Gorilla Glass and Stainless Steel with a strong screen.

App fanatic

If you love to have an app for everything, go for a smartphone with plenty of storage space, the latest operating system and 5G connectivity.

Binge watcher

If you're happiest streaming the latest on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ then you'll want plenty of battery and a nice, big screen to watch it all on.

Business person

If you find yourself doing a lot of work on your smartphone we recommend a device with the best available operating system, Google app capability and a large screen.

Fitness tracker

If you love keeping fit, and take your smartphone with you to exercise, then you'll need a smartphone that keeps pace. We recommend a lightweight, durable and water resistant smartphone you can take on runs no matter the weather.

Mobile gamer

If you spend hours playing Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run and Pokemon Go a smartphone with great battery life, a decent size screen and the best operating system on offer will be the  mobile gaming setup you need to get all the high scores.

On a budget

If you'd rather spend your money on other things, we've got you covered. You'll want a great smartphone at an affordable price.

Over 65

If you or a loved one is over the age of 65, you might not need the latest smartphone but rather something that’s easy to use and comes at a reasonable price.

Photography lover

If you're passionate about photography then you'll want a smartphone with a high-spec camera array that takes detailed and varied photos. All our cameras have been scored by an independent third party expert.


If you're buying for your pre-teen, we know it's important to find a device that is affordable, small (for small hands), colourful and water resistant.

Small handed

If you struggle to comfortably hold bigger smartphones, we've picked out the smallest handsets on the market that don’t compromise on specs.


If you have a teenager to buy for, then, let us help you out. You'll want the coolest smartphone on the market for the most affordable price.

Visually impaired

If you are visually impaired, based on an independent third party expert, we've ranked the latest handsets from best to worst for visual impairment. Most smartphones have now introduced braille support and voice control options. However, to get accurate results most smartphones will require extra assistance to initially set up. Click visually impaired above to see our expert recommendations.

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Now that you know what kind of smartphone user you are, compare our SIM-only deals and our best contract phone deals to ensure you get the best mobile plan for your needs.

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Apple and Samsung are two of the biggest names, but there are many other excellent mobile phones to compare from brands like Oppo, OnePlus, Nokia, Honor, Huawei and Google Pixel.

Still not sure and would some more info? You can compare specs, prices, features and mobile phones in more depth with our detailed smartphone reviews

Expert smartphone commentary

Samsung Galaxy S21 series launch

Ru Bhikha, mobiles expert at Uswitch.com, comments: “After weeks of speculation on how the pandemic might affect this launch, Samsung has pulled a rabbit out of the hat and given fans three impressive devices at a range of prices.

“At £769, the standard S21 model with its 6.2-inch screen is cheaper than last year’s equivalent S20, reversing years of steadily increasing prices and acknowledging the strain on many consumers’ budgets. 

“The £949 S21+ has a 6.7-inch display, while the top-of-the-line S21 Ultra boasts a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen which is 25% brighter than the S20.

“The Ultra’s quad camera set-up includes a 108MP wide lens and two telephoto snappers in the latest bout of the continuing arms race between manufacturers for the crown of best picture-taker.

“Consumers can finally use the S Pen so beloved of Note-series fans, but the gadget can only be used with the Ultra model, which retails at £1,149. 

“Like the iPhone 12 there’s no charger in the box, and this looks like being a trend that we are likely to see more of this year as manufacturers brag of their environmental goals.

“The S range has always been popular with Android users, and the addition of the S Pen will only burnish the reputations of these devices.” 

Apple iPhone 12 launch

Ru Bhikha, mobiles expert at Uswitch.com, comments: “Apple named this launch event “Hi, Speed”, and that’s exactly what they’ve delivered. Not only have they introduced the new A14 Bionic chip but we finally welcome the anticipated arrival of 5G in an iPhone for the first time.

“Apple fans have been waiting to see this new iPhone for over a year, and their patience has been rewarded with a number of exciting new features.

“It’s commonplace to see three models unveiled at a smartphone launch, but Apple went one step further by revealing four variants of the iPhone 12 all of which come ready for 5G. 

“The new Ceramic Shield durability of the iPhone 12 series means it has the strongest screen of any smartphone, so there’s less risk of accidental damage.

“At a modest £699, the iPhone 12 Mini with its 5.4-inch display should prove popular for those who want a more compact 5G device at a lower price point. 

“The new wide-angle lens in the standard iPhone 12 gives a boost to the camera and allows Apple to continue boasting its claim of having the highest quality video of any smartphone. Night mode on the front facing selfie camera is a nice touch. 

“Meanwhile, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro and 6.7-inch Pro Max offer bigger, super retina displays and three rear cameras. The Pro Max goes even further with its camera improvements, including greater stabilisation. 

“The removal of the adapter and standard earphones which consumers have got used to receiving could polarise consumers, with some left disappointed and others pleased that Apple is taking steps to be more sustainable.

“Before this launch, 16% of consumers said they were planning to upgrade to a 5G smartphone in the next year. The industry will be hoping that this iPhone will spur thousands more people to make the leap to 5G.”


For our Handset League Table, we broke each smartphone into 12 phone specification categories. A score out of ten was awarded for each category and these results were used to determine a total score for each smartphone. Additionally, we further ranked each smartphone based on 13 smartphone user types. All prices shown are based on the starting price for the smallest storage capacity available. Storage capacity is ranked on the maximum storage capacity available.