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Uswitch comments on research revealing 45 million people targeted by scam calls and texts

Nick Baker, telecoms expert at Uswitch.com, comments: “Scam texts have exploded during lockdown. Millions of us have received messages claiming to be from the tax authorities, parcel delivery firms and even the NHS.

“Many of these messages are cleverly disguised, but clicking on the links can result in your data or even your money being stolen.

“The volume of nuisance calls on landlines has increased in the same period too - in fact one in five landline customers have told us they avoid answering their phone in case it’s a scammer[1].

“Surprisingly, more people told us they received suspicious calls on their landline than they did on their mobile phones[1].

“If you’re struggling with scam calls on your landline, make sure you have registered for the Telephone Preference Service, which should reduce the amount of sales and marketing calls you receive. If you suspect you’re being targeted by a scammer, hang up immediately.

“Never give out personal details on the phone unless you’re 100% confident that you’re talking to an official caller, and be just as suspicious of links in texts and emails.”

For more information about how to avoid nuisance calls on your mobile, read Uswitch’s guide here.

1, Uswitch.com: Is this the death of the landline?


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