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20 gadget stocking fillers for under £20

All the best Christmas stocking-stuffers and Secret Santa gifts for any gadget lover.
Christmas gadget stocking filler gift guide hero image

Stuck for a gift for the office round-robin of gift-giving? Want a little something extra to give alongside your nearest and dearest's 'main present'? Let our Secret Santa-friendly round-up of stocking-fillers lead the way.

All prices are correct at the time of writing.

1. House of Marley Smile Jamaica In-Ear Headphones £14.99

Marley headphones

Having a pair of earphones handy is always a good idea. Whether someone wants to listen to an audiobook on a morning run, or bop to their favourite track on the tube. Marley headphones not only look stylish but sound great too.

What’s more they even come with a microphone, so chatting with friends or connecting with a virtual assistant is always straightforward.

Buy these House of Marley headphones.

2. Mpow Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle Adapter, Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver £7.99

Bluetooth adaptor

In this tech savvy world, connectivity is all-important. This Bluetooth dongle allows your loved one to bring their computer into the Bluetooth age.

After the dongle is inserted and set up completed, they’ll be able to connect to Bluetooth enabled items like, phones, headphones, and speakers to the computer. The product can apparently cater for those running software as late as Vista and Windows XP.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to come up with a different gift idea for the Mac fan in your life as this is only for Windows users.

Buy the Bluetooth transmitter.

3. Sony SRS-XB01 Bluetooth speaker £19.99

Bluetooth Sony speaker

If your family fancies blasting the sound of the Pogues, Mariah Carey or Slade this Christmas, we’ve got you covered.

The Sony speaker is not only Bluetooth compatible, but it’s also water resistant. Meaning indoor or out, the speaker can follow wherever your festive spirit takes you. Just be sure not to wake the neighbours.

Buy the Sony Bluetooth speaker.

4 Star Trek: U.S.S Enterprise: Haynes Manual Hardcover £19.99

Star Trek book

This is the gift for the Trekkie in your life. From Captain Archer’s maiden voyage in the NX 01, to Captain Kirk’s legendary five year mission, to boldly going into the next generation with Captain Picard, this book chronicles the history and the inner workings of the ships bearing the name Enterprise.

According to Amazon’s description the manual includes “histories of each vessel, technical information about their systems, and discussions of key technologies such as transporters and warp-speed travel”.

The book also includes artwork so your loved one will be able to gaze upon Starfleet’s flagships in all their glory.

As a Klingon almost said, today is a good day to buy!

Buy the Star Trek: USS Enterprise manual.

5. PRAVETTE LED Lighted Beanie Hat £11.99

Light up beanie hat

If ever you’ve felt like lighting up someone’s life, rejoice for now you can do it… literally.

The hat comes with a LED light inside it. Whether a cyclist looking to get home or someone who needs to see the back of the dark boiler cupboard, they’ll now have a hat to brighten up their day.

Buy the light up beanie hat.

6. Spy Cameras Pen Hidden Mini Camera Spy Pen Video Recorder £14.99

Spy pen

Unleash the inner James Bond with this spy pen. Whether revealing friends’ guilty secrets or discreetly recording an important meeting, the pen’s video recording functionality makes it a nifty little addition to any stocking.

Buy the Spy Camera pen.

7. MACLY Smart Watch, 1.3" Touch Screen Smartwatch £13.99

MACLY smartwatch

For those looking to keep fit this festive season, a smartwatch might be just the thing.

The MACLY Smart Watch, monitor sleep patterns, heart rate, steps, and calorie counts. Making it that little bit easier to justify a slice of chocolate cake at the end of a hard day.

Buy the MACLY Smart Watch.

8. Lamborghini Aventador Official Licensed Remote Control Car £12.99

Lamborghini remote control car

Motorheads can finally fulfil the dream of driving their very own Lamborghini. Although maybe not in the way they first imagined.

This battery-powered Lamborghini remote control car means fun for the family. Whether racing the cat around the house or competing against friends and family, this gift is sure to put you on pole position this Christmas.

Buy the Lamborghini remote control car.

9. LETSCOM Wireless Charger £10.99

LETSCOM wireless charger

The charger is said to work with multiple phone types including iPhone 12 and Samsung S20. When it’s time to charge the phone, or other suitable devices, simply place it in the middle of the wireless charger and its job done.

Buy the LETSCOM wireless charger.

10. Mades Whoopee Cushion £2.49

Whoopee cushion

Okay, so a whoopee cushion isn’t exactly high-tech gadgetry, but who doesn’t love a cheap laugh or two?

Make your friends and family’s faces go bright red as you tease them with the oldest trick in the book.

It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Buy the whoopee cushion.

11. Mpow Running Armband £6.49

Running armband

Whether going for a gym workout, or a quick run, fitness enthusiasts still need to keep their smartphone close. That’s where the Mpow Running Armband comes in.

Designed for iPhone 11 series and certain Samsung models the band straps around a person’s arm ensuring the phone stays secure. It also has slots for earphones and house keys, ensuring that the important things stay safe, even while they work up a sweat.

Buy the running armband.

12. Travel Case Packed, EWA A106 Pro Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker £14.99

Wireless bluetooth speaker

Just because someone’s lounging about on a sunny beach, or taking a long indulgent shower that’s no excuse to be without their favourite tunes. That’s where this mini Bluetooth speaker can help.

The device can pair with Bluetooth enabled devices such as a mobile and is small enough to take wherever you go. It even comes with its own carry case to ensure it stays safe.

Buy the wireless mini Bluetooth speaker.

13. Bluetooth Hat and touchscreen gloves £11.99

Touchscreen gloves and speaker hat

Winter is now upon us and nobody wants to face the prospect of chilly fingers as they fiddle with their phone or try in vain to keep their earphones from being dislodged by their hat.

This set offers a beanie hat with Bluetooth speakers and what the company describes as “touchscreen gloves”. This means that your special someone can stay in contact with the world while remaining warm and cosy.

Buy the Bluetooth hat and touchscreen gloves.

14. Anker USB Plug Charger, PowerPort mini Dual Port USB Charger £9.99

Anker plug

This dual port USB charger is a practical little gift. We’ve all experienced the annoyance of having several power guzzling devices and not enough places to charge them.

The plug comes with two USB ports allowing a person to charge multiple items at the same time. Simple as that.

Buy the ANKER USB plug charger.

15. Kids Karaoke Machine and Disco Cube Speaker £16.99

Kids karaoke machine

Fancy playing out your dream as a popstar? Well now you and the kids can with this mini karaoke machine.

This karaoke machine for kids includes a microphone, speaker and disco style light. Just connect the machine device via Bluetooth or insert a UD card to sing along to your favourite tunes. Buy the Kids Karaoke Machine.

16. Lexibook Marvel Spiderman Peter Parker Stereo Headphone £12.94

Spiderman headphones

The young Marvel fans will love the Spiderman headphones. Not only can they listen to their favourite things, but they can do it sporting the style of everyone’s favourite neighbourhood web slinger. Buy the Marvel Spiderman headphones.

17. AM/FM hybrid portable radio

Hybrid radio

DBA radio may get all the hype these days, but don’t forget about the humble analogue radio. If you know someone who loves music, current affairs or sport, there is a wealth of stations waiting to be heard.

What makes this radio special is that it can be charged in three ways. It can be charged in direct sunlight, by winding an attached lever, or via USB.

If someone you love is planning a trip into the wilderness, but is fretting over missing the big game, then this gift will be music to their ears.

Buy the hybrid radio.

18. Dancing, singing Santa Claus £14.35

Dancing Santa

Add to the festivities with jolly old Saint Nick. This Father Christmas figure dances and sings to the classic Christmas tune Jingle Bells.

Make spirits bright with this all singing all dancing present.

Buy the Singing, Dancing Santa Claus.

19. Operation Pet Scan Board Game £19.99

Operation Petscan

It’s the family favourite game with a difference. Rather than the typical human patient under the tweezers, players instead become vets as they try to save Rex the dog from an uncomfortable day.

You’ll need a steady hand and a keen eye to beat the dreaded buzzer in this classic.

Buy Operation Pet Scan.

20. Digital Literacy For Dummies: £17.36

Digital for Dummies

Young or old, it’s never too late to learn something new about computing and the digital world at large. This book provides straightforward language on a range of computing subjects.

According to the Amazon description readers receive info “on computer basics, the Internet, the cloud…”

With the gifting of this book you can finally say goodbye to the days of exasperatedly telling your friends to turn it off and on again!

Buy Digital Literacy for Dummies.

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