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20 gadget stocking fillers for under £20

All the best Christmas stocking-stuffers and Secret Santa gifts for any gadget lover.
Christmas gadget stocking filler gift guide hero image

Stuck for a gift for the office round-robin of gift-giving? Want a little something extra to give alongside your nearest and dearest's 'main present'? Let our Secret Santa-friendly round-up of stocking-fillers lead the way.

All prices are correct at the time of writing.

1. Tamagotchi Bandai 20th Anniversary: £19.95


Yes, 20 years after Tamagotchis were all the rage, the popular virtual pet is making a comeback. And it’s still got the familiar rounded shape and comes in a range of candy colours, so it looks just as you’ll remember it.

As with the original, you’ll need to feed it, clean up after it and make sure it has enough sleep and exercise to ensure it grows up big and strong. So you might need to enlist your mum’s help once again to keep an eye on it while you’re at work.

Buy the Tamagotchi Bandai 20th Anniversary.

2. Sony MDRZX310 foldable headphones: £12


Synonymous with sound quality, Sony has long been considered the gold standard for audio tech. And right now you can get a pair of foldable Sony headphones for the bargain price of £12.99.

They’re super lightweight and easy to slip into your bag. And the sound quality is fantastic for the money.

Buy the Sony MDRZX310 Foldable Headphones.

3. Anti-theft tech backpack with USB charging and earphone port: £19.59


Think of this less as a common-or-garden backpack and more a Sport Billy-style utility bag. It’s got plenty of pockets for laptops, smartphones and tablets, as well as lockable sections, to keep them secure.

But it also makes room for a USB port and power pack for charging your pocket tech while you’re on the go.

Buy the anti-theft tech backpack.

4. Amazon Alexa smart lightbulb: £12.99

Amazon lightbulb

Make your home just that little bit smarter with an Amazon Alexa smart lightbulb. You can create beautiful light effects with 16 million colours. And every colour is dimmable. Switch light modes on the PlusMinus App, led Wi-Fi smart light dimmable bulbs can match different occasions including kitchen, living room, gym, door, table lamp, cafe, bar, party, makeup.

So whatever mood you want to create, you can.

Buy the Amazon Alexa lightbulb.

5. Super Roller Circuit for cats (Amazon price: £8.99)

Tap the ball with a paw and it lights up and moves around the track. Tap it again and it’ll move some more.

We can’t confirm the Super Roller Circuit captivates toddlers as much as the kittens it’s intended for, but we imagine it’ll be a hit with young humans too.

Buy the Super roller circuit for cats

6. Henweit Portable Pet selfie stick ball: £2.89


Ever wondered how some people manage to get such great shots of their dogs? Well, with a brightly coloured ball hovering just above the phone, it’s not hard to see why the camera appears to have the pooch’s undivided attention.

This selfie stick comes with a ball and an attachment to keep the toy in place while you take your photos. So you’re pretty much guaranteed to get perfect pet pictures every time.

Buy the Henweit Portable Pet Selfie Stick Ball.

7. Xiaomi Mi Band 2: £16.93


A much less expensive alternative to a FitBit, the Mi Band measures your heart rate, counts your steps and tells you how many calories you’ve burnt off. It also analyses your sleep to tell you the length of time you’ve slept for and how much deep sleep you’ve had.

Best of all, you can control and view all your stats in a really simple, easy-to-use app. If you’re looking for a stocking filler for someone who wants to go on a health kick in the New Year, this is the perfect present.

Buy the Xiaomi New Original Mi Band Band.

8. Smart body fat scale: £19.99


On the surface, this may seem like quite a boring present to hand over on Christmas Day, when everyone’s eating themselves into a stupor. But smart scales are all the rage at the moment. And it’s not hard to see why.

Smart scales not only tell you accurately how much you weigh, but they also tell you your body fat, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass and visceral fat. It logs it all on an app that you can download on your phone, so it’s really easy to track your weight loss.

Buy the smart body fat scale.

9. Duracell Powerbank 6700 mAh external battery pack: £17.99


Give the gift of life this Christmas. With the Duracell Powerbank, you can get hours of additional battery life when you’re out and about. Simply keep it charged up in your bag and use it whenever your phone is dying.

Buy the Duracell Powerbank 6700 mAh, Fast Charge External Battery Pack.

10. Elecstars touch sensor bedside lamp: £17.99

Elecstars table lamp

This all-in-one function LED table lamp, alarm clock and music player is an absolute bargain. You can change the lighting settings and even the colour to help you create whatever mood you want.

Buy the Elecstars touch sensor bedside lamp.

11. Self-stirring mug: £7.15


If the bold future we promised had come to pass we’d all have labour-saving robot butlers by now. Busying themselves with chores and attending to our whims, while we chillax with a steaming hot brew.

Alas, we’re still waiting for that future and, for now at least, we’re still hidebound by housework. But at least we have mugs that stir themselves. After a hard day at the coalface of ecommerce, every little helps.

Buy the self-stirring mug.

12. BOKEYU soundbar: £19.95

Bluetooth soundbar

This impressive soundbar is fantastic for the price. You can use it as your home theatre system with full range high quality speakers and enjoy room-filling, crystal clear rich stereo sound at home.

Buy the BOKEYU soundbar.

13. Retro handheld games console: £17.59

Retro handheld games console

This 8-Bit classic portable games console comes with an impressive 162 games already preloaded on it.

This includes classic games such as Super Mario, Donkey Kong and Pacman along with newer hits, like Angry Birds and Plants Vs Zombies.

Buy the retro handheld games console.

14. Emoji portable phone charger: £9.99

Emoji phone charger

Pretty much anyone with a smartphone will be all too familiar with the dreaded low battery warning. Luckily, this external battery back will give your phone a much-needed boost when you’re out and about. And it’s small enough to fit in your bag or pocket too.

Best of all it comes in a range of cute emoji designs. My favourite is the unicorn, just in case Santa’s reading this.

Buy the emoji portable phone charger

15. Star Wars R2-D2 VR Viewer: £4.50

R2-D2 virtual reality viewer

Although it’s just the standard Google Cardboard viewer dressed in R2-DR livery, this is a serious object de desir for the Uswitch Tech team.

Not only does it look great. It’s also the perfect way to experience the official Star VR Jakku Spy app that takes you inside George Lucas’ flyblown, lived-in universe and casts you as a Resistance secret agent.

The Star Wars viewer is also available in Stormtrooper, BB-8 and Kylo Ren varieties.

Buy the R2-D2 VR Viewer.

16. Bluetooth shower speaker: £16.99

Bluetooth shower speaker

If you’re stuck for present ideas, this water-resistant, Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for pretty much anyone with a smartphone.

After all, most of us sing in the shower and even those who don’t would definitely appreciate the option of listening to their favourite tunes while showering.

The wireless speaker will let you listen to your music from your phone while you’re in the shower and your handset will remain safe and dry.

Buy the bluetooth shower speaker

17. Wireless Bluetooth headphone hat: £14.91

Bluetooth headphone hat

This knitted beanie is aimed at keeping you warm when you’re out and about without having to compromise on using your smartphone.

It'll play music from your device via Bluetooth so you won’t get tangled up in wires when you're trying to listen to your music in the wind and rain.

The discreet buttons on the side look like part of the design, but they’re actually controls for the speakers, so you can adjust the volume, change songs and even answer calls all by pressing your hat.

Buy the wireless Bluetooth headphone hat

18. Phone holder for bikes: £11.95

bike phone holder

Anyone who’s planning on getting back on their bike in the New Year will definitely need one of these.

The holder will securely attach your smartphone to the handlebars, so you can use your device hands-free while keeping your eyes on the road ahead.

It’s particularly helpful if you like listening to music or want to use your phone’s GPS without having to stop.

Buy the phone holder for bikes.

19. Mini vintage pirate telescope: £15.99


If you’re heading off on a high-seas cruise this Christmas, you’ll have spliced the mainbrace, assembled a stout crew and ordered double rum ration. All you need now is a telescope.

With its vintage stylings, this neat little monocular looks the part. It also works well in a range of light conditions and magnifies up to 25X. And it’ll come in handy as a prop when Talk Like A Pirate Day comes around again.

Buy the mini vintage pirate telescope.

20. Virtual reality headset: £17.99


If the cardboard headset doesn't feel sturdy enough for you, this one is significantly heftier.

Already set up and ready to go, all you need to do is download some VR apps to your smartphone, fit it into the headset and enjoy watching VR films and playing immersive games.

Buy the virtual reality headset.

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