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20 gadget stocking fillers for under £20

All the best Christmas stocking-stuffers and Secret Santa gifts for any gadget lover.
stocking fillers christmas

Stuck for a gift for the office round-robin of gift-giving? Want a little something extra to give alongside your nearest and dearest's 'main present'? Let our Secret Santa-friendly round-up of stocking-fillers lead the way.

Prices were correct at the time of writing.

Looking for a show-stopping, de-luxe gadget gift instead? We've got you covered here.

1. Google Cardboard (Amazon price: £5.99)

Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality headsets are all the rage at the moment. But, if you don’t have the budget for a top of the range one, the Google Cardboard is an excellent alternative.

As both the name and the price would suggest, this headpiece is actually made out of cardboard. Still, don’t be fooled by its slightly flimsy appearance.

Simply download a VR app from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store, slot your smartphone into the Cardboard and immerse yourself in a virtual world.

Find it here: Google Cardboard

2. Desktop arcade game (Amazon price: £15.71)

Mini arcade machine

You could be forgiven for thinking this is yet another gimmicky gift that will be gathering dust from Boxing Day onwards. But this desktop toy actually comes preloaded with 240 classic arcade games to keep any retro gamer amused way past the festive season.

It looks exactly like a retro arcade machine and is controlled by two tiny buttons and a miniature joystick. It’s also small enough to get away with having on your desk, so it makes a great Secret Santa gift for a colleague.

Find it here: Desktop arcade game

3. Jack Rabbit headphone splitters (Amazon price: £7.50)

Jackrabbit headphone splitter

In our opinion, music should definitely be a shared experience. These headphone splitters let you plug two different pairs of headphones into your device at the same time.

So, you can both listen to the same song or watch the same film or TV clip without having to do that very inconvenient (and slightly gross) thing of sharing one pair of earbuds with your friend.

This is a great little gadget to keep in your pocket. After all, you never know when you’re going to hear a song that you just have to share with the person next to you.

Find it here: Jack Rabbit headphone splitters

4. Smartphone projector (Amazon price: £15.75)

Smartphone projector

This is another really fun retro gift that’s actually far smarter than the cardboard exterior would lead you to believe.

You can use this nifty little device to project films and photos from your phone onto a wall. So, you can essentially recreate your own authentic cinematic experience for you and your friends.

Perfect for themed movie nights and retro parties, you can project films and TV shows pretty much anywhere.

Find it here: Smartphone projector

5. Bluetooth shower speaker (Amazon price: £19.99)

Bluetooth shower speaker

If you’re stuck for present ideas, this water-resistant, Bluetooth speaker is the perfect gift for pretty much anyone with a smartphone.

After all, most of us sing in the shower and even those who don’t would definitely appreciate the option of listening to their favourite tunes while showering.

The wireless speaker will let you listen to your music from your phone while you’re in the shower and your handset will remain safe and dry.

Find it here: Bluetooth shower speaker

6. RC submarine (Amazon price: £16.99)

RC submarine

When I was a kid, magic flannels and colour-changing bubble bath were the dizzy heights of excitement. These days, bath-time technology has moved on somewhat.

This remote controlled mini submarine can dive and resurface and move forward and back at the touch of a button.

It even has a mini LED searchlight to help you explore the deep depths of the bathtub or swimming pool.

Find it here: RC submarine

7 Touchscreen gloves (Amazon price: £7.99)

Touchscreen gloves

A modern twist on a classic Christmas gift, these gloves are so much more useful than the usual mittens from Grandma.

They have silver-coated micro-fibre tips so you can use your touchscreen phone while wearing them. So you can keep on scrolling while you’re waiting for the train on those cold January mornings without getting frozen fingers.

Find it here: Touchscreen gloves

8. Wireless Bluetooth headphone hat (Amazon price: £12.99)

Bluetooth headphone hat

This knitted beanie is aimed at keeping you warm when you’re out and about without having to compromise on using your smartphone.

It'll play music from your device via Bluetooth so you won’t get tangled up in wires when you're trying to listen to your music in the wind and rain.

The discreet buttons on the side look like part of the design, but they’re actually controls for the speakers, so you can adjust the volume, change songs and even answer calls all by pressing your hat.

Find it here: Wireless Bluetooth headphone hat

9. Phone holder for bikes (Amazon price: £8.99)

bike phone holder

Anyone who’s planning on getting back on their bike in the New Year will definitely need one of these.

The holder will securely attach your smartphone to the handlebars, so you can use your device hands-free while keeping your eyes on the road ahead.

It’s particularly helpful if you like listening to music or want to use your phone’s GPS without having to stop.

Find it here: Phone holder for bikes

10. Mini nano quadcopter drone (Amazon price: £18.99)

Mini nano quadcopter drone

Drones are the ultimate high-tech toy. But, most of us can’t justify spending hundreds of pounds on one. So, this mini nano quadcopter is a great compromise.

This remote-controlled mini drone can fly and perform 360-degree tricks in the air. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket too, so you can take it anywhere.

Find it here: Mini nano quadcopter

11. USB mug warmer (Amazon price: £8.95)

usb mug warmer

Plug this Oreo-styled knick-knack into your computer or plug point and slip it under your drink and it’ll keep your beverage toasty. Natch, it’s a coaster too.

Find it here: USB mug warmer

12. Super Roller Circuit for cats (Amazon price: £11.89)

Tap the ball with a paw and it lights up and moves around the track. Tap it again and it’ll move some more.

We can’t confirm the Super Roller Circuit captivates toddlers as much as the kittens it’s intended for, but we imagine it’ll be a hit with young humans too.

Find it here: Super roller circuit for cats

13. Dog camera harness (Amazon price: £11.99)

dog camera

Strap this on your pooch and insert a Go Pro camera to see the world as they see it. Also provides invaluable video evidence exactly which of your pets chewed up your killer Manolo heels.

Find it here: Dog camera harness

14. Credit card-sized portable charger (Amazon price: £10.98)

credit card battery iphone

The neatest and smallest on-the-go charger/battery pack we’ve seen. But it still makes room for a large 2500mAh battery, which will boost most high-end smartphones’ life by 80% or so.

Android and iPhone-compatible.

Find it here: Credit card-sized portable charger

15. Chocolate iPhone (Amazon price: £7.95)

chocolate iphone

About as much use as a chocolate iPhone.

Find it here: Chocolate iPhone

16. 4 in 1 clip-on camera lens and telescope (Amazon price: £8.99)

iphone 4 in 1 camera

Raise your Instagram game with this cheap-as-chips camera add-on, which pairs fish-eye and wide-angle lenses with some nifty zoom modes.

Compatible with HTC and Samsung phones and iPhones.

Find it here: 4 in 1 clip-on camera lens and telescope

17. Portable unicorn speakers (Amazon price: £6.50)

Unicorn speakers

KitSound’s Mini Buddy is a pocket speaker that packs a real punch. Just plug into your 3.5mm headphone jack (or use an adaptor if you’ve the iPhone 7) and you’re good to go.

It also houses a USB charging cable.

Find it here: Portable unicorn speaker

18. Key chain bottle opener and iPhone charger (Amazon price: £5.99)

iphone bottle opener

It’s a bottle opener. It’s a battery pack for emergencies. It’s very, very handy indeed.

Compatible with iPhone 6, 5s, 6s, 6s Plus, 6 Plus and iPad.

Find it here: Bottle opener and phone charger

19. iPhone fan (Amazon price: £3.99)

iphone fan

By their very definition, smartphones are do-it-all, Swiss Army Knife-style devices. But they couldn’t keep you cool in the hot weather. Now they can.

Find it here: iPhone fan

20. Sega handheld console (Argos price: £19.99)

sega blaze

Even in adulthood it’s hard to shake the loyalties you felt towards consoles you owned as a nipper.

If your ongoing steadfastness to ‘90s gaming kingpins Sega means there’s no way on God’s green earth that you’re going near the much hyped Nintendo NES Mini, this Game Gear and Master System emulator is just the ticket.

This retro wonder comes with 30 games built-in, including the key Sonic the Hedgehog and Alex Kidd titles, cartoony shooters Fantasy Zone and Fantasy Zone II and the UR hack-and-slasher Golden Axe.

Find it here: Sega handheld console

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