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Uswitch broadband expert Max Beckett

Max Beckett

Broadband expert

About the Author

Max has the consumer at heart when it comes to telecoms. He's a resident Uswitch expert on saving money, handling price rises and knowing your rights as a customer. And you can find him offering his guidance and expertise as a spokesperson in a number of mainstream, regional and trade publications.

In addition, Max loves all things technology. From broadband and 5G to smart homes and smartphones, he's got his eye on future trends and the latest, greatest gadgets.

Writing guides, news and reviews as a Content Editor for Uswitch, Max is dedicated to helping you make more confident decisions with the gadgets and services you choose.


  • Saving money

  • Broadband

  • Mobiles & smart tech


  • BA in English Language and Linguistics - University of Kent

Featured in News

Articles written by Max

woman smiling at her phone while sat on her sofa
22 April 2024

Altnet broadband providers: how to get cheap full fibre

Altnets are smaller broadband providers offering full fibre-only deals. Find out why they're on the rise and see if there are any in your area.

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virgin media o2 volt hero image
16 April 2024

How to get Volt benefits from Virgin Media O2 - Uswitch

What benefits do you get for being a Virgin Media broadband and O2 mobile customer? Find out with our detailed guide on Volt.

Read our guide to Volt benefits
Banner graphic with the title 'UK online streaming statistics 2024'
04 April 2024

UK Online Streaming Statistics 2024 - Uswitch

We’ve collated the definitive UK online streaming statistics page for 2024 with the most up-to-date Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube data.

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“Smaller providers were voted best value for money broadband.”
18 March 2024

The best value for money broadband providers in the UK

See which providers offer the fastest speeds for the cheapest prices, and find out what else you should look out for to find great value.

Read our value for money guide
image fo a woman using full fibre broadband at home
20 February 2024

What is full fibre broadband? - Uswitch

Full fibre is the fastest type of broadband in the UK. Find out all you need to know about full fibre broadband, and whether it’s available at your home.

Read our guide to full fibre
child learning from home with his teacher on a video call
13 February 2024

Broadband social tariffs for universal credit and low incomes - Uswitch

If you're on Universal Credit or receiving other financial benefits, you can find a much cheaper broadband deal with these providers.

Read our guide on broadband social tariffs
Uswitch Broadband Awards 2024 hero image
07 February 2024

Uswitch Broadband and TV Awards 2024: full list of winners

Your switching made simple. Find out which providers won Uswitch's coveted Broadband and TV Awards for 2024.

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A list of companies with the most complaints with number 1 is yet to be revealed. This is next to an I can't look emoji and the logos of Uswitch and Ofcom.
23 October 2023

Which broadband providers get the most Ofcom complaints? - Uswitch

The latest complaints rankings are here - find out which broadband suppliers recently topped the Ofcom customer complaints list, and which ones fared the best.

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Feature image containing a modem alongside the title UK broadband access statistics 2023.
26 September 2023

UK Broadband Access Statistics 2023

Click here to find the latest UK broadband access statistics for 2023, covering fibre broadband access, usage reports, urban vs. rural broadband, and more.

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A feature image showing a device monitoring internet speed alongside the title 'UK broadband speed statistics 2023'.
26 September 2023

UK Broadband Speed Statistics 2023

This page includes relevant broadband speed statistics for 2023, such as UK broadband download speeds, which region has the fastest internet, and the national average broadband speed.

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woman looking disappointed at her laptop sat at her desk at home
27 July 2023

New most complained-about broadband provider revealed - Uswitch

Find out the latest Ofcom complaints rankings for broadband providers. See where your provider ended up and find which ones have the least Ofcom complaints.

Read: Ofcom complaints report July 2023
man looking disappointed at his laptop
27 April 2023

See Ofcom's most complained about broadband providers - Uswitch

Where does your provider sit in Ofcom's latest broadband complaints list? Find out what caused customers to complain at the end of last year.

Read: Ofcom complaints report April 2023
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