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Max Beckett

Content Editor - Broadband

About the Author

Max has the consumer at heart when it comes to telecoms. He's a resident Uswitch expert on saving money, handling price rises and knowing your rights as a customer. And you can find him offering his guidance and expertise as a spokesperson in a number of mainstream, regional and trade publications.

In addition, Max loves all things technology. From broadband and 5G to smart homes and smartphones, he's got his eye on future trends and the latest, greatest gadgets.

Writing guides, news and reviews as a Content Editor for Uswitch, Max is dedicated to helping you make more confident decisions with the gadgets and services you choose.


  • Saving money

  • Broadband

  • Mobiles & smart tech


  • BA in English Language and Linguistics - University of Kent

Articles written by Max

young couple watching sport on the TV
26 September 2022

How to watch the Premier League on TV

Find out where to watch the latest Premier League matches, including all the games over Christmas and Boxing Day.

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man on laptop
26 September 2022

The different types of broadband in the UK - Uswitch

Find out all about the different broadband connections available in the UK, and which ones would be best for you and your household.

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woman using the internet on laptop and phone
20 September 2022

How to get broadband with no credit check

Looking for a broadband deal that doesn't require a credit check? Take a look at our guide to finding a broadband package if you have a poor credit history.

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two people at home sorting out their bills
12 September 2022

How to save money on your broadband bill

Looking for ways to save money on your monthly bills? Here's how you can reduce what you spend on your broadband.

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man smiling while sat at a table and working on his laptop
05 September 2022

What do you get with Virgin Media’s new Wi-Fi guarantee?

Virgin Media’s new Wi-Fi guarantee will be free for some customers. Find out all the details from Uswitch, including whether or not you can claim money back.

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23 August 2022

What is 5G home broadband?

5G home broadband could provide you with download speeds well over 200Mbps, all without the need for a landline or an engineer visit to get you setup.

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woman using broadband working on her laptop at home
17 August 2022

How to choose broadband | Find the right broadband package for you

Want to know how to choose broadband? Uswitch explains what to look for in our quick guide on choosing broadband.

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illustration of a family using many internet connected devices
15 August 2022

What is full fibre broadband? - Uswitch

Full fibre is the fastest type of broadband in the UK. Find out all you need to know about full fibre broadband, and whether it’s available at your home.

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child learning from home with his teacher on a video call
15 August 2022

Broadband deals for low income families | Social tariffs on universal credit

If you're on Universal Credit or receiving government financial support, these broadband providers offer social tariffs to ease the pressure on your bills.

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An image featuring cables, with the words "UK broadband statistics 2022" and "Uswitch" on the left-hand side.
12 August 2022

UK Broadband Statistics 2022

We’ve collated the latest UK broadband statistics for 2022, covering broadband access, usage, speed, cost, and more.

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Image of a gaming pc on a desk with the overlay 'gaming trend report'
09 August 2022

Gaming trend report

We have analysed the world’s biggest games to reveal 2022's most anticipated and most popular games, the most underrated and overrated games, and more.

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03 August 2022

Hollywood's Most Genre-Diverse Actors

We reveal which Hollywood actors have appeared in the highest variety of genres, as well as those who stick to a niche genre, based on IMDB data.

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26 July 2022

The best value broadband connection in the US

We reveal the US states home to the best value-for-money broadband, as well as the areas with the lowest access to fibre optic broadband.

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An image of two houses with a red car parked outside with the title 'moving home checklist'
25 July 2022

Moving house checklist

Follow Uswitch’s moving house checklist to tick off everything you need to do when moving home.

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woman looking annoyed at her laptop complaining about her broadband provider
18 July 2022

Revealed: Ofcom's most complained-about broadband providers

Looking to switch your broadband provider? Find out which providers top the latest complaints rankings from Ofcom.

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graphic of red/black background with white overlaying text saying 'Piracy Report'
04 July 2022

Piracy Report

Uswitch reveals which TV shows, movies, games and software are the most pirated and the effects this has on industries and personal data.

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woman sat at her kitchen table looking at her bills
28 June 2022

Telecoms providers to help struggling customers afford bills

Broadband, TV and mobile providers have agreed to do more to help customers struggling to pay their telecoms bills. Find out the latest measures.

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Woman looking very frustrated at their broadband connection
28 June 2022

Broadband outage in the UK | What to do when your broadband goes down

What happens when your broadband goes down? What can you do about it? And how long will you be offline? Here's how to deal with an internet outage.

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woman at home paying her bills looking concerned at her laptop
20 June 2022

Mid-contract price increases for broadband and mobile, explained

Prices going up mid-contract? Depending on which provider you have, you might be able to leave your contract early. Find out what you can do with our guide.

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couple casting TV from a laptop
30 May 2022

What is Google TV?

The new Google Chromecast with Google TV allows you to stream content and get access to your favourite online content.

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an old box computer monitor facing a modern laptop
19 May 2022

History of the internet: a timeline throughout the years

The history of broadband from the '70s until today. From dial-up to broadband, read up on developments in broadband over time.

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woman working from home
27 April 2022

Hybrid working index: the best locations for working online from home

We've ranked the best towns and cities across the UK for hybrid working, so you can balance your week between the office and home.

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woman smiling while using her phone and laptop in a cafe
11 April 2022

When should I switch broadband? How to avoid an expensive price hike

If your contract term is about to finish, you could be due a costly price increase. Steer clear of a huge hike in bills by switching or re-contracting your broadband service.

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24 March 2022

Plusnet price increase 2022 — What can consumers do?

Plusnet has announced price increases to some of its services. If you’re a Plusnet customer, find out if you're going to be affected and what you can do.

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Man thinking about bills with laptop
02 March 2022

BT price increase 2022 — what can customers do?

BT has announced an upcoming increase in its prices. This guide gives you all the facts and figures you need if you're a BT customer.

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22 February 2022

Gaming reaction times

Uswitch has conducted a real life study which compares gamers’ reaction times with different influences, such as caffeine intake and background music genre.

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woman looking concerned at her sky bill increase
16 February 2022

Sky broadband and TV price increase 2022: what can consumers do?

The latest Sky price increase could result in you paying significantly more each month without you realising it. Find out if your bill’s going to be increasing and what you can do about it.

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Graphic containing man and a camera
15 February 2022

The world's greatest directors

Which directors are the greatest in the world? We reveal the greatest directors, based on the number of awards won, critic and audience reviews, and box office success.

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Image of a man taking off gaming headphones.
28 January 2022

Gaming Index

Which video games released in 2021 were we all playing the most? And which are the best-rated by gamers and critics alike? We reveal all in the ultimate Gaming Index.

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26 January 2022

The global backpacking index

Pack your bags and get ready to explore with our definitive guide to the best places to go solo backpacking.

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woman using her laptop while sat on her sofa
12 January 2022

Which broadband is best?

So which broadband package will suit you? Which broadband is best? We suggest some things to consider.

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woman looking frustrated at her laptop
11 January 2022

Virgin Media price increase 2022 — what can customers do?

Virgin Media has announced its latest price increase — see whether you're affected, how much prices are going up by and what you can do if your bills are set to change.

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09 December 2021

The top 150 most popular podcasts to listen to

Discover the ultimate top 150 podcasts to listen to on Castbox of the Podcast app.

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family watching the cricket on TV
07 December 2021

How can I watch the Ashes?

The Ashes is one of cricket's biggest events. Played between England and Australia, the Ashes are must-see TV for cricket fans. Here's how to watch.

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uswitch slowest streets image with man looking concerned at his computer
01 December 2021

Which UK streets have the slowest broadband speed?

We've found the UK streets with the slowest internet speeds. 90% of them can get faster broadband — can you upgrade your connection too?

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29 November 2021

How to get the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday broadband deals

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend is a great time to buy a cheaper broadband deal. Here are our tips on how to find a good Black Friday internet package.

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Woman typing on laptop online reviews
23 November 2021

Amazon Best Sellers: Tech with the most trustworthy reviews

Uswitch analysed the top 50 best-selling tech products according to Amazon UK Bestsellers pages, to find out which technology has the most trustworthy reviews.

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happy couple sat on the sofa watching a show on their wireless smart tv
09 November 2021

Gigabit wireless broadband with zero cables, explained

Here's how you could soon enjoy the fastest broadband speeds available, without needing to install any new cables at your property.

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woman checking her smart security
05 November 2021

Which smart home devices should I buy?

Smart homes can make your house secure and your household chores a breeze. Here are the smart home gadgets you should consider buying...

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05 October 2021

Fibre broadband | How does fibre optic broadband work?

How does fibre-optic broadband work? Which fibre broadband package is right for me? Do you need a phone line? Take a look at our guide.

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Phone with twitch logo on screen
29 September 2021

How to become a successful Twitch streamer

Find out exactly how to become a successful Twitch streamer or esports gamer.

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girl playing an online game on her mobile using upload speeds
31 August 2021

Internet upload speeds explained: what are 'symmetrical' broadband speeds?

Ever wondered why your upload speed is so slow? Here's all you need to know about internet upload speeds, and why symmetrical broadband is the future.

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satellite broadband
25 August 2021

Satellite internet explained: is satellite broadband any good?

How does satellite internet work? Is it available where I live? How fast is it? Find out about satellite broadband, plus what Elon Musk's Starlink could mean for the future of broadband altogether.

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woman working on her laptop outside
19 August 2021

MiFi device vs mobile broadband router: what’s the difference?

Wondering what is MiFi? Thinking of getting for 5G home broadband? Find out the difference, and which type of mobile broadband is right for you.

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13 August 2021

The UK’s Project Gigabit broadband rollout scheme, explained

Find out which locations are set to benefit from full fibre under Project Gigabit, the UK government's pledge to get the fastest broadband to every property in the country.

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redo person pressing the WPS button on a wi-fi extender that's plugged into a wall
12 August 2021

How to boost your Wi-Fi throughout your home: Wi-Fi extenders explained

Are there spots in your home where you can't connect to the internet? See how a Wi-Fi booster can improve your internet speed.

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image of satellite in space with Earth behind it
05 August 2021

What is Starlink? Elon Musk’s SpaceX internet project, explained

How does it work? How fast is it? When can I get it? Get the lowdown on Elon Musk's satellite broadband project, Starlink...

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22 July 2021

5 important details to look for in your broadband bill

Find out the key details to be aware of in your next broadband bill, so you can avoid price hikes and unwarranted fees.

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a sky q set top box product image with a red background
11 May 2021

Sky Q review | Our verdict on Sky's premium TV box

Sky Q is Sky's award-winning set-top box. Find out what makes it so great — and how to make the most of your Sky Q — in our guide.

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22 April 2021

A Midsummer Night's Stream: what are the best Shakespeare screen adaptations?

We look into the amazing legacy of the renowned poet and playwright, William Shakespeare, and how you can enjoy his plays without going to the theatre.

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07 April 2021

The online fraud report

The online fraud report from reveals how much money people have lost to card fraud, eCommerce transactions and online scams.

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The online shopping habits of British consumers header image
23 March 2021

The online shopping habits of British consumers

We’re all guilty of splashing the cash from time-to-time, and being able to shop online has made doing so even more tempting. At, we’ve sought to discover the changing online spending habits of the British public.

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child learning from home on a work call
03 March 2021

7 ways to help your child learn from home — a guide to remote schooling

Here's how you can help your child make the most of their education when they're learning from home.

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02 March 2021

How to complain to your broadband provider

From price rises, to connection dropouts, to customer service, here's how to complain about your broadband to your internet service provider.

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Retro Mario game
25 February 2021

Which year has been crowned the best for Mario fans?

Mario is one of the most famous video game characters of all time, appearing in more than 200 video games. But which year was the best for Mario, and which console produced the most games?

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24 February 2021

How to set up parental controls for your child online

Parental controls are one of the easiest, most effective ways to keep your kids safe online. Find out what they can do and how you can set them up.

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person logging into their laptop with a sign up design
15 February 2021

How to stay safe online — a guide to internet security

Find out all the best ways you can stay safe while using the internet, from antivirus software to avoid fraudulent scams.

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image of a huawei cpe 5g router or vodafone gigacube plugged in at home
28 September 2020

Vodafone GigaCube 5G broadband review

We reviewed Vodafone's 5G broadband service, GigaCube, to see if 5G speeds can really be achieved at home. See what it could mean for the future of broadband...

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