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Business electricity suppliers

Business electricity suppliers

Good research is good business. Learn how you can get cheaper business energy with uSwitch.

Find the best business energy supplier for your business needs with uSwitchforBusiness Business energy suppliers

The only way to find out who can supply your business with the cheapest electricity is to compare all the electricity suppliers, taking into account the amount of electricity you use.

business electricity suppliers

Why compare business electricity suppliers with uSwitch?

The uSwitch business energy services takes the hassle out of energy comparison. uSwitch for Business caters for companies of all sizes, from small and medium-sized business, to large companies and multi-site businesses.

uSwitchforBusiness teams search for the biggest savings for your business. Many businesses can save more than 30% on their annual energy bills.

Contact uSwitch business energy to find a cheaper business electricity supplier and learn more about business energy switching and how to Compare business energy prices per kWh.

Why should I switch supplier?

Following the deregulation of the electricity and gas supply industries in the 1990s, both domestic and business energy customers throughout the UK can sign up to the energy supplier of their choice.

Can I switch my business energy supplier?

Yes, all businesses are allowed to compare and shop around for a new electricity supplier.

In theory, business electricity suppliers will aim to keep their prices competitive because there's a risk their customers will switch to a competitor. It's important to exercise your consumer right and find the best deal for your business.

In order to start comparing and switching your business electricity supplier, you need to check your current business energy contract.

Your contract will explain when your renewal window is, or you will have received a letter telling you your contract is up for renewal. This window can be anywhere between one month and six months before your contract expiration date.

During this window you're allowed to negotiate a new business electricity contract with a different supplier.

What happens if I don't switch business electricity?

If you simply allow your contract to run out but you intend to continue using electricity in your business, then your current supplier will put you on their rollover contract.

This is a very expensive tariff that’s used when business customers have not agreed to a new deal at the end of their contract.

This is why it's so important to have an energy broker like uSwitchforBusiness negotiating on your business’s behalf, helping you switch your electricity supplier every time your contract is up for renewal.

What if my business has no electricity contract?

If you have not agreed a contract formally but continue to use electricity in your business, then you will be placed on a deemed rate contract. This is essentially an out-of-contract tariff with very expensive rates arranged by suppliers for customers with no formally agreed contract.

Will there be any interruption to my electricity supply?

No, your new electricity supplier will continue to use your existing wires and pipes. They will also contact your supplier to arrange the transfer of your supply. The only change you will notice is that your bill will come from a different electricity supplier.

If you do need a new meter or any extra work done uSwitchforBusiness will warn you in advance of the switch.

What do I need to do when I switch?

You will receive a final bill from your previous electricity supplier. They may request a meter reading to ensure your final payment is accurate.

Your new supplier and old supplier will arrange the handover. If any extra work needs to be done, such as the installation of a new meter, your new supplier will arrange this.

compare business electricity suppliers

What do I need to know for the switch?

The switching team at uSwitchforBusiness will let you know if there's any additional work required in the switch and can let you know if there are any terms and conditions attached to them, such as an extra fee or any clauses that might hold you back from switching again.

Our business energy comparison service will show you a range of quotes from suppliers that best match your needs. If there's something that is an absolute deal breaker, let our team know and they'll make sure to find you quotes that meet your requirements.

To make switching your business electricity as easy as possible, let us know a few things about your business, such as:

  • Your average business electricity usage
  • Let us know how much electricity you use throughout the year and when there are periods of downtime or additional usage.

  • Your business credit score
  • Your company's credit score is important because it shows how trustworthy you are and opens up access to the best quotes from business electricity suppliers.

  • Your business location and if you have multiple sites
  • Your company's location can impact what kind of quotes you get because electricity prices fluctuate across the country based on region. If you have multiple locations then you may want to consider getting a multi-site meter which can help save time and money by putting all of your business locations into one electricity tariff.

What happens after I switch business energy supplier?

uSwitchforBusiness will save a note to remind you to switch again when your new contract is reaching its renewal window. We will come back to you to make sure you know about the best quotes available and help you switch again if you decide to do so.

With uSwitchforBusiness you don't need to worry about your commercial energy supply again.

For quotes or to compare prices, give us a call on 0800 188 4930 or request a call back and we'll get you started switch your business energy.

*Based on energy contracts arranged from 01 Jan 2018 to 30 Jun 2018 by uSwitchforBusiness, when compared to prices or renewal quotes from existing suppliers.

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