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How to save up to £183 on an iPhone this Black Friday

● Shoppers could save up to £183 on an iPhone 12 contract with unlimited data this Black Friday, predicts Uswitch data[1]

● Consumers could also save £95 on an iPhone 12 handset[2], compared to a modest £40 saving on the newly released iPhone 13[3]

● The biggest discounts can be made on SIM-only contracts, saving up to 28% off a monthly plan[4]

● Uswitch.com shares top tips for buying a new mobile phone during Black Friday.

Consumers could save up to £183 on an iPhone 12 contract with unlimited data, based on the 19% saving on the iPhone 11 last year, according to data from Uswitch.com, the comparison and switching service[1].

Those in the market for the slightly older iPhone 12 handset may be able to cash in on discounted prices this year. With the average iPhone 12 costing £679, consumers could save themselves £95 (14% reduction) if they buy on Black Friday itself, based on previous trends[2].

Tech-lovers looking to purchase the newly released iPhone 13 are likely to save around £40 (5% reduction) - less than half the amount you could save buying the iPhone 12 model[3].

Anyone who’s happy with their current handset and keen to cut their monthly payments may find that SIM-only deals provide big savings and access to more data. SIM-only deals are estimated to be reduced by between 10% and 28% this Black Friday[4].

Catherine Hiley, Black Friday expert at Uswitch.com comments “iPhones continue to be one of the most sought-after discounted handsets on the market, and Black Friday offers a prime opportunity to snap them up.

“The iPhone 12 is highly likely to be in the spotlight for those looking to get their hands on a bargain this year. While not the most recent model, it is still one of the top phones on the market, built with a powerful chip, advanced dual-camera system and ceramic shield front for protection against damage.

“For those happy with their handsets, there is still an opportunity to cash in. With SIM-only deals available on the market with lots of data and discounted costs, anyone out of contract could make a switch and potentially save hundreds of pounds per year

“The challenge for many shoppers is navigating all deals on the market. Buyers searching for savings will need to have a plan in place, sign-up to alerts and use comparison sites to explore the breadth of deals available.”

Advice for mobile device shopping on Black Friday

1. Keep a sharp eye: The best Black Friday deals may only be available for a short window of time. Set up alerts and sign-up to emails to ensure you’re in the know when the discounts go live.

2. Data is key: Most 5G smartphone users require about 3GB of data minimum per month. Log into your mobile account and check your average usage before selecting a package. This will ensure you bag yourself a deal, in step with your own mobile usage.

3. Compare different deals: One great way to ensure you’re getting a decent deal is to use a comparison website. These allow you to see a wide range of offers, so you can select the best one on the market at the time.

4. Research in advance: Ensure you know the average market price of the handset you’ve got your eye on, so you can see whether or not you’re making a saving when it’s time to buy.

5. Know your rights: While T&Cs may not be a thrilling read, if you purchase a phone on Black Friday, be sure to check them. In most cases, you should still be able to return a device within a window of 30 days, unless otherwise specified as part of the purchase agreement.

Keep an eye out for Black Friday deals on Uswitch here.


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Notes to editors:

1. Uswitch.com internal data. Predictions based on savings of up to £200 (a 19% reduction from total costs) available on contract phones during Black Friday 2020 via the iPhone 11, unlimited data. iPhone 12, which is now the second newest model, costs £964.49 on average. 19% of 964.49 is 183.25

2. Uswitch.com internal data. Predictions based on iPhone 11 handset being 14% cheaper in 2020.  iPhone 12 with 64GB, which is now the second newest model, costs £679.00 on average. 14% of 679.00 is 95.06

3. The most recently released iPhone has tended to face smaller savings deals (averaging 5%). The iPhone 13, being most recently released. iPhone 13 with 128GB, which is now the newest model, costs £779.00. 5% of 779 is 39.95

4. Uswitch.com internal data based on average price of SIM-only contracts

In the wider context of the above calculations and data, it is worth noting that the prices of mobile phones drop over time (i.e. from approx. 3 months after their launch date). As such, consumers opting to buy mobile phones may have decreased naturally over time.

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