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Time running out to apply for Warm Home Discount as suppliers start closing their schemes

  • Two of the largest energy suppliers - EDF and Scottish Power - have already closed applications for their Warm Home Discount schemes[1] 

  • ‘First come, first served’ applications remain open with a number of suppliers, but others including Utilita and E have reached capacity[1] 

  • Some energy suppliers offer grants to help their customers clear domestic gas and electricity debts[2]

  • Uswitch is calling on customers to do their research and apply if they believe they are eligible for the Warm Home Discount or a grant

  • Households can visit Uswitch’s Warm Home Discount guide to find out more 

Consumers eligible for the £140 Warm Home Discount are running out of time to apply, as some of the biggest energy suppliers have already reached capacity[1], according to, the comparison and switching service. 

EDF Energy, Scottish Power, Utilita and E have all closed their schemes. EDF says it has reached the maximum number of applications for this year[1]. 

Other major suppliers are still open to applications, including British Gas, E.ON Next, Octopus Energy and Shell Energy. Customers of Bulb, which went into administration in November, can also still apply to its scheme[1]. 

The Warm Home Discount aims to reduce fuel poverty by providing low-income households with a £140 discount on their energy bills[3]. 

Elderly people on low incomes who receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit automatically receive the discount. However, people on income support or other allowances - who typically make up the broader group - have to apply to their participating energy supplier in order to access the money[3]. 

Despite some Warm Home Discount schemes now closing, a number of suppliers have grant schemes open to help consumers who are in debt[2]. These schemes can help customers pay off debts, or even buy replacement appliances or repair gas boilers.

Previous Uswitch research found there is a widespread lack of knowledge about the Warm Home Discount Scheme, leading many to miss out[4]. 

Anyone who believes they are eligible should apply as soon as they can, as the scheme is operated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. There is a fixed pot of money to be distributed, which this year has risen with inflation from £351 million to £357 million[5]. Qualifying applicants will have their rebates paid by March 31, 2022.

Justina Miltienyte, energy policy expert at, said: “Eligible consumers have moved swiftly to apply for the Warm Home Discount this year, which means some supplier schemes are already at capacity and closed to further applications. 

“If you believe you are eligible for the discount, and your supplier is still accepting applications, we recommend that you apply for it as soon as possible. 

“If your supplier has closed applications but you still need help with your energy bills, you may still fit the criteria under their grant scheme. You should visit their website to see if you are eligible for support.” 

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Ross Stebbing
Phone: 07827 836 709
Twitter: @UswitchPR

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3. Ofgem: Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme
4. Opinium surveyed a sample of 2,000 UK adults from 17th to 19th November 2020. Respondents who are potentially eligible for the WHD in the broader group were asked ‘Have you heard of the Warm Home Discount?’ Of those in the broader group, 31.7% said no. 
5. Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy: Warm Home Discount 

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