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How does Uswitch calculate its savings messages?

Around the site, you'll see that we use examples of the great savings you could make when you compare and switch with Uswitch.

These figures are intended to be an indication of how much money you might be able to save, and are based on averages of real savings we've provided to our customers. No two households are the same though, so you could find that your savings might be less or maybe even more than the amounts we use in our examples.

You can find the details of how we calculated these savings in the table below.

ProductSavings per yearHow was the potential saving worked out?
EnergyVariableEnergy savings are subject to change at short notice - it's best to run an energy comparison to see what your current savings look like.
Broadband£162 averageAverage savings figure for customers who: provided their current broadband cost before comparing deals; saw potential savings in the results table; and completed a broadband switch on Uswitch. Figure based on assumed average contract length of 18-months; February 2022 tariff prices on Uswitch; and 3,484 tariff sales.
Mobile phones£87.37 averageBased on the saving made when purchasing the most popular handset – iPhone 12 (source: Uswitch website) - on the cheapest network - average price across the whole contract (ID Mobile) - compared to the average price of purchasing the same phone on the main networks. Correct as of January 2021.
Credit cards£175.71 averageBased on a credit debt of £1,200 on the average credit card interest rate of 22.52% (source: Uswitch 0% balance transfer card table) transferred onto a 0% interest balance transfer card with the average transfer fee of 3.53% (source: Uswitch 0% balance transfer card table), assuming minimum monthly repayments of 2%. Correct as of Jan 2021.

Last updated 13 September 2022