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Netflix on Sky Q: Five things you need to know

Netflix on Sky Q: Five things you need to know

Finally, Netflix is coming to Sky. The streaming service has been available on rival services like Virgin, TalkTalk and even Amazon Prime Video for years now, so Sky is a bit behind in this regard.

The good news is it’s been worth the wait. Sky customers get deeper Netflix integration than other services, and it could save you money, though that’s dependant on you taking another Sky service.

The bad news? Sky+ customers will miss out, as it’s only available to those with Sky Q.

Here’s everything you need to know.

1 It’s deeply integrated

Other services give you the Netflix app, and require you to open it to access Netflix’s content. But Sky has gone a step further and integrated Netflix’s content directly in with its own. So you’ll see Stranger Things next to Game of Thrones in the Top Picks section, for example.

Same in the other sections, like on-demand.

Though this is only if you take Sky’s new Ultimate On Demand subscription. What’s that? Let’s have a look.

2 It comes as part of a new Sky package

sky q netflix top picks

Ultimate On Demand gives you Netflix along with Sky Box Sets, which offers 400 UK and US TV series available to watch on-demand. That means you get Netflix’s The Crown, Making a Murderer and Queer Eye alongside Sky’s Patrick Melrose, Tin Star and Game of Thrones.

With this package, Netflix content appears side by side Sky’s, so you don’t need to go hunting to find it.

3 Or you can subscribe to it separately

Don’t want Sky’s Box Sets? You can just subscribe to Netflix separately for the standard £7.99 a month. However, this way you won't get just one monthly bill for Sky and Netflix – you'll have to pay for Netflix separately, and can only access its content by loading the app. Netflix shows and films won't appear next to Sky's in the menu.

With Ultimate On Demand, you’ll only pay one bill for Sky Q and Netflix, which should help with cashflow and monthly household budgeting.

4 It saves you money… kind of

Ultimate On Demand costs £10 a month. Netflix and Sky Box Sets usually cost £7.99 and £5 a month respectively, so it could save you £2.99 a month. However, you will need a Sky Q Entertainment subscription as well, which costs £20 a month. So you’d be paying £30 a month for Sky Q Entertainment, Sky Box Sets and Netflix.

You can also take the step up to Sky Q Experience (previously known as Sky Multiscreen), which gives you two streams on the go, the ability to stream to Sky Q Mini boxes, side loading and Ultra HD content, along with Netflix Premium (which gives you viewing on four screens at once, as well as UHD content). That costs £12 a month, on top of the £10 a month you’ll be paying for Ultimate On Demand and £20 a month Sky Q Entertainment package, taking your total to £42 a month.

5 It’s available in November

Netflix will land on Sky Q at some point in November, though Sky couldn’t be more specific than that. Keep an eye out, TV fans!

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