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TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink £100 Voucher 2

TalkTalk Unlimited Broadband

TalkTalk SimplyBroadband. Only pay for calls you use, nothing more. Ideal if you don't use many landline calls. Free wireless router.

Online exclusive: 12 MONTHS HALF PRICE! FREE router & FREE connection (worth £50) FREE £100 VOUCHER when you buy online!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £1.75 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink £100 Voucher 2

TalkTalk Medium Fibre Broadband

Ideal for smaller households with download speeds up to 5x faster than the UK average and if you don't make many landline calls.

Online Offer: ONLY £5 FOR 6 MONTHS! FREE activation, FREE Super Router plus FREE £100 VOUCHER when you buy online

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up to* 38Mb
unlimited 18 months £5.00 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink £100 Voucher 2

TalkTalk Essentials TV, Broadband & Phone

Totally unlimited broadband + evening & weekend calls. Pause & rewind TV with free YouView box, free router & free install.

Online offer: HALF PRICE FOR 6 MONTHS! plus a FREE YouView box worth £149 plus FREE £100 VOUCHER when you buy online!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £4.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink £100 Voucher 2

TalkTalk Plus TV, Broadband & Phone

Totally unlimited broadband & anytime calls. Plus a free mobile SIM worth £90 for no extra cost plus Freeview, blockbusters & box sets.

Online offer: HALF PRICE FOR 12 MONTHS! plus a FREE YouView box worth £299 plus FREE £100 VOUCHER when you buy online!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £9.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink £100 Voucher 2

TalkTalk Essentials TV, Fibre Broadband & Phone

Totally unlimited broadband that's 5X faster than standard broadband + evening & weekend calls. Pause & rewind TV.

Online offer: HALF PRICE FOR 6 MONTHS Plus a FREE YouView box worth £149 plus FREE £100 VOUCHER when you buy online!

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up to* 38Mb
unlimited 18 months £9.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 12 Months Discount

TalkTalk Plus TV + Sky Movies

TalkTalk's Plus TV service with Sky Movies boost. Get 11 premium Sky Movies channels + free mobile SIM worth £90 for no extra cost.

Online offer: 12 MONTHS DISCOUNTED TV, broadband and calls. FREE install & router plus FREE YOUVIEW+ TV BOX worth £299!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £24.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink £100 Voucher 2

TalkTalk Plus TV, Fibre Broadband & Phone

Totally unlimited fibre broadband & anytime calls & a free mobile SIM worth £90 for no extra cost + Freeview, movies & box sets.

Online offer: 12 MONTHS DISCOUNTED plus a FREE YouView box worth £299 plus FREE £100 VOUCHER when you buy online!

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up to* 38Mb
unlimited 18 months £14.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 12 Months Discount

TalkTalk Plus TV + Entertainment Extra Boost

Totally unlimited broadband & anytime calls. Plus a free mobile SIM worth £90 for no extra cost. 57 premium channels with Sky 1 & 2.

12 MONTHS DISCOUNTED + 57 channels, freeview & catch-up, free install, free router + FREE YouView+ TV box worth £299!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £24.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 12 Months Discount

TalkTalk Plus TV + Entertainment Boost

Totally unlimited broadband & anytime calls. Plus a mobile SIM worth £90 for no extra cost & 35 premium channels including Sky 1 & 2.

New: DISCOUNTED PRICE for 12 MONTHS FREE installation and FREE router plus get a FREE YOUVIEW+ TV BOX worth £299!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £19.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 12 Months Discount

TalkTalk Plus TV + Sky Sports

TalkTalk's Plus TV service with Sky Sports boost. Get 5 premium Sky Sports channels & a free mobile SIM worth £90 for no extra cost.

Online offer: 12 MONTHS DISCOUNTED TV, broadband and calls. FREE install & router plus FREE YOUVIEW+ TV BOX worth £299!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £24.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

TalkTalk awards

  • Best TV Provider 2015

    TalkTalk’s ‘value-for-money’ approach teamed with some great channels and catch-up content via the YouView box... more »

  • Best Value Home Broadband 2013

    TalkTalk's affordable, high quality Essentials service was tough to beat when looking for broadband on a budget...and... more »

  • Broadband Innovation 2012

    The panel was impressed by TalkTalk's innovative HomeSafe service, a simple, free, customisable security solution... more »

  • Award: Best Broadband & Home Phone 2010

    TalkTalk won the Best Broadband & Home Phone award for a second consecutive year in the Broadband... more »

  • Award: Best Home Broadband Package 2010

    TalkTalk Essentials scooped the award for's Best Broadband Package. Essentials offers customers up to... more »

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  • Support
  • Home phone / calls
  • Modem
  • Trial period
  • Mac compatible
  • Digital TV
  • Free connection
  • Free wireless router
  • Home broadband
  • Fibre optic broadband
  • ADSL broadband
  • Line rental included in cost
  • Landline
  • Sports TV
  • Student
  • True unlimited
  • International Calls
Company history

Company history

After 14 successful years mostly in mobiles, Carphone Warehouse launched Talk Talk in 2003 to corner the domestic landline market. It is estimated that Talk Talk now has over 4 million customers in the UK and rivals BT as the UK’s fastest growing Broadband ISP.

Talk Talk Broadband made its name by offering a ‘free broadband’ service based on an 18-month contract and initiation fee. Though this bold claim eventually fell through, Talk Talk still provides some of the best deals available with additional rewards for Talk Talk mobile and landline customers.

In 2008, they launched a new broadband revolution with their new TalkTalk Essentials range allowing users to 'boost' their broadband package as they wished. myTalkTalk offers true broadband flexibility to consumers.

In 2012, TalkTalk followed this up with a digital TV service powered by TalkTalk Broadband and utilising the YouView service for catch-up and on demand TV services.

For some Talk Talk broadband reviews you can read our 'Customer reviews' section below.

Customer service

Customer service

As a Talk Talk customer, you can feel confident with this award-winning team - all the help you need is just a phone call or a click of the mouse away.

With telephone lines open 24-7 throughout the week, you can get support throughout the day for all your broadband queries, plus calls are free from your Talk Talk landline.

The Talk Talk online HelpDesk is also available which will answer most of your queries, or you can contact the team directly via email.

For complete online access, you can manage your broadband through the ‘My Account’ feature, so you can look at your bills, and other details without even needing to pick up the phone.

For Talk Talk broadband reviews see our 'Customer reviews' section below.



All Talk Talk broadband packages and broadband and TV deals come with a free router. To make installation easy, Talk Talk also throw in a ‘Connect & Go’ set-up CD.

Choose TalkTalk Plus TV deals and you'll also get a free YouView TV set top box, worth hundreds of pounds. This lets you pause and rewind live TV, as well as access a trove of on-demand content and subscribe to pay-TV channels.

The TalkTalk YouView box is also available in a higher-end option that allows you to record and store programs too.

Software features

Software features

Feel secure with Talk Talk’s HomeSafe online security, which includes Firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. This helps protect every device connected to your TalkTalk broadband. More importantly, it's totally free and easy to set-up.

If you feel you need an extra layer of security, there's TalkTalk's Super Safe Boost. For £2 per month (or free of charge for TalkTalk Plus customers), this offers free award-winning security software for your PCs and laptops.

Email features

Email features

Customers receive up to 5 email addresses with Talk Talk broadband, meaning your family members can have an email address too, for emailing friends, sharing pictures and music, as well as being able to order goods online.

The dedicated Talk Talk Broadband Dashboard area provides access to your email addresses and inbox, as well as enabling you to set up a webspace domain name with up to 15Mb of webspace provided free.



TalkTalk broadband customers who add a mobile phone to the bundle of services they take from TalkTalk qualify for some substantial discounts.

TalkTalk news

Customer reviews

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  • I am a long serving customer of Talktalk and I have had no problems whatsoever! I have recently moved and my mobile (from a large mobile company) could not recieve a signal. I am now with Talktalk for my mobile also and as soon as my Sky runs out, I am changing that to Talktalk. Give it a go!!!!!

    starstarstarstarstar Gayle Hadaway, 29th December 2012
  • Had problem with low internet speed. excellent service could not sort on the phone so technician sent found to be my router new one fitted FOC internet never been so fast thanks

    starstarstarstarstar Vic Palmer, 8th October 2012
  • I have been with TalkTalk for over 10 years (originally Tiscali) don't want to tempt fate but I have never had a problem with the service, the speed they promise , they deliver. The Staff, when I have made enquiries, have always been polite, professional and eager to help, although my 'Black Country' accent may have been difficult for them to understand. Well done!

    starstarstarstarstar D. G. Lavill, 9th August 2012
  • we have been with talk talk for several years ans have had not one problem great service broadband is good i would reccomend it to anyone

    starstarstarstarstar c.s sheridan, 30th January 2012
  • I am new to Talk Talk and so far am delighted with the service provided. Despite reading some negative comments about talk talk Personally I have been with Talk Talk for nearly a year now and have had nothing but a plain sailing internet. Competitive prices, easily accessible info online, very detailed and excellent info on billing. I would recommend all telephone uses to switch to Talk Talk and get better value for your money.

    starstarstarstarstar Levi Howard, 6th September 2011
  • You can not trust Talk Talk!

    It is the second time that they had to come to install our connection at our appartment, once more they did not came! Each time we have to wait 2 weeks. The service is very bad, they do not answer when we call, it takes hours to save an issue, that is not resolve at the end.

    DO NOT GO AT TALK TALK, they can be cheap, but they do not do what they promess

    star Eleonore, 6th July 2011
  • Been with TalkTalk several years now excellent service through out. Problems soon sorted and i have found customer service exellent.

    starstarstarstarstar Ken Hughes, 24th June 2011
  • Been with Talk Talk for quite a few years now. Great Value. I have had no problems with my Broadband or my phone. I phone my daughter regularly in USA and it doesn't cost me a penny

    starstarstarstarstar Sheree Ellis, 6th May 2011
  • TalkTalk gets too much stick in reviews. This is undeserved in my experience. My Talktalk broadband never stops working - and it's faster than when I woz on BT!!! If you want value for money, you can't go too wrong.

    starstarstarstarstar Ed, 25th November 2010
  • Talk is cheap and good. I don't need 50Mb, I just need a service I can rely on. TalkTalk never let me down.

    starstarstarstar Jamie Thomas, 11th November 2010
  • TalkTalk is cheap and fast. Can't ask for more really. The one time my service went down it was back up in two hours.

    starstarstarstar robert greening, 9th July 2010
  • I was Tiscali customer who got transferred to TalkTalk. After years of being with a company that under-invested in infrastructure, it's nice to be one that delivers fast and reliable speeds.

    The customer service has been good as well.

    starstarstarstarstar r.j nesbitt, 26th March 2010
  • Gud service. And I like that the deals aren't too complicated. Unlike Virgin Media and Sky.

    starstarstarstarstar mary, 26th March 2010
  • I've never had a single problem with TalkTalk. Good speeds, a reliable connection and they're cheap.

    starstarstarstar jambo, 26th March 2010
  • " Talk Talk now covers Tiscali.. its great for us"

    starstarstarstar Sushant, 12th May 2009
  • As a talk talk broadband customer, can i purchase a wireless router for my laptop?

    Keep up the good work

    starstarstarstarstar william mclean, 5th May 2009
  • I've recently set up my mum's house with TalkTalk broadband - she's going back to school to become a nurse and is totally new to the world of broadband at home! Thanks for all the help TalkTalk - great service!

    starstarstarstar Mike Barnes, 6th April 2009
  • Broadband used to be quicker, over 2 meg. Suddenly when I renewed my contract it dropped to 288 kbps. They said it was my modem, a likely story.

    star D Macrae, 3rd April 2009
  • I swapped to TalkTalk because of the free evening calls deal and I think I'm getting a bargain! I don't know too much about the technical side of things, but I've not had any complaints from my three teenage sons about the broadband so far - and they know how to complain so it must be fine!

    starstarstar Jaqui P, 26th March 2009
  • I've been with TalkTalk for a long time and though we had a few creases to iron out when we moved house 2 years ago, it has been smooth sailing before that and ever since - a reliable and cheap internet provider, and really, what more could you ask for?

    starstarstarstar Marion Emery, 17th March 2009
  • This is a joke, I signed up for this 2 years ago - Free Broadband Forever when it first came out from TalkTalk. After I signed up they told me because my area was ADSL through the existing phone line and my exchange was not 8meg speed I would have to pay an additional £9.99 a month for broadband. This was for 2.2meg speed and until last August was fine, didn't mind, it was cheaper than all others but again all the last 2 years, whenever I ask when I am going to get 8meg, TalkTalk tell me that I have to wait until I can get 8meg download speed at my exchange.

    Last December I got a letter from TalkTalk saying my speed was going up and it was going to cost me another £2.99 on my existing £9.99, AND for 2 weeks maintenance would take place to make connection more stable and stop it disconnecting 2 to 6 times a day as it has done since last August. Here we now, end of January and the up side is up to 6 meg download speed at best when not disconnecting and speed fluctuations from 0.5meg to 6 meg.

    Think very carefully before signing with TalkTlak because at the time I signed it was said to me 8 meg free broadband forever, they just keep moving the goal posts, and don't bother with customer services; it's just an overseas call centre where you're read to from a script with as much help as a chocolate fire guard.

    star JONATHON TOMKINSON, 5th February 2009
  • After several weeks of very slow broadband and failure to find out why due to so called second line technical line not answering the phones (tried 3 times waiting in excess of 30 minutes each time) I am moving away from TalkTalk. I have a sneaky suspicion my slow broadband is something to do with the new top ups on offer - i.e. slow down old customers who have enjoyed a relatively good broadband in the past like myself to get us to top up to faster which was probably what we had before. Maybe I'm too cynical but it sure does look like too much of a coincidence to me.

    star K Watton, 1st February 2009
  • A total shambles. I have been left without a phone for days, they have NOT provided me with 1571 or caller dispIay even after many many phone calls (from my mobile I might add) to tell them. I work from home and have lost business because of this Mickey Mouse phone company...Complaint going to Ofcom as they should not be able to operate like this.

    star S Taylor, 27th January 2009
  • I had a few teething problems at the beginning while waiting for my activation date, that was over 3 years ago now, but ever since that I have had no problems and the ones I have come across have been dealt with quickly and easily. I wanted to up grade my talktalk box to a wireless one and would told this would be £60 but if you joined as a new customer you got it for £30! after a bit of bartering and cheekiness I got the new wireless box for £30 too! I have never had any problems with the speed of my broadband/downloading etc nor with my landline..... I would highly recommend TalkTalk to anyone.

    starstarstarstarstar Alison Johnson, 24th January 2009
  • I signed up to TalkTalk landline and in the space of a few months I have been without a landline twice! The first occassion was for 3 days- The second is tonight and I am very cross. Never had this problem with BT. I intend to change asap. Problem is I cannot let them know either as my mobile needs charging and when I went to complete the complaints form online I had to put in my account details and I dont know what they are!

    star jacqui, 21st January 2009
  • Worst broadband service ever. Internet often cuts out and need to spend hours on the phone trying to fix it. Then when its running again the service is very slow for things like signing in/out of email, opening pics online etc. Their email service is also rubbish, every day it says "service unavailable due to temporary maintenance" need to keep clicking for it to come. They traffic's shaped so badly, p2p speeds are pathetic. Phone line is always crackling, even their staff often say "can u repeat that because the line is bad". Do not join talktalk.

    star mamode Rawat, 8th January 2009
  • After being lied to by the sales assistant in CPWH I signed up with their service under the pretence of being able to download and swap files whenever I wanted... The actual delivery of the modem equipment failed to materialise AFTER the 'go live date' as they couldn't confirm my address(?) so had to be collected by myself from Edmonton North London. Upon hooking said equipment up to my shinny new computer I discovered that TalkTalk does NOT support file share programs. The customer service team had next to no idea what I was talking about and don't even get me started on their activated-on-demand 2nd service. If they're the only ones able to deal with technical problems then why not let them take the call in the first place?!? I am now connected via O2 home broadband which does EXACTLY what it says on the tin.

    star Jason, 6th January 2009
  • Really poor service from telephone helpline. Waited 45 minutes for a second line operator to confirm answer to a basic technical question. Can they have the cheek to charge for such poor service?

    star George Leonard, 28th December 2008
  • I am bitterly dissapointed with the service provided. The telephone line, which I am dependant upon, is regularly down, for both incoming and outgoing calls, for up to 5 hours at a time. I will not hesitate in transferring to another provider as soon as the contract period has expired

    star peter, 22nd December 2008
  • TALKTALK are horrendous! Since sign-up erratic broadband access, on off, on off etc etc. Long help-line call times, expensive to ring, and then given the runaround from useless call staff who cant seem to sort out the problem. I'm going to cancel and go for a full refund! STAY AWAY FROM TALKTALK.

    star jonathan szymanski, 18th December 2008
  • Just spoke to one of the Talk Talk sales reps, who in his eagerness to sign me up, refused to listen to what I was asking and hung up when I said I had to check with TalkTalk phone department as there was an irregularity he could not get into his head. As a result I may consider changing my phone call supplier and landline rental, as well as finding an alternative broadband supplier.

    star andrew tilan, 6th December 2008
  • Absolutely appalling. I wouldn't recommend Talk Talk to my worst enemy. Don't change to Talk Talk these people should not be in business - star rating minus one million

    star angela, 6th December 2008
  • Been with them for over a year now. The 'free' modem was total rubbish, so got a decent router, [at a cost]. All OK for a few months though BB a bit slow.
    Before Christmas last year, an external wiring problem took us completely out of service [voice and web access] for over 2 months, was finaly fixed by BT engineer after I had diagnosed the fault [correctly] after 3 days outage. In that time we suffered all the problems stated elsewhere, No contact, ignoring emails [from other sites of course] letters just seemed to get lost, but nobody knows where! Spoke to loads of helpful people when you could understand what they were saying, who made promises, none of which were actioned.
    We then had a further outage of a few weeks due to what no one knows. It's all OK now and we are getting speeds of about 6.3Mbits. Despite the problems we get no additional cost International calls, having loads of family and friends abroad, plus all voice calls in UK [not 0800 numbers though] and line support [a bad joke] for under £20 a month. When it works it's pretty good, when it breaks it's awful. I have suggested a package at an extra couple of £'s a month that uses UK people and fast tracks problems, but to no avail. I stay with TalkTalk , trying to be supportive of an inovative company. offering good value. When it all goes wrong its hard to reconcile that ! Three stars rating would be greater if the level of service provided was even reasonable when there are problems. It can only get better.

    starstarstar Ken Fitzgerald, 20th November 2008
  • have no problems with the phone service but the broadband is as slow as dial up. Very frustrating!!!!

    star karen barnett, 19th November 2008
  • TalkTalk are terrible.

    The only reason I signed up in July was because I thought i'd save money, and it was convienient to do. They told me they would take care of the transfer between my old phone and broadband provider. They did with the phone, but did not with the broadband. Shortly after connection date, I went away, I have just come back, to find that TalkTalk, did not cancel my broadband, as promised. So payment to my old provider continued which amounted to £60. For the last two days I've been phoning TalkTalk to resolve the matter and I have had nothing but hell. All my calls get divereted to South Africa, with no help, And call staff refuse to let me speak to a Manager. Customer Service is very, very, poor. I wish I had stayed with my old service.

    Worst thing I've ever done switching. If you want false promises that cost you money, a mega slow and unreliable broadband connection, uncooperative and rude call centre staff, then join TalkTalk.

    star Cheryl, 25th September 2008
  • TalkTalk broadband is the only choice to make during this credit crunch. It's dirt cheap at the start of the contract and it works! £3.25 is nothing for broadband and the calls work out super-cheap as well. If you are looking to save on your household bills - or more to the point, your broadband bills - then TalkTalk is the only choice to make.

    starstarstarstarstar Marie Ryder, 19th September 2008
  • They're rubbish, their broadband is rubbish, it cuts out on its own, it's not 8Mb.... It works at around 2 or 3Mb on a good day (though this is dependant on where you live). A TalkTalk advisor himself even once said "your getting the broadband free, I mean what else do you expect? You were paying for your last one with bulldog" Now thats pathetic!!!

    Believe me... 7 out of 10 customers WILL BE DISATISFIED. Thank you have a nice day :)

    star BIll, 11th August 2008
  • I am very happy with TalkTalk broadband. I have had it for a year and it's great. Calls are so cheap!

    starstarstarstarstar Marie Ryder, 6th August 2008
  • I switched to TalkTalk to avail of their free broadband offer and it was terrible so I cancelled.

    My previous ISP were giving me about 6.5Mb download but with TalkTalk I could barely get 0.5Mb.

    star Keith, 7th July 2008
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