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Compare Asda Mobile SIM only deals

Asda Mobile delivers SIM only deals at great prices, with a focus on cheap deals and data bundles to suit all needs. Compare our best deals today.

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Author Ray Ali Last updated March 23rd 2023

How do I get a new Asda SIM card?

Getting an Asda SIM card is easy, just compare our best Asda Mobile deals on the tables above, select the package that suits you best and complete the signup process. Then you’ll have a new SIM card to use in no time. 

Is Asda Mobile a good network? 

Like most budget networks, Asda Mobile is a straightforward brand focussed on SIM-only deals at very affordable prices.

There are no long-term contracts on offer, instead its offerings are made up of monthly SIM plans. This gives you the flexibility to swap or cancel your monthly allowance bundle as much as you want. 

There’s a strong range of choice on offer too, with prices as low as as £5 a month for 3GB of data. 

As for coverage and quality, Asda Mobile operates through Vodafone’s network, so you’ll get coverage over 99% of the UK. Asda Mobile’s SIM cards are also 5G enabled, so you can get connected to Vodafone’s extensive 5G network.

So while Asda Mobile does not offer the extras and incentives you may get with larger networks, it does provide decent data bundles at great prices

How to choose the best Asda plan for me? 

Data allowance and cost are the two main considerations to factor into your decision making when you’re choosing an Asda Mobile SIM only deal. 

So, think about how and when you use your phone. Are you a heavy social media user? Do you stream a lot of shows? Or are you more of a casual user who just checks the occasional Whatsapp message? 

This will help you decide if you need a lot of data, a little data, or unlimited data. 

Does Asda mobile have roaming charges?

Asda Mobile’s SIM only deals come roaming-ready, but the charges will depend on where you’re travelling to. Asda offers inclusive roaming in 36 EU countries, but if you venture elsewhere you’ll have to pay fees.

For more info, check out our Asda Mobile network page

How do I activate my Asda Mobile SIM?

You can activate your Asda Mobile SIM as easily as putting it into your mobile phone. Your SIM will arrive ready to use, so as long as you have an unlocked device, you’ll be good to use it as soon as it arrives. 

Can I keep my number with Asda Mobile SIM-only deals

Yes, keeping your phone number when you switch over to Asda Mobile is no trouble at all. All you need to make the move is your PAC code, which you can easily get from your current network. 

Check out our step-by-step guides for all the information you need on how to get your PAC code.

Do I need an unlocked phone to use an Asda Mobile SIM?

Yes, you will need to have an unlocked mobile phone in order to use your Asda Mobile SIM card. If you think your current handset is locked to your old network, get in touch with your previous provider and they will be able to unlock it for you, as long as you’ve paid off your contract.

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