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In 2009 Tiscali merged with TalkTalk. Tiscali is therefore no longer taking new customers and is now part of the TalkTalk Group.

TalkTalk broadband & home phone deals are some of the most competitive in the broadband market.

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TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 12 Months Half Price

TalkTalk Unlimited Broadband

TalkTalk SimplyBroadband. Only pay for calls you use, nothing more. Ideal if you don't use many landline calls. Free wireless router.

Online exclusive: 12 MONTHS HALF PRICE! FREE router, FREE online security package & FREE connection (worth £30)

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £1.75 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 12 Months Half Price

TalkTalk Plus TV, Broadband & Phone

Totally unlimited broadband & anytime calls. Plus a free mobile SIM worth £90 for no extra cost plus Freeview, blockbusters & box sets.

Online offer: HALF PRICE FOR 12 MONTHS! Get 7 FREE Sky entertainments channels plus a FREE YouView box worth £299

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £9.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 6 Months Half Price

TalkTalk Essentials TV, Broadband & Phone

Totally unlimited broadband + evening & weekend calls. Pause & rewind TV with free YouView box, free router & free install.

Online offer: HALF PRICE FOR 6 MONTHS! FREE installation, FREE wireless router plus FREE YouView TV box (worth £149)!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £4.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 6 Months Half Price

TalkTalk Essentials TV, Fibre Broadband & Phone

Totally unlimited broadband that's 5X faster than standard broadband + evening & weekend calls. Pause & rewind TV.

Online offer: HALF PRICE for 6 MONTHS! FREE router & online security package + FREE YouView box worth £149

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up to* 38Mb
unlimited 18 months £9.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 6 Months Discount

TalkTalk Medium Fibre Broadband

Ideal for smaller households with download speeds up to 5x faster than the UK average and if you don't make many landline calls.

Online Offer: ONLY £5 FOR 6 MONTHS! FREE activation, unlimited downloads + FREE Super Router when you buy online

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up to* 38Mb
unlimited 18 months £5.00 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 12 Months Discount

TalkTalk Plus TV, Fibre Broadband & Phone

Totally unlimited fibre broadband & anytime calls & a free mobile SIM worth £90 for no extra cost + Freeview, movies & box sets.

Online offer: 12 MONTHS DISCOUNTED Fibre broadband with 7 FREE Sky Channels + FREE YouView box worth £299

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up to* 38Mb
unlimited 18 months £14.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 12 Months Discount

TalkTalk Plus TV + Sky Sports

TalkTalk's Plus TV service with Sky Sports boost. Get 5 premium Sky Sports channels & a free mobile SIM worth £90 for no extra cost.

Online offer: 12 MONTHS DISCOUNTED TV, broadband and calls. FREE install & router plus FREE YOUVIEW+ TV BOX worth £299!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £24.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 12 Months Discount

TalkTalk Plus TV + Entertainment Boost

Totally unlimited broadband & anytime calls. Plus a mobile SIM worth £90 for no extra cost & 35 premium channels including Sky 1 & 2.

New: DISCOUNTED PRICE for 12 MONTHS FREE installation and FREE router plus get a FREE YOUVIEW+ TV BOX worth £299!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £19.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 12 Months Discount

TalkTalk Plus TV + Star Boost

Totally unlimited broadband & anytime calls. Plus a free mobile SIM worth £90 for no extra cost. Add 4 Star TV channels to freeview.

12 MONTHS DISCOUNT & anytime calls FREE install with FREE router plus plus a FREE YOUVIEW+ TV BOX worth £299!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £14.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
TalkTalk Router 2012
Roundel Pink 12 Months Discount

TalkTalk Plus TV + Entertainment Extra Boost

Totally unlimited broadband & anytime calls. Plus a free mobile SIM worth £90 for no extra cost. 57 premium channels with Sky 1 & 2.

12 MONTHS DISCOUNTED + 57 channels, freeview & catch-up, free install, free router + FREE YouView+ TV box worth £299!

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up to* 17Mb
unlimited 18 months £24.25 price details Buy now 0800 049 7864
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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

Tiscali awards

  • Award ISPA 2007 Best Portal

    ISPA 2007 Best Portal

    Tiscali managed to find an impressive balance between the services and original content it provides to its customers.

  • Award ISPAs 2006 - Best Portal

    ISPAs 2006 - Best Portal

    Tiscali’s portal was said to be “rammed” with “all the value-added information you’d want and expect from your ISP.

Tiscali features

Company history

Company history

European-based telecommunications company Tiscali was founded in 1998 by the renowned Italian business tycoon Renato Soru who named his company after an ancient Sardinian village. In fact, Tiscali has maintained its Italian hub and currently operates from Cagliari.

Despite this Italian base, Tiscali has bought out many other European internet providers such as France’s Liberty Surf and, resultantly, Tiscali’s influence can be felt throughout Europe. In particular, Tiscali provides internet and telephone services to many countries including Germany and the Czech Republic.

In the UK, Tiscali’s success over the last decade has led to the company’s reputation as one of the most popular ISPs in the country, rivalling other established ISPs like BT and American telecommunications company AOL. Tiscali’s rapid growth is indicative of the company’s focus upon the development of the technical future.

Customer service

Customer service

Tiscali have an easy to use, and award winning customer service area, which offers answers on the most common questions from setting up a wireless network to optimising your connection speed. If you can’t find the solution you can type in your question on line, which will receive a response by email.

If your enquiry is urgent you can contact Tiscali by phone and a range of numbers are available on the site depending on your query. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and calls are charged at national rate.



Some Tiscali broadband packages come with a free modem as well as free connection. The included CD installation guide provides easy to follow steps on installing broadband and there is also an online reference page on their award winning website for any extra tips for an easy set-up.

Each package includes a USB data cable, an RJ11 cable, plus two free filters, enough for two phone sockets, which enables the telephone to be used at the same time as being connected to the internet.

Software features

Software features

Tiscali provides a good basic level of security with all its broadband packages, offering free anti-virus and email anti-spam software. For advanced security, there is also an extra 25% off Norton security software for all Tiscali customers, starting from as little as £2.50 per month. This will provide automatic security updates, virus scans, and adware and spyware prevention as well as being Windows Vista compliant.

Email features

Email features

All Tiscali broadband customers receive 6 free email addresses with a total capacity of 100Mb.

Tiscali devote a huge online area to webmail issues, from setting-up an account, to managing multiple email addresses. Customers can also learn how to set up their own webspace with 100Mb capacity provided.



Tiscali Broadband members can collect up the three free gifts every month by simply using their internet service regularly. A ‘Rewards’ email sent monthly will provide details of the exciting gifts on offer, from Music and DVDs, to gadgets and computer accessories. A small charge of just £2.99 is required per gift for postage and packaging.

Tiscali news

Customer reviews

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  • I have been trying to contact Tiscali for 4 weeks. I only get an answer phone. I only want to upgrade my broadband, but it is impossible to contact them. All I get is a voicemail message asking me to leave a number and saying they will get back to me. They didn't. Does anyone know a direct number please?

    star Valerie Kelly, 31st July 2009
  • I've been with tiscali for a few months. I've got tv, phone broardband with tiscali. For £26 per month you can't go wrong. I think the trick is with broadand providers, is to have the phone line and broadband with the same company, so then the broadband provider can't blame your phone line provider, if there is any problems.

    starstarstar jonathan france, 28th July 2009
  • Have been with tiscali for a long time, everything ok until phone line was cut off due to thunderstorm. Helpline was useless. Tried to report fault for two days -just recorded messages. Did get through to India and they just transferred me to the recorded message service number. This service just said all ok. Eventually got through by phoning Talk Talk ISP who kindly gave me A direct line to Tiscali - it was a 0207 Number. This was 5 days after original fault. It was six days before i got back online. Customer Service is disgraceful.

    star robert dunbar, 22nd June 2009
  • I think Tiscali is the best ISP in Europe. The monthly fee is very reasonable for the excellent service provided. I wish that Tiscali could host my two web sites but I have not found how to do this.

    starstarstarstar Guy Jefferson, 5th June 2009
  • I still would like Tiscali which is my ISP to host my two web sites that Orange removed from the internet. Come on Tiscali, show Orange we can do without them.

    starstarstarstarstar Guy Jefferson, 28th May 2009
  • Well my comment is not a good one - my broadband from tiscali is currently not working, ive spoke to a technical advisor, and was told I would be called back within a couple of hours, that was last night at 6 pm its now wednesday dinner. Still no broadband working and I'm paying for something i can't use. Not good customer service!

    star Russell Owen, 27th May 2009
  • Lacks facility of hosting web sites. This is a poor show for a large I.S.P as Tiscali

    star Guy Jefferson, 8th May 2009
  • My broadband is rubbish its only running at 1.5 meg which is way to slow. If it dont get sorted soon will be leaving them as it's no good to man or beast.

    starstar chris, 30th April 2009
  • Tiscali are an excellent ISP.

    Have been with them since launch and have always had a good service from them.

    Their Phone and Line rental service is excellent and it seems their LLU network is much less congested.

    starstarstarstarstar Jamie, 29th April 2009
  • tiscali is brill i get the full 8meg i wish they did 16meg packages or 20meg as i been told i can get 19.6 meg on my line keep up the good work tiscali

    starstarstarstarstar tony, 30th March 2009
  • Alex, the 54Mbps is the maximum speed of the wireless connection between your router and the computer - it's nothing to do with what Tiscali should be providing, nor is it even possible with currently available ADSL technology. 8Mb is correct, but even then it's a maximum theoretical limit, not a guaranteed speed of supply. If a whole bunch of people in your vicinity are using their broadband, they

    starstarstar Stuart, 24th March 2009
  • Tiscali suck, ive been with them for over a year now, everything was fine for the first 4-6months,but now its changed, im gettin 140kb speed when it should be at 54mbps, i rang them up and they told me its only possible for me to get up to 8mbps, but yet i am not getting it.

    Im on wireless, but everytime the phone rings i get cut of the internet and have to restart my modem.

    Tiscali are really bad, we ring themup and they say the same things over, that they will give us more speed, but it never happend.

    I am a gamer and need internet speed but unfortunately i cant get it with tiscali.

    star Alex, 12th March 2009
  • When it's working it's fine. WHEN - that is. I moved house and they have been unable to transfer my broadband for 6 weeks now. Everytime I call they have a differnt excuse. I had Tv as well. That apparently needed to be taken off BEFORE I could do the transfer. I did this 6 weeks ago. After several phone calls I still find out is hasn't been cancelled. But apparently this will be done tomorrow and then it can be transfered. Well, right. They told me the same last week... If you move cancel it and get a new service. They are unable to transfer your service in a timely manor.

    star Jennifer, 16th February 2009
  • Because Tiscali will not offer me the same service as a new customer I am changing provider.

    star david brown, 21st January 2009
  • Tiscali is great, I've had Tiscali broadband for over 6 months now and never had any problems, the speed is great, I get 5.7 meg and 675 in upload. The customer service needs to be worked on a lilttle bit, but other then that Tiscali is a better ISP than Sky Broadband and Virgin Media.

    starstarstarstarstar tony, 12th January 2009
  • The package they offer may sound good, but please avoid! Joined in June, had phone and broadband for 2 days then nothing.

    Call centre kept saying that fault was because of BT and would be sorted within 24 hours. Then got a call out of the blue, apparently I had cancelled the account and I would be charged the full 12 months remaining amount! Rang up again and bloke from customer service admitted to me that Tiscali had in fact cancelled the account (they had lied) and therefore I did not owe anything.

    However, next day I get a letter again saying that I had cancelled the account and money would be taken out of my account and to check on my Tiscali account. As Tiscali had cancelled my account I could not access my bill and had no idea how much Tiscali planned to take from my account.

    After numerous emails and letters to the complaints department (had given up on phoning) and a couple of months I got a call from Tiscali saying that I was right!! And they would refund all money they had taken out of my account and pay for me to reconnect to BT (£125). Thought great, sorted and got reconnected to BT.

    Tried to get my money of Tiscali and they kept saying they did not owe me any money and I even got another letter saying that I had cancelled the account

    Finally, I went to arbitration using CISAS who are in Tiscali's code of practice. Within 1 day the full amount owed plus postage costs and loss of interest was in my account (although they never told me!).

    My advice is to avoid this company, but if you are having any problems with payment, Tiscali will do everything not to pay out, so that you give up. The best thing to do is keep a record of all phone calls (times and names of people spoken to), emails and letters etc and complain to each level of complaint department by recorded mail as explained in Tiscali's code of practice.

    star Mark, 10th January 2009
  • Worst ISP in the UK, slow speeds, bad customer service.


    star M D, 17th December 2008
  • Tiscali are not too bad except for times when you need to contact their customer services, which is none existent as the staff don't seem to understand what you might be telling them. Come on Tiscali get your act together and get this sorted urgently.

    starstarstar Gary Cassidy, 17th December 2008
  • I am very disappointed with Tiscali, I have been mislead by their salesman. They were not honest when I asked questions and ended up with a more expensive package than other providers. I do not recommend Tiscali to anyone.

    star khalid, 16th November 2008
  • I have to agree with A Shaw. After canceling my account they continued to bill me. Now they have passed my account on to debt collectors. For heavens sake they owe me. but it's hard work and going to end up nasty. Keep away. BE WARNED !!!

    star Don Pettinger, 1st November 2008
  • I am disgusted with Tiscali. They phoned me and I told them NO but they still sent details through post to take over my phone and TV.

    star John Roy Booth, 8th October 2008
  • This is the best internet deal i have ever seen wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    starstarstarstarstar N4B2, 6th October 2008
  • Tiscali is a rip off. I signed up for the £25 deal with the entertainment mix twelve months ago . I have been trying to sort out my bill ever since. I got so frustrated with everything that I am changing supplier. It is very hard, you think everything is alright then you get your bill and nothing has changed. Beware.

    star a shaw, 19th September 2008
  • Took out a 3-month contract to avoid bother - business plan. Paid a surplus. Promises and promises were made by them that its prioritised, bob was it! Migrated after a month to Entanet, but thats a different story!

    star Kieran, 17th September 2008
  • Right Tiscali really isn't that bad.

    When a problem arises they tend to fix the problem virtually straight away and I've not been left without internet access for more than a few hours.

    The customer service is excellent for me they always seem to understand my problems and fix them straight away or at least know what the problem is in the first place unlike most ISP's who seem to put you on hold for hours on end.

    Maybe it's trial and error with Tiscali but the service is excellent at my end.

    Tiscali TV is excellent for the price and the phone line is superb.

    No problems so don't be distracted by negative reviews every service provider has an equal amount of bad reviews and an equal amount of good ones =]

    starstarstarstarstar Scott, 11th September 2008
  • You need your head examined if you have anything to do with Tiscali or Toucan. If you are in any doubt just Google search or YouTube search "toucansucks" or "tiscalisucks" and see.

    star tony, 2nd September 2008
  • Tiscali left me without a phone for 5 weeks including the Christmas period. I changed back to BT for my phone line and broadband.

    Eight months later, I am still trying to close my account with Tiscali having spent a fortune on phone calls and continually given the run-around. Potential customers beware!!!

    star ronald lane, 24th August 2008
  • It took a while but eventually I got what I ordered - thanks to the Scotsman on the other end of the line. I had one problem with the connection and a serviceman was out the same day to fix it.

    starstarstar allan, 2nd July 2008
  • Tiscali's support team excel at buckpassing. Email communication is ignored so you have to phone them and spend 2 hours being passed around and cut off. The broadband itself is good though.

    starstar john booth, 11th June 2008
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