Energy Q&A: Can I switch with a Feed-In Tariff?

If you’ve got solar panels or another type of renewable energy source in your home (or are considering investing in them), you might be wondering if it locks you into one supplier

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First off, yes, you can still switch gas and electricity suppliers when you have solar panels or generate your own renewable energy in another way.

For those who don’t yet have one, a Feed-In Tariff (or FiT) is how you get paid for generating your own energy via a renewable source.

Ofgem sets the rates for FiT schemes, and it will vary depending on the source you’re generating from. These rates track market prices, so they can change but should be guaranteed for a set amount of time from when you first signed up.

Because Feed In Tariff rates are set by Ofgem, they will not be affected by switching supplier. And all big six suppliers will take on your Feed In Tariff.

So the short answer is that — yes, you can switch with a Feed In Tariff without losing your rate or having it changed!

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