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Making it easier to sign in to your Uswitch account

Passwords are difficult to remember, so we're moving to a new system that makes your Uswitch account more secure.

Uswitch have moved to a system that uses email verification, which means you have one less password to remember. This both improves security and makes it easier to sign in.

Why we’re doing it

Unfortunately, the most secure types of passwords can be the most difficult to remember leading us to create simple passwords that can be easily guessed.

We also tend to duplicate passwords across our accounts to make them easier to access. But that means if one account is hacked, then all other accounts with the same password are also vulnerable.

That's why Uswitch is moving away from passwords to a system that authenticates via your email.

This system is one that major applications like WhatsApp are already using.

How it works

All you need is an email address.

Our system creates a "magic link" that we send to that address to authenticate you. This link expires after 15 minutes and only works when used on the same device you requested to sign in with.

This new system makes it that much easier for you to get all the benefits of a Uswitch account.

We think it's great and, more importantly, more secure for you.

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