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Chris Carter

Chris Carter

Finance Expert Contributor

About the Author

Chris was a Personal Finance Expert Contributor at Uswitch.

Articles written by Chris

Guide to how do Avios points work?
17 August 2022

Avios Points - How to Build, Redeem & Use Avios Points

Find out about Avios points and Spending Avios points - Turn your everyday spending into hotels, holidays, experiences, rewards and more with Avios Points

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How do refunds and returns work with a credit card?
21 April 2022

Credit Card Refunds & Returns - Consumer Credit Rights

Credit card refund rules mean, purchases are protected by law - the Consumer Credit Act 1974 gives credit card protection on your purchases over £100.

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Credit card fraud: the biggest card frauds in history
25 April 2018

Credit Card Application - Discover How Long it Will Take

Credit card applications can take a long time. Find out how long it will take to apply be accepted and receive a new credit card with our useful guide

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Credit card glossary A-Z
17 May 2017

Credit Limit - How to Increase the Amount I Can Borrow

Credit limits can restrict the amount of money you can borrow on a credit card or overdraft, but there are ways to increase it if you need some extra cash

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