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How to scan your energy bill's QR code

How to scan your energy bill's QR code

It now takes just seconds to scan your energy bill's personalised QR code to get an instant energy comparison. Uswitch explains how to do it.

With the free Uswitch mobile app for iPhone and Android, you simply hold your phone over your bill's QR code and the app does the rest! You can even scan a digital copy of your bill by holding the app in front of the screen. Watch how it works:

Scan your way to energy savings!

With the Uswitch app for iPhone and Android, you can get an instant, bespoke energy comparison

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What's a QR code?

A QR code is simply a type of barcode that must be read by a smartphone via a QR code scanning app.The 'QR' stands for quick response.

Once scanned, the reader interprets the code’s data, and then can display that information in either text format or by taking the user to a mobile-optimised webpage.

How does it work?

To use the QR code to switch energy supplier, you simply need a smartphone.

You can use your iPhone or Android device to download Uswitch’s energy comparison and switching app — which has energy bill QR code scanning capability — for free.

Once you've got the app on your device, follow the instructions to scan your code and you'll be shown a list of energy deals.

Scan your way to energy savings!

With the Uswitch app for iPhone and Android, you can get an instant, bespoke energy comparison

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Does my bill have a QR code?

If your energy supplier has 50,000 customers or more (that's all the big six plus the larger small suppliers like Ovo and Shell Energy), you definitely have a QR code on your bill.

It may not be easy to spot at first, but it looks like this:

energy bill sample with qr code

If you manage your account online, simply log in to view your bill . Your digital bill will also carry the code, which you scan on the screen — no need to print it off to scan it.

What kind of info will be in my QR code?

Your bill's QR code will contain all the info you need to compare and switch energy supplier.

This includes:

  • Your plan name
  • Your plan's rates
  • Your consumption (how much gas and/or electricity you use)
  • Annual bill period dates

Download the app now to try it for yourself now!

My energy bill's QR code didn't work - why not?

QR codes are a relatively new initiative, and there are expected to be some "teething problems" around implementing them.

As Uswitch already have a working QR code scanner in place, we have been able to pinpoint where the first published codes have failed and why.

Check below to see if your issue is explained below. And remember, don't give up on QR codes if your first try didn't work. It will likely be addressed so that you can try again with your next bill.

It's not the right code

There are two possible scenarios here

  1. You scanned the wrong code on your bill
  2. You scanned a non-energy bill code

1. If you have definitely scanned a code from the right bill, check if there is another code included - some bills have two codes.

The wrong code is smaller and located by the address. It looks a lot like a QR code but it isn't — it's a code that is used by post officials to track returned post.

Check the rest of your bill pages for the right code — it should have supporting text by it to explain what it is and what it's for. The correct code should be at least 2 cm x 2 cm.

2. Because energy comparison bill scanning apps are only designed to scan one type of code, if you scan any other kind you'll get an error.

The code's info was formatted unexpectedly

This includes several kinds of errors that all have to do with how the code's data — including payment method, plan name or supplier name — is formatted, which is still being standardised by suppliers and interpreted by scanning apps.

If any one of the pieces of information in your QR code can't be mapped correctly due the fromat, none of the info can be pulled in.

If this happens, take note that you can still run a comparison in the Uswitch app — you'll just have to enter those details manually.

While suppliers work to better format the codes, the Uswitch app team are working to understand more about the unexpected formatting so it can be correctly mapped on our end.

As time goes by, we expect to see fewer and fewer errors around this issue.

To help us update our app where possible, be sure to use the "Provide Feedback" option in the app menu if your QR code does not scan properly. And be sure to try again with your next bill.

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