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Outfox the Market tariffs, prices, reviews and other information

Based in Leicester, Outfox The Market launched in September 2017 and is one of the more prominent small energy suppliers operating throughout the UK.
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Outfox The Market Logo

Why choose Outfox The Market?

Outfox The Market often launches new tariffs (though prepayment customers are currently not catered for) which have been among the cheapest on the market. The supplier topped Which?’s energy company satisfaction poll in 2021.

Reasons to choose Outfox The Market:

  • Streamlined tariff options

  • Strong customer service focus

  • Low exit fees on fixed tariffs.

What tariffs are offered by Outfox the Market?

Outfox The Market offers dual fuel and single fuel tariffs to customers. These are split between:

  • Fixed price tariffs, where unit rates and standing charges don’t change for the duration of the contract

  • Standard variable tariffs, where unit rates and standing charges can go up and down four times a year depending on the level of the energy price cap.

Does Outfox the Market charge exit fees?

In line with other energy suppliers, Outfox The Market charges exit fees on its fixed energy tariffs. At the time of writing, though, these fees are at the lower end of the market at £25 per fuel.

Outfox The Market 2024 reviews

As of June 2024, Outfox The Market has a TrustPilot rating of 4.6 from over 37,000 reviews

Outfox The Market renewable energy

The supplier’s renewable energy doesn’t go directly to customers, though it does buy renewable electricity generated by offshore wind farms. Instead, it provides electricity to customers from the grid which it then replaces with clean electricity via the process of buying Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates.

Overall, at the time of writing, the supplier’s fuel mix is only 40.8% renewable, with the remaining 59.2% generated from natural gas, coal, nuclear and other sources.

Does Outfox The Market offer energy efficiency products?

Outfox The Market is a smaller supplier so doesn’t offer energy efficiency products like solar panels or heat pumps. However, customers can get a free smart meter installed if they live in Cheshire, Greater Manchester, North Wales, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire or the West Midlands. 

How do I contact Outfox the Market?

You can contact Outfox The Market either via webchat or by phone on 0800 103 2702 (Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm, Saturday 9am-2pm).

Which providers are similar to Outfox The Market?

A lot of suppliers will be similar to Outfox The Market in terms of size and range of tariffs offered. If you’re looking for a deal from a smaller supplier (i.e. not one of the big six of British Gas, EDF, E.ON, Octopus, OVO or ScottishPower) and you’re not interested in energy efficiency products or other services, you may simply want to base your decision on price. Run an energy comparison to see deals that are currently available.

Is Outfox The Market going bust?

The energy market is challenging and unpredictable at the moment but there's no indication at this time that Outfox The Market is going bust.